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Acceptance Letter to Study in Canada

As an international student who wants to go to school in Canada, before applying for a study permit or Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ), the student must provide a valid acceptance letter that they have been accepted to enroll at any Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada.

The acceptance letter is a compulsory document needed for the application for a Canadian study permit. a prospective student must first submit an application to a Designated Learning Institution. Once the student is successful, the institution may issue an acceptance letter to the student.

The following information must be provided in the Letter of Acceptance 

  • Full name of the student, date of birth, and mailing address;
  • The student’s ID number, if applicable;
  • Institution name, 
  • The contact information of the institution;
  • If the DLI is a private institution, the licensing information for the institution should be clearly stated (usually in the institution’s letterhead);
  • The DLI number;
  • The type of school or institution
  • The study program, level, and year of study into which the student is accepted;
  • The estimated duration of the study program, or estimated date of completion of the study program;
  • The start date of the study program;
  • The latest date by which a student may register for the study program;
  • Whether the study program is full-time or part-time;
  • The details of a required internship or work placement, if applicable;
  • The expiry date of the Letter of Acceptance*;

Having provided all information needed on the Letter of Acceptance. you should know that the Letter of Acceptance is not a guarantee that the study permit application will be issued. It is the judgment of the immigration officer to approve the issuing of a study permit application.

Conditional Letter of Acceptance 

As an international student, a conditional letter of acceptance may be issued by the institution to the student to complete prerequisite courses in order to be admitted to a specific program.  

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