Vancouver Vs. Montreal: Which Is Better to Live In?

Many people take pride in where they stay even they are local culture want to relationship to have built these are the reasons why you feel tired of your city.

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If that we saw it’s gone or a reason to leave comes you pack your bags and move to a new destination. many people live in cities where they grow up and move to a bigger City. if you’re a resident in Canada in particular Vancouver and Montreal maybe within your target reach.

Vancouver Vs. Montreal: Which Is Better to Live In

What you’re searching for Montreal has a low cost of living on average whereas Vancouver is in closer proximity to monitor and outdoor expenditures.

Both cities are very beautiful and have so much to offer, so the best place to stay is Dependant on your personal preferences. as a result of this, in this article, we will talk about some things worth considering about both cities before you decide.

Comparing Vancouver vs. Montreal


As the northernmost country on the North American Continent, all of Canada gets cold in winter. but, climate change differs across the country. Vancouver is known to have a gentle climate, being not that hot during summer and not that cold in the winter.

Temperatures are very extreme in Montreal, where the humidity makes summers very hot and winters very cold. If you are a lover of summer temperatures, Vancouver would be a better pick.

Fitness Opportunities

Montreal also has access to great sports facilities, but they tend to be more organized sports with designated locations like ice hockey and soccer. Both places offer fitness gyms, a gym membership is more expensive in Vancouver than in Montreal.

Are you a party


Vancouver also has various food options but excels in providing the best Asian-style cuisine in the country. With mostly forty-five percent of the city being of Asian descent, Vancouver has been rewarded with different vast and varied Asian dining experiences.

Vancouver Vs. Montreal: Cost of Living

It is important to know that if you’re also job hunting, Vancouver tends to have a twenty percent higher salary compared to Montreal.

Other Costs of Living

There are few places where Montreal is more expensive than Vancouver and it’s in utility costs, majorly because of heating during the winter, and transportation.

Even if there is a disparity in the cost of living, some of these costs become not important after you factor in the higher salary that Vancouver residents have on average. With that salary, the only costs that really make Vancouver more expensive than Montreal are the cost of housing and the cost of childcare.

Vancouver Vs. Montreal: Public Transit

Both cities have an extensive transport system. Vancouver uses a public network called SkyTrain which contains about 53 stations with 20 of those stations being located within the city.

Many of the city’s main tourist attractions and not connected to that line after being said the city has made a significant push to encourage people to use public transport instead of their private car. just one time of use of the transit system is cheaper in Vancouver than in Montreal.

Overall Culture

The two cities’ cultures are widely different from each other full stop in Vancouver there are heavy Asians who reside there that influence the culture. Vancouver is the home to Canada’s biggest China.

As a result of its location, Vancouver tends to have a lot more relaxed vibe, the older communities and access to nature give a more tranquil environment so people can enjoy the outdoor view. the city promotes a health-conscious culture.

But Mantri is more of a party with a lesser population on average and more student per population size. Being a social hub there is also a strong view towards arts so many artists could find the city as a good place to stay it is also a great City for those who are single and ready to mingle.

Vancouver Vs. Montreal: Population Density

But we have a lot of people but the population density of Vancouver is higher compared to that of Montreal. Vancouver there are roughly about 5250 people per kilometer square even though just over 630,000 people are living in an actual City.

Out of the 630, 000 people over 45% are of Asian descent and 45% are European leaving the other 8% to be a mixture of various minorities. the median age of the population is about 42 years old saying that it’s more of a community with more families.

In Montreal, the population is around 1.7 million people but it only has a population density of about 2200 people per km square, therefore, it is not as crowded as Vancouver.

The population consists of about 66% of people Europeans and about 30% minority with the most prevalent minority being black people or those from Africa which are roughly 10%. the median age for the population is just under 37 years of age.


The safety of any area to your goal is very important. In Vancouver, the government put about 20% of the city’s budget into the police force therefore it has the ninth-highest rate of crime in Canada out of 35 recorded cities.

For some parts violent crime, I’ve been declined in Montreal over the last decade. the only crime in the area that has always been on the increase in sex crime and fraud crime. Mantri has had a violent crime severity index of over 73. the two cities however despite the difference in population have about the same amount of occurring crime

Vancouver Vs. Montreal: Sustainability

An ever-growing concern in the last twenty years or so is trying to make cities sustainable. Vancouver is well situated to take on the task. Falling water found within the nearby mountains provides the municipality with 93 percent of its electricity, without using any fossil fuels.

The local government has also passed numerous legislation to help promote cutting back on fossil fuel usage and reducing waste as well as promoting green businesses. 

Montreal has also been making moves to a greener city. In 2018, the local government banned the use of plastic bags in the town. 97 percent of the city’s electricity is produced from renewable resources, and the town runs extensive recycling programs. Both cities are working for a more environmentally friendly community.

Vancouver Vs. Montreal: Local Economies

The location of these two cities has resulted in various different economies. As one of Canada’s largest industrial centers, Vancouver has a lot of business due to its position as a port city. 

Not only does it engage in a lot of trade for the country, but its location is next to the mountains, and as a results its contribution to the mining and forest product industries. In present years, the city has become a hub for the entertainment and technology industries.

Montreal is home to the second-largest economy in Canada. The city gives a lot to the technology and manufacturing industries. Montreal has also given a lot to the service sector in terms of higher education and research-oriented jobs.

The city is best known as the railroad hub of Canada and has a different stake in the transportation industry. The entertainment industry and several international agency headquarters have also created a home in the city.


Vancouver and Montreal are great cities to live in, but the two most important factors in making your decision on where to go would be money and culture. If you are low on money, Montreal might be a better pick. but, if you are interested in living in one of the cities long-term, it may be better to consider the local culture. 

Either way, both cities have different things to offer, and I am sure you will find happiness no matter where you end up. 

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