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Accommodation in Canada – How to Find a Home

If any person enters Canada for the first time, they will definitely look for good accommodation that fits their budget. This should be the first thing to do once you land in Canada.

Some individuals will opt for temporary accommodation, while some permanent accommodation depending on the circumstance.

The cost of living in Canada can vary from place to place. The essence of this article is to guide you through the process of finding good accommodation in Canada.

Temporary Accommodation in Canada

Before you embark on your journey to Canada, it’s very important to have somewhere to stay for the first few days.

There are different hotels in the urban axis, though you might desire to book any hotel of your choice in advance to make sure you don’t have any form of disappointment.

There are hotels that provide short-term accommodation that suit your desirable budget.

If you desire to make use of Airbnb for short-term apartments for rent in Canada, you can go online to book your accommodation.

If you are lucky, there might be a discount of CAD $30-50 off the first booking you will make. The Canadian Government assists refugees in finding temporary accommodation in Canada.

Finding Accommodation for Rent in Canada

There are different kinds of rental accommodation in Canada which include apartments, condominiums, and houses.

Some apartments will be made available to rent the entire building; some will be divided into numerous units.

They can also be divided into two units known as a duplex, while into three units known as “triplex”. There are also rental rooms with shared bathrooms and living facilities for rent.

Apartments in Canada for rent range from ‘bachelor’ units, where the single room is the bedroom and still the living room.

The cost of monthly utilities such as water and electricity may be or may not be included in your house rent.

There are local magazines, libraries, and websites where accommodation can be used as an advertisement.

House owners/Landlords in most of the cities or neighbourhood in Canada, post signs outside their apartments to advertise vacant accommodation.

Canada landlords usually request detailed information about your capability to pay house rent before they lease it to you. Additionally, some documents may be requested from you depending on the situation.

Important Documents in Finding a Home in Canada

  • A recent letter from your current employer to show your yearly income
  • A financial account statement to show your savings
  • References from your former landlords

Most landlords will want you to tender documents, and this can be a daunting task for newcomers.

However, there are Canadian landlords out there who are ready to rent their apartments and lease them out to newcomers, therefore if you don’t succeed at your first attempt you can keep on trying.

Essential Things in Finding a Home in Canada

  1. House rents in Canada commences on the 1st of each month, with a smaller unit being available on the 15th of each month. You have to prepare your trip in mind in order to have a broad range of options. It is advisable to arrive two weeks before the end of the month because it offers you adequate time to know more about your locality.
  2. Most of the apartment in Canada demands you to pay at least half a month rent which will be used as a security deposit.
  • Most houses for rent in Canada don’t come furnished. Therefore you have to ask before making payment. Furnishing a home in Canada takes time and money. It is advisable to wait till month end to get good furniture.
  1. You have to know your tenant-right. This is done by being familiar with tenancy law in the region you are planning to go to.

How Much is Rent in Canada?

Canada is a large and diverse country, it might seem hard to give a perfect answer to this question.

Moreover, a recent report that was released by the CBC from the month of November 2018 had discovered that the average price of renting an apartment in Canada has been raised by 3.5 percent from October 2017 to October 2018.

This upsurge implies that the average price of a bachelor’s accommodation rent is CAD$ 787 a month.

Besides this, an average one-bedroom is CAD$946, while a two-bedroom will cost CAD$1,025. Then apartments with three or more bedrooms will cost an average of CAD$1,097 a month. Moreover, these figures might represent the new city you are going to.

Cities in Canada such as Ontario, Toronto, and Vancouver rent is higher compared to other cities.

It is advisable to check online to know the actual prices for house rent. In Vancouver and Toronto, a one-bedroom apartment is CAD$2,000 per month, therefore, you need to be sure of where you are going.

Outside the city, there is a comfortable neighbourhood that is affordable with good transportation.

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Where is the cheapest place to live in Canada?

Montreal is an example of a large city in Canada. Generally, the average price of monthly rent is CA$809.

This price can be compared with other large cities in Canada. Other smaller cities in Canada include Gatineau and Quebec, and they also have affordable accommodation as house rents over here are pretty decent.

Records have made it known that Ontario is the most expensive city for renting accommodation in Canada.

In as much as it is the most expensive, there are also some cheap accommodation at the same time. Canadians who are in search of affordable rents can go to smaller cities such as Quebec and Ontario.

Leases and Payments of Accommodation in Canada

You will sign a lease for a fixed term in order to show agreement; this is often for one year. Once this fixed term expires, the term can be renewed for a year, and become a ‘month-to-month agreement.

There should be an understanding of both the tenant and the landlord. This is very important when it comes to leasing and payment.

Different landlords have their own way of increasing rents from one territory to another.

For instance, in a city like Ontario, the increase of rent must take place at least within the distance of 12 months, and tenants should receive at least three months of notice.

The government in that territory sets the standard for the allowable rent increment.

In 2019, the actual figure for rent increase was 1.8%. Any landlords who want to increase their rent above this rate need to apply for special permission with a stated reason(s) for doing so.

The same rule takes place in British Columbia; however, the highest allowable rent increase in 2019 is by 4%. In Alberta, rents may only be increased for more than a year.


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