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Can I get a job in Canada from outside?

It’s easier to get to Canada with a job in Canada than without one. A job offer from a Canadian employer is a very important step in starting your Express Entry application process as it gets you extra points.

If you’re looking to get a job in Canada from any country of your location,  this article will give you a thorough guide on what steps to take.

Several persons who are thinking about immigrating to Canada find it quite difficult to get a Canadian Job offer, this could prove more difficult because they are not in Canada.  For the fact that they are at the point in time resident in another country, it’s difficult to find a Canadian employer who’d want to sponsor them.

A job in Canada, if gotten, is the easiest way to migrate to Canada. It gives you extra points for the Express Entry System. You can also qualify as a skilled worker especially if you have got a Ph.D. 

Although that stream is meant for only a few selected professions that require lots of professionals, experience, achievements, and education. 

Getting a job in Canada from outside

Below are various options to consider when trying to get a job in Canada from another country.

Agencies in Charge of Recruitment

Recruitment agencies are readily available for this, as this is basically their job. Therefore, contacting any of these agencies especially those focused on your profession can be a great step in securing an offer for a job from Canada

Companies or Employers are currently relying on people and organizations involved in recruitment to aid the search for talents or candidates. They are paid by these employers and as a prospective employee, you’re not required to pay these recruitment agencies.

There are several agencies that recruit more foreign workers and there are others that do not. However the case may be, the recruiters are very helpful and will give you the best recommendations and feedback when needed.


Networking simply means having to interact with others and also exchange information that will aid personal and professional growth. There’s an old saying that says ” The right people, in the right places at the right time”.

This totally explains how powerful networking is. If you have a family member or friends who live in Canada and you share similar professional skills or they happen to know any employer in your field, then they can put in words on your behalf.

They can help recommend you to these employers. This is by far the simplest form of Landing a job in Canada from the outside. 


There are thousands of jobs advertised daily but employers will choose to give the position to someone with who they are familiar. This will mean that the employee was at the right place at the right time.  You can get familiar with an employer over the phone, via the mail, or even in person.

With the above approach, you can enjoy some benefits from the employer. They include;

1.  the employer will offer to keep your resume and make sure he offers to call you if something comes up.

2. Let you call them later or from time to time,  as soon as you notice a job matching your skill is available.

3. Willingly offers you placements when an option comes up, internships, or offers you an option to work voluntarily without pay.

4. Gives you updates on job offers where your skills are required.

Job Bank

Job Bank is like any other job search site online. It is one of Canada’s leading and major sources of job information. Unlike other job portals, job banks do not just list only private organization jobs, they also list government jobs available across all departments.

You can also find several types of job opportunities with educational requirements attached.  The salary or wages to be paid to an employee can also be found on the job bank. 

In as much as they offer both private and government job vacancy information,  job banks shouldn’t be made your primary job search portal. This is because so many organizations rarely use this medium to advertise vacancies,  they resort to multiple hiring platforms.


LinkedIn is one social media platform that has enabled networking so well. LinkedIn has been created in such a way that one can update their qualifications and an organization may come across such a person’s profile and signify interest in working with you.

Whatever domain or field you’re working in, use the information about your profession and qualifications to create a profile on LinkedIn. Many employers have set having a LinkedIn profile as a necessary requirement to qualify for a job in their firm. Therefore, it is important to update your LinkedIn profile to attract employers to your profile.

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