Explanation Letter to Immigration Officer Sample

Sometimes, Canadian visa applicants may need to write an Explanation Letter to the Immigration Officer.

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It could be because a document was not provided by the applicant or the immigration officer needs to be clarified on some inconsistent information on the application.

This article explains everything you need to know about an Explanation Letter and a sample to guide you in writing yours.

An Explanation Letter or a Letter of Explanation (LoE) is an official document prepared by a Canadian visa applicant to support his or her incoherent or missing documents. You can attach an LoE while applying for a study permit, work permit, Express Entry (EE), if necessary

One reason for the Explanation Letter is to communicate to the Immigration Officer important information that wasn’t included in the documents uploaded. The Letter of Explanation can also be used to state your valid reasons for choosing to Immigrate to Canada.

When Do I Need to Attach an Explanation Letter?

If you go through the required documents for your application and you cannot meet any of the requirements, you may need to attach an explanation letter. 

However, an Explanation Letter may be required in the following cases:

  • If you don’t have all the required documents to prove your work experience. It could be a reference letter from your previous employer that is missing. 
  • If your proof of funds doesn’t include all the required documents
  • If you don’t have a police certificate.

How to Write an Explanation Letter

The Explanation letter should be concise yet convincing enough. Do not include unnecessary information in the LoE. Bear in mind that the immigration officer doesn’t have the time to read a lengthy LoE because he already has so many letters to read.

Just like other formal letters, a letter of explanation should include 3 parts:

  • Part A: Heading
  • Part B: Body
  • Part C: Conclusion

Part A (Heading)

The heading should contain your personal information and a salutation. It should include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • The subject
  • Salutation (Dear Officer)

Part B (Body)

The body of your Explanation Letter should only include relevant information. Ensure your sentences are simple, short, and well structured. It should be convincing, concise, and error-free. 

The content of the body of your LoE relies on the intent of the letter. For example, If you’re writing an LoE because you couldn’t include a required document in your application, the body of your LoE should have the following:

  • Valid reasons why you don’t have the document.
  • When the document will be available.
  • Also state any supporting documents you used in place of the required document.
  • Other important details

Part C (Conclusion)

You can conclude your explanation letter with a summary of the points highlighted already in the body of your LoE.

A concluding sentence or two is perfect. Don’t go into details again as the body of your LoE already has the required details. 

You could also include when the missing documents will be available. Finally, you should include your full name at the bottom left of your LoE followed by your signature.

Explanation Letter Sample

Immigly.com made a comprehensive sample of an Explanation Letter. You can download it by clicking on the section below.


Where To Add the Explanation Letter 

You should add your explanation letter while uploading your documents online. There are multiple sections for uploading documents such as your proof of work experience, passport, police certificate, etc. You can only upload a PDF document per section. Therefore, you should add your explanation letter to any section that requires it.

For instance, if you don’t have your police certificate yet, you could write a letter of explanation and attach it to the section where you’re required to upload your police certificate. If you have other documents to upload in that section, you should attach your letter of explanation to them and form a single PDF file.

It is most advisable to put your explanation letter at the beginning of the PDF file to ensure the immigration officer reads it first.

If there are documents you’re required to upload but you don’t have yet, you can upload related documents together with your LoE explaining why you don’t have the required document yet. 


Not every Canadian visa applicant may be required to send a letter of Explanation. You may only need to write this letter if you don’t have any of the IRCC required documents or you need to clarify the immigration officer on something. 

To send a concise and convincing letter of explanation, follow the instructions outlined in this article. 

If you need assistance with writing a Letter of Explanation, kindly contact immigration experts at  immigly.com for a comprehensive Explanation Letter.

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