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How Do I Find My National Occupation Classification (NOC) Code?

The National Occupation Classification (NOC) is a standardized system developed by the government of Canada to use in the proper classification jobs in the country.

The IRCC uses these NOC codes in evaluating each and every immigrant’s work experience. So definitely, it’s important for anyone looking to migrate to Canada to know to find his or her National Occupation Classification code.

Which National Occupation Classification Codes are in Demand in Canada Today?

To qualify for the highest paying jobs in Canada, you’ll need to capture the attention of their Occupational Demand list and choose your job accordingly.

Jobs in Canada are grouped based on:

  • Job duties
  • Job somebody does

And each job is classified into the following groups:

  1. Skill Type Zero (0): This covers all managerial jobs.
  2. Skill Level A: This covers all professional jobs that are gotten with a university degree – engineers, doctors, accountant, etc.
  3. Skill Level B: This covers all skilled trades and technical jobs that require a college diploma or apprenticeship training – electricians, plumbers, chefs.
  4. Skill Level C: This covers all intermediate jobs in Canada that require a high school education or/and specific job training – freight truck drivers, waiters, industrial butchers, etc.
  5. Skill Level D: This covers all labour jobs that usually provide on-site traning for workers – oil field workers, fruit pickers, cleaners/janitors, etc.

The National Occupation Classification assigns a code known as the NOC code to every job in the Canadian labor market with the National Occupation Classification matrix.

A job is considered a skilled occupation in Canada if it has a NOC skill type of either 0, A, or B; and for an Express Entry into Canada, you’d be required to have one of the listed skill types.

Below is a complete list of various job titles with their respective NOC codes and skill type:

NOC CodeJob TitleSkill Type or Level
0012Senior government managers and officials0
0013Senior managers – financial, communications, and other business services0
0014Senior managers – health, education, social and community services and membership organizations0
0015Senior managers – trade, broadcasting and other services, n.e.c.0
0016Senior managers – construction, transportation, production, and utilities0
0111Financial managers0
0112Human resources managers0
0113Purchasing managers0
0114Other administrative services managers0
0121Insurance, real estate, and financial brokerage managers0
0122Banking, credit, and other investment managers0
0124Advertising, marketing, and public relations managers0
0125Other business services managers0
0131Telecommunication carriers managers0
0132Postal and courier services managers0
0211Engineering managers0
0212Architecture and science managers0
0213Computer and information systems managers0
0311Managers in health care0
0411Government managers – health and social policy development and program administration0
0412Government managers – economic analysis, policy development, and program administration0
0413Government managers – education policy development and program administration0
0414Other managers in public administration0
0421Administrators – post-secondary education and vocational training0
0422School principals and administrators of elementary and secondary education0
0423Managers in social, community, and correctional services0
0431Commissioned police officers0
0432Fire chiefs and senior firefighting officers0
0433Commissioned officers of the Canadian Armed Forces0
0511Library, archive, museum, and art gallery managers0
0512Managers – publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting, and performing arts0
0513Recreation, sports, and fitness program and service directors0
0601Corporate sales managers0
0621Retail and wholesale trade managers0
0631Restaurant and foodservice managers0
0632Accommodation service managers0
0651Managers in customer and personal services, N.E.C.0
0711Construction managers0
0712Homebuilding and renovation managers0
0714Facility operation and maintenance managers0
0731Managers in transportation0
0811Managers in natural resources production and fishing0
0821Managers in agriculture0
0822Managers in horticulture0
0823Managers in aquaculture0
0911Manufacturing managers0
0912Utility managers0
1111Financial auditors and accountantsA
1112Financial and investment analystsA
1113Securities agents, investment dealers, and brokersA
1114Other financial officersA
1121Human resources professionalsA
1122Professional occupations in business management consultingA
1123Professional occupations in advertising, marketing, and public relationsA
1211Supervisors, general office and administrative support workersB
1212Supervisors, finance and insurance office workersB
1213Supervisors, library, correspondence, and related information workersB
1214Supervisors, mail and message distribution occupationsB
1215Supervisors, supply chain, tracking, and scheduling co-ordination occupationsB
1221Administrative officersB
1222Executive assistantsB
1223Human resources and recruitment officersB
1224Property administratorsB
1225Purchasing agents and officersB
1226Conference and event plannersB
1227Court officers and justices of the peaceB
1228Employment insurance, immigration, border services, and revenue officersB
1241Administrative assistantsB
1242Legal administrative assistantsB
1243Medical administrative assistantsB
1251Court reporters, medical transcriptionists, and related occupationsB
1252Health information management occupationsB
1253Records management techniciansB
1254Statistical officers and related research support occupationsB
1311Accounting technicians and bookkeepersB
1312Insurance adjusters and claims examinersB
1313Insurance underwritersB
1314Assessors, valuators, and appraisersB
1315Customs, ship, and other brokersB
1411General office support workersC
1415Personnel clerksC
1416Court clerksC
1422Data entry clerksC
1423Desktop publishing operators and related occupationsC
1431Accounting and related clerksC
1432Payroll administratorsC
1434Banking, insurance, and other financial clerksC
1451Library assistants and clerksC
1452Correspondence, publication, and regulatory clerksC
1454Survey interviewers and statistical clerksC
1511Mail, postal, and related workersC
1512Letter carriersC
1513Couriers, messengers, and door-to-door distributorsC
1521Shippers and receiversC
1522Storekeepers and partspersonsC
1523Production logistics co-ordinatorsC
1524Purchasing and inventory control workersC

If you couldn’t find your job on the list, you can always search for it on the National Occupation Classification website.

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