Top 16 Most Common WES Canada Questions & Answers FAQ

We are well aware of the common WES Canada questions you may have and how it relates and influences your immigration to Canada.

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These WES Canada questions range from basic login information to issues that you may face when filling out a WES Canada form, and lots more.


You will no longer have to wait to know the updated timelines for your WES Canada processing mail, as well as the right way to approach your school’s inability to send out required documents.

#1: How Do I Get My WES Requirements?

Your WES requirements depend on:

  • Your educational status (completed or still in progress)
  • Type of education
  • Country of education
  • Name of the institution
  • Certifcate or name of diploma
  • The country whose standards your academic accomplishments will be related to

When you’ve got all these right, you can then view all your necessary requirements.

#2: How Do I Know My Country of Education?

Your country of education for your WES Canada credential evaluation application is the country where the institution that issued you your degree is located.

If you are confused as to which country to include as your country of education, you can always contact the WES customer service team for assistance.

#3: How Do I Find My WES Reference Number?

Applicants are given a reference number on completion of their online application. This is an important part of your WES application process.

You can find your WES reference number by first logging into your My Account, then navigating to the top section of your user dashboard.

Your WES reference number can also be found in your Order History in your Account Menu.

#4: How Long is My WES Payment Valid for?

The WES will not delete your application files due to inactivity, so you don’t have to worry about any expiration dates.

You can send all necessary documents when it seems fit for you. But note that processing and review of your documents are done once all necessary documents needed for the application have been submitted.

#5: Will WES Assess All of My Credentials?

WES Canada only assesses academic credentials from institutions that it considers recognizable in respective countries.

You will not be evaluated for an occupational course of study, your trade qualifications, and other short-term professional programs.

#6: Does WES Canada Accept Electronic Transcripts?


The WES Canada accepts electronic transcripts, but not directly from applicants. This has to be sent from a more vetted or approved source, like from your school of study.

It’s also always good that you have one of your institution’s reps contact the WES, and select Other in the list of categories in the contact form. Once this is done, the WES will explore various electronic transfer options with your institution.

#7: Can I Have My Application Translated to Another Language by the WES?


The WES Canada does not offer translation services for applicants, and you’re required to submit all required documents in English. Though this may vary with French in some cases.

#8: How Do I Fix Errors when Uploading My Documents to My Account?

You are likely to get errors with your WES account if you left it idle for a long period of time without logging in. So, if you experience any error when uploading your documents to your account, try logging out and in back to your account; then try to upload the documents again.

If the error persists, it then implies that the kind of file you are trying to upload is not compatible or is too large in size. You will also get error messages when trying to upload low-quality or blurry images.

#9: How Do I Submit Other Credentials to My Application?

In your My Account, you can submit additional credentials by clicking on Update Report; and if your evaluation is already processing, simply submit your request to add new credentials to the WES customer service.

#10: Can I Get a Copy of My Academic Records from WES?


WES Canada does not give out provide copies of an applicant’s academic records. This can be gotten from your institution of study.

#11: Can I Get the WES to Request My Documents from My Institution?


The WES can not request your documents on your behalf from your institution. You will need to reach out to your institution directly and organize all your documents to be sent directly to the WES.

Documents sent from your institution of study must be placed in a sealed envelope and signed or stamped across the back flap.

#12: How Should I Mail My Academic Documents to the WES

This should be done in a well-sealed envelope in the following format:


Also ensure to include your reference number at the top, just above the address section on all envelopes.

#13: I Wish to Upgrade My Evaluation Report… How Do I Go About This?

You do not need to send your documents again when ordering for an upgrade in your evaluation report. This is transferred alongside your upgraded application.

You will only be notified to send additional documents if necessary, and you’ll be contacted via mail or on your My Account.

#14: How Can I Change My Mail on My WES Account and Evaluation Report?

Once uploaded, your name can not be changed on your WES account and evaluation report.

You will have to contact the WES customer care team to confirm this change.

#15: How Do I Speed Up My WES Credential Evaluation Process?

Ensure to complete your application and payment submission online; then verify that all your documents submitted are the required ones.

One major factor that may delay your evaluation process is if your sending institution doesn’t qualify to send documents electronically to WES. If your institution qualifies for this, it can speed up the entire evaluation process.

You can always check on your evaluation verification status on your My Account.

#16: What Should I Do If I Can’t Get Through to a WES Customer Service Rep via Call?

You can always get through to the WES for further assistance via their online contact form.

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