Web Developer Jobs in Canada – Application, Requirements, and Payments

Are you a web developer wondering how to go about securing a Web Development job in Canada? If you’re one, then we can guarantee you will get hired if you have the requirements and follow the application procedures as outlined in this article.

Web Developers are in high demand in Canada and you can secure a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa easily with a job offer. But the bigger question is how do you secure a job offer as a web developer?

Although web development jobs are in high demand in Canada, you would agree with us that to get such job offers, would require certain qualifications and the applicants would need to follow some application procedures. For this exact purpose, this detailed article to guide you in securing your next big job as a web developer was put together by us.

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How do I apply for a web development job in Canada?

Below discussed are the necessary steps you should take as a web developer who desires to land a web developer job in Canada.

1. Master the Skills

The truth is every recruiter wants a well-seasoned employee. Your Interviewer will expect you to exhibit some levels of expertise and prove to him or her that you’re the best fit for the job. Therefore you need to take out time to master the skills before sending out any application.

“Immediately after I learned to code, all I wanted to do was get all the web development jobs online but I couldn’t get any because I wasn’t grounded enough.

Then I decided to master HTML and CSS given that they are the backbone of the web – HTML gives structure to every webpage’s content, while CSS provides the styling and this singular step increased my worth in the industry”

This was an extract from an interview we had with a web developer as we carried on our research.

The whole point is, if you’re a newbie, you’d need to master web development before applying for jobs.

2. Create a Portfolio

If you don’t have any experience as a web developer, you can create websites for free or at low rates for friends and family. This is the best way to gain experience and build a portfolio. Even as a seasoned web developer, keep diversifying. Just so you know, you need an excellent portfolio to secure good jobs as there’s a lot of competition, and most recruiters lookout for excellent portfolios before hiring.

Explore dynamic websites; while at it, research different programming languages you can master: JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc. Create your personal website and don’t forget to flaunt it on every social media platform.

3. Go for it!

There is a wide range of web development jobs in Canada online. If you have the right skills and an attractive Portfolio, then you should go for it! Prove to the recruiter that you’re skilled and do that with confidence.

You will most likely be required to pass through the following Application process.

Online Application

In view of the fact that Covid-19 is still around, most web development jobs in Canada are online. You can get high paying web developer jobs on the following websites:

  • Ca.indeed.com
  • Monster.ca
  • Desjardins.com
  • Workopolis.com
  • Careerbuliders.ca
  • Linkedin.com, etc.

Scheduled phone screening interview

After successfully applying online, you would be called for an interview over the phone.

Selection interview

Another interview will be scheduled. Mostly a video call where the recruiter evaluates your skills.

Follow up from the recruiter

If you’re qualified for the job, you’ll be contacted and briefed on the job description. You could also be required to provide a referee; so keep one close.

Job offer

If you have passed the aforementioned steps, then congratulations, you have the job!

What are the Requirements to get a Web Development Job in Canada?

The requirements to get a web development job in Canada are quite straightforward. If you’re about to apply for a web development job in Canada, you should keep the following close.

1. Your résumé and cover letter
2. Portfolio
3. Referee
4. Work permit – As an Immigrant, some recruiters in Canada might request for a work permit before hiring you.

How Much are Web Developers paid in Canada?

Web Developers are highly paid in Canada but the amount differs from organization to organization. However, an average web developer in Canada earns about $58,526 per year or $30.01 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $49,894 per year, while expert-level workers make about $82,664 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Web Development a Good Career in Canada?

Yes, Web development is a good Career in Canada with great opportunities for you.

Can You Work at Home as a Web Developer in Canada?

Web Developers can work from home, which makes it a flexible career option.

Can I get an Entry Web Developer Job in Canada?

Yes, you can also get entry-level web developer jobs on any of the sites listed in this article.

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