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Where to Live in Calgary: A Guide into the Heart of the New West

Calgary is the largest city in the province of Alberta.  It is located at the confluence of the Bow River and the Elbow River in the south of the province, between the Canadian Rockies (located 80 km) and the prairie.

Calgary is famous, among many other things, for having hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics, for the annual festival known as the Calgary Stampede (which gave the city its nicknames Cowtown and Stampede City), as well as for its image.

Wild west city. In this article, we will be exploring the best areas to live in Calgary.

This western Canadian city is a thriving place, with a booming economy and a growing tourism industry, and is fast becoming one of the top destinations in Alberta and all of Canada thanks to its cultural attractions, ski slopes, beautiful parks, and impressive natural landscapes that surround it.

The main tourist attractions in Calgary are the Calgary Tower, the Calgary Zoo, and Prince’s Island Park. 

If you like culture, history, and science, or if you are traveling with children, you should not miss the exhibits at Glenbow Museum or Telus Park, take a walk through the Heritage Park Historical Village or pay a visit to Calaway Park, the park of largest attractions in western Canada.

For winter sports enthusiasts, WinSport is a premier ski resort located just outside the city.

Finally, for lovers of the great outdoors, Calgary is considered the gateway to the southern stretch of the Canadian Rockies.

Not far from the city, you can explore the beautiful Banff National Park, which has a cable car service, and relax in the Banff Upper Hot Springs.

Calgary is served by the Calgary International Airport, which offers direct connections to most cities in Canada and many destinations in the US, as well as some other international services in Europe and Latin America.

When it comes to public transportation, Calgary has a bus system, a commuter train called the C-Train, and traditional taxis, as well as ride-sharing apps.  That said, to get to the city’s outlying districts, ski slopes, and National Parks, it’s best to rent a car.  You can rent a cheap vehicle in Calgary here.

The C-train has a route that connects the northwest with the south, as well as another route that connects the northwest with the central area.

The city of Calgary lives in constant growth. It has become one of the most modern and cosmopolitan cities in Canada.

Part of its culture and joy is reflected in the bars, pubs, and restaurants.

Downtown is one of the best areas to stay in Calgary because it is home to the main cultural attractions and festivals.

In addition, it has the widest range of accommodation, from luxury hotels with high-level services to cheap hostels and tourist apartments.  See how to find accommodation in Canada.

The Best Areas to Live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Where to Live in Calgary

Here’s a guide to the best areas to live in Calgary, Alberta.

1. Downtown Calgary (Recommended) 

Downtown, with its industrial setting, skyscrapers, unique shops, and restaurants, is an ideal area to stay in Calgary, Canada.

This area is home to major festivals, fashion boutiques, world-class restaurants, and luxury hotels.

Those staying in downtown Calgary can enjoy delicious food and coffee on the Stephen Avenue Walk, or visit the Old City Hall to admire national and international art in Calgary’s galleries and museums.

For breathtaking views of Calgary, you can access the Calgary Tower, an observation point that offers breathtaking views of impressive buildings and mountains.

The downtown location allows easy transportation to other areas via bus routes and C-train lines.

Downtown Calgary is one of the best areas to stay in Calgary because it houses the main tourist attractions of the city, luxury hotels, and is close to other important areas.

Why is this a recommended area to stay in Calgary:

  • Heart of the city
  • The best area for tourists
  • The best area to stay without a vehicle

2. Beltline

Beltline is located south of downtown Calgary and is one of the most populated and urban neighborhoods in the city, connected to other areas by bus routes and the blue line of the C-Train.

This area has a reputation for being one of the main districts in Calgary, hosting an eclectic nightlife, many restaurants with international flavors, and a city atmosphere with bars, clubs, and shops.

Beltline has a party atmosphere every year thanks to one of Canada’s biggest festivals, the Stampede Festival, recognized as “the greatest outdoor spectacle on earth.”

Beltline is another of the best areas to stay in Calgary for its urban and entertaining atmosphere that allows those who stay in this area to enjoy the best entertainment, gastronomy, and nightlife.

Why is this a recommended area to stay in Calgary, Canada:

  • The best area for business travelers
  • Near the airport
  • Quiet area to stay

3. Northeast Calgary

Northeast Calgary is an accessible, diverse district and one of the best areas for business travelers as it is home to the Calgary International Airport that is easily accessible to visitors to the city.

The main attractions in Northeast Calgary are the city zoo, Calaway Park, and the Telus Spark Science Museum, ideal for family travelers.

In the southern part of the district, there are a large number of category hotels with services for the most demanding travelers and close to areas full of tourists and bustle, such as Downtown.

It is an area of ​​easy transfer since it is connected by buses, private taxis, and the blue line of the C-Train.

The Northeast of Calgary is another of the best areas to stay in the city of Alberta, for its quiet, residential environment, comfortable hotels, and delicious dishes served in the unbeatable restaurants in the area.

Why is this a recommended area to stay in Calgary:

  • Near the airport
  • Cheap accommodation
  • Public transport connections

4. Southwest Calgary

Staying in southwest Calgary allows you to enjoy attractions such as the Stephen Avenue Mall and the Chinook Center with hundreds of shops and boutiques for shoppers.

A meeting point for tourists in the Southwest of Calgary is 17 Avenue, full of theaters, shops, restaurants, parks, and even casinos for those fans of gambling and games.

Those staying in the southwest of Calgary can be part of the sports fanatics as McMahon Stadium is located in this area of ​​the city.

Public transport is covered by several bus routes and nearby are C-Train stations to go to other areas.

The Southwest is another excellent area to stay in Calgary for its leisure offer, its shopping centers when it comes to shopping, and for having high-class hotels.

Why is this a recommended area to stay in Calgary:

  • McMahon Stadium
  • Connected by public transport

There you have it, all the recommended locations of where to live in Calgary, We hope this article is helpful to you. Good luck!

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