Vancouver Job Market – The Labour Market Structure

The Vancouver Job Market is just as diverse as its ethnicity It consists majorly of Technology, Finance, Agriculture, health, Arts, and Creative industries.

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Even with Vancouver’s booming economy, many job seekers find it difficult to get jobs. What could be responsible for this? That’s one out of some other questions this article will answer in detail.

Vancouver is the largest city in British Columbia. It is known as the most ethnically diverse city in Canada surrounded by mountains and Creative scenes. However, with a high cost of living and unemployment, Vancouver is said to be the most expensive place to live in Canada.

Although the Vancouver job Market is diverse, there are major industries that are pivotal in the creation of job opportunities for the populace. These major industries include Tourism, Agriculture, Health, Manufacturing, High Technology, and Education.

Getting a job in any of these industries is highly competitive but the good news is that there are industries currently in need of skilled workers — for instance, the technology industry is currently facing a skills shortage but only the qualified and well-informed ones win.

Major things you should know About Vancouver Job Market

Some of the things you should know about the Vancouver Job Market include,

1. Vancouver has a Hidden Job Market

In Vancouver, a lot of job openings, especially for high-ranking positions, are not advertised on job platforms, employer websites, or social media platforms like LinkedIn. Instead, a lot of positions are advertised through word of mouth, referrals, networking, or recruitment agencies. Therefore you shouldn’t rely solely on social media platforms when searching for job opportunities.

2.  The Vancouver Job Market is highly Competitive

Finding a job especially as an Expatriate in Vancouver is difficult but not impossible. You must be prepared to compete for job openings with highly skilled and experienced Canadians.

Fortunately, with LMO and a work permit, you stand a great chance of getting such job offers.

3. Technology Jobs are currently the top in-demand

It might interest you to know that there is currently a skill shortage in Technology. If you know coding to a great extent, then you should grab this opportunity.

What are the most In-demand Jobs in Vancouver?

You would agree that it’s easier to get in-demand jobs because the job openings are relatively large. Aside from IT  jobs (which is currently the most In-demand job), other top in-demand jobs in Vancouver include,

1.  Service industries: 

This includes healthcare, high-tech, and retail workers.

2.  Creative industries

This includes Artists and Entertainers.

3.  Green Technology

This includes Recycling workers, farm managers, solar installers, etc.

What are the Highest Paying Jobs in Vancouver?

If you must live and work comfortably in a city like Vancouver with a high cost of living, you would need a high-income job.

These are some of the highest-paying jobs you can find in Vancouver with their Average annual salaries.

1. Surgeon

The Average Annual Salary for a Surgeon is $478,000 CAD.

2. Medical Director 

The Average Annual Salary for a medical director is  $327,000 CAD.

3. Lawyer

 The Average Annual Salary for a lawyer is  $325,000 CAD.

4. IT specialist

The Average Annual Salary for an IT specialist is $321,000 CAD.

5. Bank Manager

The Average Annual Salary for a Bank Manager is  $315,000 CAD.

6. Artists

The Average Annual Salary for an Artist is $300,000 CAD.

What are the Top 10 Companies in Vancouver?

These are the top 10 Companies in Vancouver in 2021.


  • Orbital Technologies
  • Eventbase Technologies


  • Insurance Corp. of British Columbia
  • Pacific Blue Cross
  • WorkSafeBC

Transportation Industry:

  • TransLink (South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority)


  • iQmetrix
  • Amazon Canada Fulfilment Services, ULC


  • University of Northern British Columbia


  • PNI Digital Media Inc.

The Best Ways to Find a Job in Vancouver.

Few job openings, hidden job markets, and high competition are the most factors that make it difficult to land a job in the Vancouver job market. To overcome these constraints, you should adhere to the following:

  • Create a strong resume and cover letter that stands out
  • Master your Career field
  • Learn skills that are most in-demand
  • Update your LinkedIn profile and connect with recruiters in Vancouver.
  • Do not restrict your job hunt to social media platforms.

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