How to Apply for Working Holiday Visa in Canada

Are you in search of how you are going to get a working holiday visa in Canada? The International Experience Canada (IEC 2021) program is what you are going to need to achieve your dream.

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It is a simple task for young people to have their working holiday visas in Canada. The purpose of his article is to guide you through the process of having a working holiday visa in Canada through the IEC program.

What is the IEC 2021 program?

International Experience Canada allows foreign citizens to have a working holiday visa in Canada.

Many people have also gotten a working holiday visa through this means in Canada. International Experience Canada is a highly recognized program in Canada.

The length of getting a working holiday visa in Canada varies from one country to another country, and taking part in the working holiday visa in Canada is generally a one-time deal except you have twofold citizenship.

The major thing you ought to know is either you lose it or use it! Each of these participating International Experience in Canada has its yearly quota of different places based on a mutual agreement with the Canadian government.

The demands outstrip for certain countries surpass the quota for the working holiday visa in countries such as the UK, South Korea, and France.

Eligibility for Working Holiday Visa in Canada: IEC 2021

Eligibility under this program has three basic steps that an applicant has to follow:

Step 1: Check eligibility for International Experience Canada

The first step is for the applicant to apply for a working holiday in Canada is to check his or her eligibility using a tool known as “Come to Canada”.

Here, the first question on this tool is “What would you like to do in Canada?” To take part in International Experience Canada the answer is going to be “Travel and Work”. Then you fill in your personal information.

If you are eligible, you are going to see an eligibility confirmation for the International Experience Canada working holiday program with a reference code.

There will be a link placed on the lower page of the website, and then you can click on it to take you to the next process.

Step 2: Create your profile to submit to IEC Canada

For you to generate and submit an International Experience Canada profile for a working holiday visa, the first thing you are going to need will be the MyCIC account.

If you have a MyCIC account already may be from a past application, you can also use it for your International Experience Canada too.

If you don’t have a MyCIC account, then you have to open and make use of the “Continue to GCkey” link to open one.

  • Sign up and log in to select “International Experience Canada” under the title where you have “What would you like to do today”.
  • The next step is to enter a personal reference code you are going to get at the end of the questionnaire “Come to Canada”. Then you enter the right code to go to the e-service application.
  • The e-service application has four different categories of information to help you authorize. Then you fill in only your personal and contact details for this section.
  • Each of these sections must be confirmed and saved.
  • Once each of this section is completed, your profile can be submitted to the IEC pool.

NB: The profile should be submitted within 60 days of processing the application, and also submitting your profile is free of charge.

Step 3: Wait for an invitation

All applicants who are eligible in each of these IEC pools have the same chance of being selected at random.

This implies if you are filing an application for the IEC program with high demand, there is no probability you will be invited for a working holiday program in Canada.

While waiting for your invitation, you can still consider what police certification you may need to apply for and whether there is a need to carry out a medical examination, and here they are:

  • Police certificate(s): This is required from any province you have spent from six months upward and above.
  • Medical examination: It is required if you have stayed or travelled in different countries for six months and above or if you are making plans to work within health-related issues in Canada. This examination is done by a physician and it is a must for you to get it if you are work with anything pertaining to health.

Step 4: Receiving an invitation for IEC Program

Fortunately, if you are chosen randomly, an invitation for you to apply for a working permit will be sent to you through your MyCIC inbox. The applicant has nothing less than 10days to choose whether to admit or turn down the invitation. This is the process:

  • Click “Start Application” and accepts the invitation, ignoring whatever days are left out of the 10 day period. The next stage begins, as soon as the application process begins.
  • If you have different police certificates for you to apply for a medical and then get it within 7- 8 days. Please, you don’t have to wait until the 9th or 10 days because they can be technical issues that will make the website not open.

Application for Working Holiday Visa in Canada: IEC 2021

After admitting to the International Experience Canada invitation, you will have a 20-day period to process your work permit application through MyCIC. You must provide detailed information such as education history, work history, email address, nationality, and contact number.

NB: The answers you provide to the questions of the work permit application are going to determine the list of documents to be uploaded on the website.

Required Documents to be uploaded

  • CV/Resume
  • Police certificate
  • A participation fee
  • Travel/passport document
  • Family info
  • Digital photo

There is an option for a “letter of explanation” slot which is helpful if you have to give any additional info about your application.

If there is an issue with submitting your application, without a letter of explanation, you can upload a document in this part of the application and then cancel it.

You should at this time be able to submit your working permit application.

Processing Time for Working Holiday Visa in Canada: IEC 2021

This can take up to 8-12 weeks to file an application for a Working Holiday Visa in Canada.

Once the visa is given to you by Citizenship Immigration Canada, you have only 12 months to travel to Canada and then activate your working holiday visa.

We hope you found this article as informative as it can be. Do well to let us know in the comment section if you have any questions and we will be glad to reply to your queries.


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