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10 Best International Recruitment Agencies in Canada

Did you know that you can get a job as an employee through international recruitment agencies if you have a dream of working for a Canadian company or employer as a foreigner? we can help you in achieving your dreams by getting information on some of the best international recruitment agencies in Canada.

Recruitment agencies are external companies that search for suitable candidates for employers. They are given the work by employers to get candidates for any vacant positions within their organisations, in order for them to save time and money and get the extended candidate net through a direct advert and company network that the company cannot reach.

Recruitment and other recruitment agencies are essential because hiring employees takes a significant amount of time. Hiring the appropriate person is important, and considering the present day competitive job market, an employer can see through hundreds of applications to request a suitable candidate to interview.

Recruitment agencies are the bridge between employers and employees, which Involves handling the work of identifying top talent, vetting candidates, and showcasing the top candidates to clients.

Although there are various types of employment agencies that hold similarities with recruitment agencies, they are not one and the same. Recruitment agencies emphasize finding talent for permanent positions, which Involves upper-management and executive roles.

The Role of Recruitment Agencies

It is not just about the cost efficiency but it has to do with the management and access to all the candidates that are the preferred choice for most employers.

The HR and recruitment coordinators within employers use an agency to get the best value and also get the best candidate on the market and thereby gain a leading edge over their competitors with staff that are superior and efficient on cost.

Some agencies will give an assurance on the placement of a candidate which implies that the element of risk in the business of hiring people is very limited and replacement is often given free of charge within the early months of a candidate’s placement.

It is important not to make the mistake of regarding recruitment agencies as same with employment agencies. They are very much different from each other.

An international recruitment agency in Canada can make you become a worker for a Canadian employer while employment agencies will make you be just one of their employees.

Employment agencies may consider you as a staff under them even if you are working for another employer.

What is an International Recruitment Agency

an international recruitment agency is a foreign-based company that assist companies and employers to fill vacant job positions with foreign skills from other countries.

They search and hire qualified foreign workers who are capable of creating more value for their employers.

Even if you are already in Canada or overseas, international recruitment agencies will help you find a job for sustainability.

Moreso, they are of great help to foreign nationals in attaining a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from a Canadian employer. Canadian employers are helped as well in applying for an LMIA for foreign nationals.

Therefore, having a positive LMIA is one of the most essential requirements for foreign nationals who want to work in Canada.

Some recruitment agencies in Canada can link immigrants with Canadian employers or establishments that are looking for highly skilled workers to hire.

Hence, some Canadian employers from time to time search for highly skilled immigrants by getting a recruitment agency to get an employee to occupy specific job positions.

10 Best International Recruitment Agencies in Canada

There are various recruitment agencies that exist in Canada but there are very few that rank up to the best, here are lists of the top ten best international recruitment agencies in Canada.

  • Canadian International Recruitment Services Inc.
  • Global Hire Immigration & Placement Services
  • Canadian Staffing Consultants Ltd.
  • Global Consulting Group Inc.
  • WorkVantage International Workforce Solutions Inc.
  • Hays – Recruitment Agency Toronto
  • Renard International Hospitality Search Consultants
  • Goldbeck Recruiting Inc.
  • Work Global Canada Inc.


Getting a job as a foreign national is made possible through the help of international recruitment agencies and through that you are able to work for a Canadian employer.

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