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Explore the Canadian Job Market for Immigrants

Canada’s job market experienced a remarkable recovery in June, moved by the easing of public health restrictions in most provinces and cities.

The majority of dining, recreation and cultural activities, retail shopping, and private care services resumed or continued in eight provinces, with varying degrees of capacity restrictions.

As most employers and corporations hiring was in these sectors, most new jobs were part-time and most new hires were young workers between the ages of 15 and 24, primarily women.

The recovery within the Canadian economy in June followed a tougher spring season when a collective decline of 275,000 over April and should resulted from new or continuing restrictions in parts of Canada.

Here are some more highlights on the present state of Canada’s job market:

  • Rate of unemployment in Canada fell 0.4 percentage points to 7.8%.
  • Upon experiencing a decrease of 143,000 jobs over the previous two months, full-time work was little changed in June.
  • the total number of workers performing their work from home fell by nearly 400,000 to 4.7 million.
  • Job openings increased in three of Canada’s biggest provinces of Ontario (+117,000 jobs), Quebec (+72,000), and British Columbia (+42,000), including Nova Scotia.
  • Job losses in other provinces were minimal: Saskatchewan (-7,000), Manitoba (-6,000), PEI (-1,000). Canada’s job market had hit rock bottom everywhere else.
  • the total number of individuals working in hospitality and food services rose by 101,000 (+11.8%). Within the hospitality and food services industry, workers earned an average amount of $17.35 hourly; the all-industry average was $29.70.
  • Employment in retail trade had an increase of 75,000 (+3.4%).
  • Employment also rose in educational services (+26,000), health care and supplementary benefit (+21,000), professional, scientific and technical services (+18,000), including business, building and other support services (+18,000).
  • Total hours worked is 4% below the pre-pandemic level.
  • the amount of private sector employees had an increase of 251,000 (+2.1%) in June, following two monthly declines. As of June, the amount of personal sector employees was 2.5% lower (-313,000) than in February 2020.
  • Public sector employment experienced an increase by 43,000 (+1.1%).

Canada’s job market outlook for the remainder of 2021`              

In a statement made by TD Bank economist Sri Thanabalasingam saying that “jobs will come,” adding that “as vaccinations ramped up and provinces moved into the primary stage of their reopening plans, employers moved into hiring mode, bringing in thousands of workers.

That’s the way to go to attain pre-pandemic levels, but last month was an encouraging sign of things to return.”

The outlook on Canadian construction and infrastructure

Canada’s new budget, released mid-April, commits over $101b to jump-start the post-pandemic economy, with $26bn dedicated to infrastructure items.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan also recently hardened their commitment to infrastructure spending, and Ontario announced over $60bn of procurement projects.

Throughout the pandemic, Outpost has remained nimble and candidate-focused, ready to find suitable roles for motivated candidates.

The organization works with general contractors, subcontractors, developers, and consultants who are hiring across senior management, operations, project management, site, design, quality, and commercial personnel.

Outpost Recruitment is actively trying to find candidates for projects across Canada.

How to Secure a Job in Canada

Despite the general public health crisis and economic downturn, and the anxiety and confusion which will result now are an honest time to make certain you’re well-positioned to be of benefit when Canada’s economy recovers.

  • Get your resume in fine condition. This important step is usually left down the list of job seekers’ priorities, despite being arguably the foremost important step of all.
  •  Start making observations for open opportunities. Some companies are still hiring. You can find new job opportunities by optimizing Jobs Board which are populated daily with new positions across Canada.
  • Build your network. You may go ahead and assemble a team to assist you in your job search. With the occurring physical distancing and travel restrictions, you can optimize the use of technology to the best of your advantage.

Do you have the expertise to start out, manage, or buy a business in Canada? Canada is rated alongside other countries the best for start-up businesses.

Research and Development start-ups get significant tax relief and their investors can claim up to 50% of their investment back from the government.

The primary step would be to seek out risk capital or angel investor group in Canada to take a position in your business plan, and you’re on your way.

If that’s not ok news, established business owners who want to try to do and have things their way are going to be interested in the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP).

Each of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories has its own entrepreneur and investor visa categories to accommodate every sort of business venture.

Farmers, restaurateurs, business consultants, and sustainable business owners everywhere on the planet are relocating to Canada.

This is often because of the stable government, fair tax measures, government incentives, low cost of living, and a really favourable rate of exchange.

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