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Average Salary of a Hairdresser in Canada

Are you interested in beauty assiduity? Are you a hairdresser, creative, a great listener, and love making people happy? And you’re contemplating migrating to Canada, so you want to know the average salary of a hairdresser in Canada?

Maybe you’ve all the above-listed qualities, already reside in Canada, and would like a career in hairdressing so you want to know the average salary of a hairdresser in Canada?

Then read on as this article is for you.

What’s a hairdresser?

Hairdressers specialize in slicing, trouncing, coloring, and baptizing hair in order to enhance or maintain a client’s appearance. Before starting any appointment, they ask what style or color the customer wishes to get, and will also assess physical features, type of hair, and lifestyle so as to advise if that style choice would work for them.

Hairdressing is an estimable and well-established career in Canada that’s seductive to numerous because of its high demand and inflexibility.

What does a hairdresser do?

A hairdresser will generally address all effects related to the appearance, styling, and grooming of hair on the head. After harkening to the customer and making sure they have got a clear understanding of their prospects, a hairdresser will frequently relate to photos and filmland in beauty and style magazines to envisage the look asked by the customer.

A hairdresser smiling and talking with her client

Utmost hairdressers have a broad range of chops, still, some choose to specialize in processes and ways similar as:

  • Hair Coloring and Colorings
  • Artificial Hair Extensions and Weaves
  • Chemical Relaxing and Straightening
  • Perms
  • Hair Plugs
  • Toupee Styling
  • Lacing

Numerous hairdressers take part in hair competitions in order to keep up to date with the rearmost styles and cuts. These competitions show coloring, styling, and slice ways.

Salons encourage haircutters to partake in competitions, as an award-winning hairstylist will be great hype for a salon, and the hairstylist will frequently end up gaining a large customer base.

The largest task frequently performed by haircutters is the factual slice of hair. Guests seeking a new look or just taking a trim will seek out the services of a hairdresser on a regular basis.

Hairdressing is also appertained to as hair styling and is the process of baptizing the hair in an asked way to enhance the appearance of the existent. There are numerous styles that a hairstylist must know in their profession including :

  • Curled styles, and knowing the most flattering way to cut curled hair
  • Straight styles, and knowing how to cut poker-straight hair
  • Short styles
  • Long styles
  • Complicated Overdo styles for marriages and formal events

Chemical treatments to hair can change the way hair looks and feels. Haircutters administer a chemical relaxant to curled hair making it smooth and straight. Chemical perms beget a semi-permanent style similar to ringlets or swells in else straight hair.

Colouring and pressing hair frequently bear tolerance and knowledge of chemicals to produce the perfect color. Colouring for multiple tones can be relatively complicated and tedious for the hairstylist.

A hairdresser also serves as an expert in the area of hair care and frequently will vend products that they’re knowledgeable about and would like to recommend to guests.

Some haircutters go on to develop their own line of professional haircare products. Haircutters may serve as advisers or content contributors for beauty and style attendants.

A less common area of hairdressing exists in the realm of hair restoration services and products. A hairstylist can be certified to handle hair entrapments and professed in the art of baptizing hairpieces and artificial hair. Toupee styling can bear special training as well.

The Average Salary of a Hairdresser in Canada

The average salary of a hairdresser in Canada is $32,175 per year or $16.50 per hour. While the average salary of an entry-level hairdresser in Canada begins from $27,300 per year.


Hairdresser tends to earn quite a lot in Canada and as someone with an ambition to practice hairdressing in Canada, you need to know all the intricate details about hairdressing in Canada which includes the average salary of a hairdresser in Canada.

Thankfully, you can now say you know the average salary of a hairdresser in Canada.

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