LMO Careers – How to Grow your Career with LMO

We’re going to be discussing extensively LMO careers and how to grow your career with LMO simply cause of the present advantage it poses.

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In a bid to observe Covid-19 protocols, most Provinces in Canada only prioritize certain occupations for LMO with less rigorous application procedures.

If you’re considering growing your career with LMO, then you should first know the high in-demand LMO Career opportunities available in Canada at the moment.

How to Grow your Career with LMO

As an Immigrant that is Career Oriented and passionate about Career Advancement, you’d definitely need a Canadian job permit supported by LMO to get a job offer in Canada. Currently known as LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment), LMO stands for Labour Market Opinion, and acquiring one is a surefire way on how to grow your career with LMO.

It is issued by the Canadian government to show that the organization that wishes to employ you is allowed to do so because they couldn’t find a Canadian or permanent resident that is qualified or willing to fill the vacant position. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has made getting LMO in 2021 more difficult. Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) only issues LMO to certain high in-demand occupations.

What are the high in demand LMO Careers in 2021?

If you’re still wondering about how to grow your career with LMO and the high in-demand LMO Career opportunities available in Canada at the moment then continue reading on, as we have made a list of the top 5 LMO job opportunities you can easily get in 2021.

1. Freelance Copywriter Career

Copywriting deals with writing compelling materials for promotion and marketing. As a copywriter, you’d be required to sell different Products and services by writing persuasive Copy. Freelance Copywriting is one of the high in-demand LMO Careers.

Job Description of a Freelance Copywriter

Writing clear, error-free, persuasive, and concise copy for various advertising channels.
Writing products and services reviews.
Generating leads by writing attention-grabbing landing pages.
Writing product descriptions on e-commerce stores, etc.

Qualifications and Skills Required of a Freelance Copywriter

Bachelor’s degree in English, Marketing, or related fields
3 or more years of experience in content writing or copywriting.
Knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications
Creative thinking skills and ability to think conceptually
Excellent communication skills
An impressive portfolio of work

Salary Range for a Freelance Copywriter

The average annual salary range for a freelance copywriter falls within $35,000 – $13,000 CAD.

2. Media Planner Career

As a media Planner, you should be able to identify the best Media channel to advertise your client’s products or services in order to reach out to its target audience.

You’ll work within advertising agencies or media planning and buying agencies, with the goal of optimizing the impact of advertising campaigns through a range of media platforms, this is also one of the high in-demand LMO Careers.

Job Description of a Media Planner

Creating financial and media plans and forecasts
Working with clients and the account team to understand your Client’s business goals
Making decisions on the most suitable form of media for specific clients and campaign

Qualifications and Skills Required of a Media Planner

Degree from any field is acceptable. However, excellent knowledge of journalism, English, media studies, marketing, and other related fields gives you an edge.
Commercial awareness
Creative thinking
Excellent communication skills

Salary Range for a Media Planner

The average annual salary range for a media planner falls within $45k – $81k

3. Graphic Design Career

Graphic designers use texts, images, symbols, videos to create ideas, inform the public and even proffer solutions to problems. As a graphic designer, you should be able to create beautiful designs that would grab a customer’s attention, this is also one of the high in-demand LMO Careers on our list.

Job Description of a Graphic Designer

Creating and designing various materials for print and digital marketing collaterals
Ensuring projects are completed with high-quality designs
Editing and manipulation of images and texts
Working with a wide range of media and excellent use of graphic design software.

Qualifications and Skills Required of a Graphic Designer

Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, web design, art, animation, or a related field.
Highly developed computer skills, with a mastery of the Adobe suite of products, such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

Salary Range

The average annual salary range for a graphic designer falls within $33k – $76k

4. Account Executive Career

As one of the high in-demand LMO Careers on our list, an account executive is a role in sales, advertising, marketing, and finance. It involves a deep understanding of a client company’s objectives and products and a professional ability to provide effective advice aimed at creating successful promotional activities and strategies.

Job description of an Account Executive

Creating well-detailed business plans to help in achieving goals.
Managing sales cycle from sourcing for clients to securing a deal.
Introducing products to prospective clients
Responding to complaints and providing professional after-sales support to customers.

Qualifications and Skills Required of an Account Executive

A degree in Business administration, Management Science, or Marketing.
Knowledge of Microsoft Office and CRM software
Business expertise
Excellent communication skills

Salary Range

The average annual salary range for an account executive falls within $35k – $100k

5. Senior Writer/ Editor Career

An editor is the fifth on our list of LMO careers, and they’re responsible for ensuring that all company’s written materials are error-free and of high quality before publishing them. An editor is also responsible for reviewing copy before using them for marketing and promotions.

Job Description of a Senior Writer/ Editor

Reviewing copy from Copywriters
Editing written content from writers
Developing Content ideas
Supervising projects and ensuring that the best journalism practices are followed.

Qualifications and Skills Required of a Senior Writer

A degree in Journalism or English
Excellent writing and proofreading skills
Experience with content management systems
Ability to pay attention to detail
Ability to give constructive feedback

Salary Range

The average annual salary range for a senior writer falls within $57k – $121k.


Although it is somewhat now difficult to get LMO, acquiring one helps to grow your career as you would have a variety of jobs to choose from without being restricted and greater possibilities of securing high-income jobs in Canada. Therefore if you are passionate about how to grow your career with LMO, we would strongly recommend you get LMO in addition to your work permit and this is how to grow your career with LMO.
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