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27 Best & Fun Things to Do in Mishawaka (IN)

There are many fun things to do in Mishawaka (IN) in this article. We will look at the top 27 activities that will blow you away.

Living in Mishawaka, Indiana, is generally safe. It is the perfect option for those seeking a more urban setting due to its low crime rate and modest population.

Mishawaka is one irresistible stop on a tour of Northwest Indiana, and one of its many attractions is the picturesque St. Joseph River that meanders through the city.

Here are the top 27 things to do in Mishawaka if you are planning to visit.

Fun Things to Do in Mishawaka

1. Have Fun at the Putt-Putt Fun Center

Putt-Putt Fun Center is an indoor or outdoor mini golf course often referred to as a “putt-putt” course. It is a family-friendly entertainment venue that offers a fun and leisurely activity for people of all ages. This is a must-see and has to make the list of things to do in Mishawaka.

Putt-Putt Fun Centers typically feature brightly colored, themed holes with obstacles and unique challenges, like ramps, loops, and twists.

There aren’t any crazy obstacles, so precision and expertise are necessary. If you’re coming with a group or want more challenges, they have discounts for several games.

Families may enjoy amazing entertainment at Putt-Putt Fun Center in a tidy, secure, and welcoming atmosphere for a reasonable price.

Other attractions like arcade games, laser tag, go-karts, and batting cages often accompany them. Putt-Putt Fun Centers are popular for birthday parties, group events, and casual outings with friends and family.

2. Hike the Trails at Robert C. Beutter Riverfront Park

One of the awesome things to do in Mishawaka, Indiana, is to relax at Robert C. Beutter Riverfront Park with your family and friends.

It is a popular spot for outdoor activities and events and serves as a gathering place for the local community.

Geese and ducks are two of the many aquatic birds that frequent the river. A well-tended perennial garden surrounds it.

The Park offers recreational opportunities such as walking and biking trails, picnic areas, and access to the river for fishing and boating.

3. Visit the Kamm and Schellinger Brewery

The Kamm and Schellinger Brewery is a great spot to visit Mishawaka whenever you feel anxious or bored; you can go there alone or with pals.

Many significant architectural and historical artifacts exist at the Kamm and Schellinger Brewery.
The Brewery began operations in 1853 and was shut down in the early 1950s.

As a result, its complex of charming brick buildings was transformed into a multipurpose building with restaurants, shops, and other uses.

The Brewery likely has a tasting room where customers can sample their beers and purchase them to take home. It should certainly be on your list of things to do in Mishawaka.

Things to Do in Mishawaka (IN) For Couples

1. Mega Play

Visit Mega Play in Mishawaka for an enjoyable family day out. The total area of this family amusement park is 39,000 square feet.

No matter your age, Mega Play is the ideal destination for you. It is a pillar company of the Town & Country Shopping Center in Mishawaka.

Among its highlights are a pad jousting arena, an 18-hole indoor mini golf course, and an 800-square-foot play area with slides, tunnels, a climbing rope, and a ball pit.

Many online and offline games are available, including Pac-Man, Pole Position, Galaga, Air Hockey, and Foosball.

2. Try a craft beer at Evil Czech Brewery.

Czech established the evil Czech Brewery and Public House based on his sense of adventure, enabling him to hire the best staff.

They cook in a kitchen full of enthusiastic and committed people, using only the greatest ingredients.
In their spacious pub, you may unwind with your beverages and any of their foods, including brick oven pizzas.

If you are visiting Evil Czech Brewery, here are a few fun things you can do:

Enjoy a Craft Beer: Evil Czech Brewery offers a variety of craft beers, including lagers, pilsners, ales, stouts, and more. You can try their flagship beers or one of their seasonal or limited-release beers.

Have a Meal: The Brewery also has a restaurant with a menu featuring pub-style food, including burgers, pizzas, salads, and more. You can enjoy a meal while trying one of their beers.

Attend a Live Music Event: The Brewery often hosts live music events featuring local artists and bands, offering visitors a fun and entertaining experience.

Take a Brewery Tour: Evil Czech Brewery offers tours of their facilities, where you can learn about the brewing process, taste their beers, and see the brewing equipment.

Play a Game: The Brewery has a variety of games, such as darts, cornhole, and other bar games, available for patrons to play.

3. Strikes and Spares Entertainment Center

Strikes and Spares Entertainment Center is a nice place with various attractions. Strikes and Spares Entertainment Center is ideal for family get-togethers, dating nights, nights out with friends, and more.

It lists a lot of entertaining things to do in Mishawaka, Indiana.
There is a bowling alley where patrons may have a fantastic bowling experience with lights that give a festive atmosphere.

The Center offers junior karts, a nine-hole mini golf course, bumper cars, an indoor go-kart track, a ninja warrior-themed agility course, and nine-hole indoor mini golf.

The Strikes and Spares Entertainment Center also has bumper cars, a bouncy house, a bounce pad, and an arcade room with various games.

Things to Do in Mishawaka (IN) at Night

1. Visit Shiojiri Niwa

There is a wide range of history connected to Shiojiri Niwa. For anyone who loves history, it is unquestionably at the pinnacle of the list of things to do in Mishawaka.

To honor the connection between Mishawaka and Shiojiri, often known as its sister town in Nagano Prefecture, this property was constructed in 1987.

At Epcot Center of Disney World, this lovely strolling garden features a whole tea house pavilion created by a landscape architect named Shoji Kanaoka.

Many symbols on Shiojiri Niwa, including the garden bridge, represent the link between paradise and the outside world.

The zigzag bridge reportedly allows travelers to flee evil spirits when they cross it.

The major reason for creating this Japanese garden was to encourage organic shapes and offer a serene setting where people may unwind and meditate while getting away from their problems.

2. Cinemark Movies 14

Cinemark Movies 14 is a movie theater located in Mishawaka, Indiana. It is operated by Cinemark, one of the biggest movie theater chains in the United States.

When Cinemark Movies 14 opened its doors on March 17, 1995, it had an exact 2000-person capacity.
The movie theater had ten huge screens when it was first built, and four more were added in 1998.

Cinemark Movies 14 typically offers a variety of films, including the latest blockbuster releases and independent films, as well as special events and programming for children and families.

The theater may offer stadium seating, digital projection, and a concessions stand.

Things to Do in Mishawaka (IN) For Kids

1. Hannah Lindahl Children’s Museum

A small local history museum, Hannah Lindahl Children’s Museum caters to children in grades K–5. For generations of Mishawakans, HLCM has been a mainstay in Mishawaka since 1946 and continues to offer insight into regional history.

HLCM is accessible to the general public, conducts about 130 school-age tours annually, and offers classroom education kits that Mishawaka School City teachers can use to supplement their instruction.

It has a Japanese tea room and a replica Victorian house. It also has a mid-1800s village with a house, a post office, and shops.

2. Visit the Merrifield Pool

A popular spot for residents and visitors to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and other recreational activities.

The pool is open seasonally and features various amenities, such as diving boards, water slides, and a kiddie pool.

There are scheduled times for lap swimming and open swimming for individuals who desire to exercise, especially children.

It is a great place for families and friends to spend a hot summer day and cool off from the heat.

3. Enjoy a picnic in Merrifield Park.

The Park has a well-equipped kids’ play area with various fun playthings, which helps keep kids interested.

A boat launch and an outdoor ice rink are also present; these amenities are usually open from late December to early February.

There is a sand volleyball court and a sand play area for those who want to play in the sand. One of the enjoyable things to do in Mishawaka, Indiana, is to participate in the recreational activities in Merrifield Park.

Things to Do in Mishawaka (IN) For Adults

1. Visit the Beiger Mansion

It was built in 1906, is known for its Georgian Revival architecture, and is a landmark of Mishawaka’s history. The mansion has been used as a hotel, a private residence, and a university building and is now a bed and breakfast.

On the National Register of Historic Places is where the structure is listed. Martin and Susie Beiger, Mishawaka’s Ball Band footwear inventors, lived there.

The Beiger Mansion’s front yard’s fountain and vintage plants provide a stunning and alluring curb appeal.

From April to October, visitors can use the heated pool and hot tub in the gardens of the Beiger Mansion.

It is said to be one of the finest examples of Georgian Revival architecture in the area and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

2. Enjoy a Game of Golf at Eberhart-Petro Municipal Golf Course

The Eberhart-Petro Municipal Golf Course covers the south and north banks of the St. Joe River. Eberhart-Petro Municipal Golf Course was established in 1929 and was given that name in honor of its founders.

On the northern banks of the river, the Golf Course originally had just nine holes when it first opened before being expanded to 18 holes in 1949.

Due to the layout of the Eberhart-Petro Municipal Golf Course, golfers will have to cross the river roughly four times.

3. Explore the Studebaker National Museum

The Studebaker National Museum, located in Mishawaka, Indiana, is committed to safeguarding and displaying the history of the Studebaker Corporation, an American manufacturer of automobiles, wagons, and farm equipment.

The museum features a wide variety of exhibits, including vintage automobiles, carriages, and other vehicles produced by Studebaker, as well as a large collection of artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia related to the company’s history.

Visitors can learn about the history of the Studebaker Corporation, see restored examples of its vehicles, and discover the company’s impact on the American automotive industry.

The museum also offers educational programs and events for visitors of all ages, making it a fun and educational destination for anyone interested in automobiles and transportation history.

Romantic Things to Do in Mishawaka (IN)

1. University Park Mall

University Park Mall is a shopping mall located in Mishawaka, Indiana, United States. Simon Property Group built this shopping mall.

South Bend, Elkhart, and Southern Michigan have all continued to get its services, in addition to Mishawaka and other nearby communities.

There are more than a hundred and twenty shops there. It features a variety of stores and restaurants, as well as entertainment options such as a movie theater.

The mall has been a popular shopping destination for residents of Mishawaka and the surrounding area.

2. Enjoy Blueberry Ranch

The most exciting U-pick season is at Blueberry Ranch, an organic farm that runs from the beginning of July through the middle of August.

The farm is famous for selling pies, preserves, blueberry plants for planting, and delicious and healthful blueberries.

Regular popup sales are offered annually, allowing you to buy frozen blueberries.

Blueberry Ranch grows nine different kinds of blueberries and offers a family-friendly U-pick experience in several places.

3. Visit the Snite Museum of Art

The Snite Museum of Art is located at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. It houses over 26,000 works of art, from ancient to contemporary pieces.

This museum at the University of Notre Dame houses 18,000 works, including a sizable religious collection and pieces covering the key eras in world art history, making it one of the top university art museums in the United States.

The museum’s collection includes paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, prints, and decorative arts from various cultures. The Snite Museum is open to the public, and admission is free.

Free Things to Do in Mishawaka (IN)

1. Kamm Island

When visiting Mishawaka, you can go fishing in the middle of the city.

This excellent chance is presented by Kamm Island Park, conveniently located along the Mishawaka Riverwalk.

Located just north of the 100 Center skyscraper on West Front Street, where a footbridge also provides access to Kamm Island, this island park has a total area of 7.5 acres.

You can cast a line at the fishing spots in this park along the St. Joseph River, one of Indiana’s top fishing rivers.

2. The Riverwalk

What else should be on your list of things to do in Mishawaka? If you don’t include the Riverwalk

The Riverwalk along the St. Joseph River features walking and biking trails, picnic areas, and scenic views of the river.

There are also events and festivals throughout the year, making it a popular destination for tourists and residents.

3. The St. Joe River

Boating on the river’s Mishawaka reach lets you look closer at the town’s urban features and attractive riverfront houses.

Prickett Marina Park, another lovely park, is the ideal place to begin this wonderful water excursion.
Located next to a twin boat launch and a fifteen-acre public park called Prickett Marina Park is Wyland Commercial Outfit of Marine.

There are fishing piers, a playground, and an off-leash dog park so that canines can also participate in the fun. An outdoor rental pavilion with picnic tables and BBQ grills is available for guests to enjoy at the Park.

Cheap Things to Do in Mishawaka (IN)

1. Visit Potawatomi Zoo

You can still travel five minutes to the Potawatomi Zoo without being in a park.

In 2021, this facility marked its 100th birthday. It is Indiana’s oldest zoo. It is open from April to October during the season.

The zoo is renowned for its work in conservation. Its survival plans include more than 50 different African animal species. Lions, okapis, warthogs, and monkeys are a few of these.

Animals found in the Americas include alligators, bison, and river otters. Invertebrates, reptiles, and primates all have habitats at the learning center.

The Australian Outback, which includes a walk-through exhibit with various animals like wallabies, emus, and kookaburras, is one of the facility’s most well-liked attractions.

2. Visit the St. Joseph County 4-H Fairgrounds

It is a venue used to host various events such as fairs, festivals, and shows. The fairground is usually used to host the St. Joseph County 4-H Fair, an annual event showcasing the talents and skills of young people in the community through competitions, exhibitions, and demonstrations.

The St. Joseph County 4-H Fairgrounds provides a space for the community to come together and celebrate the achievements of its youth. Admission is free, and donations are deeply appreciated.

3. Visit Battell Park and Beach

Battell Park and Beach is a public park located in Mishawaka, Indiana.

It is situated along the St. Joseph River and offers a range of outdoor recreational activities for visitors, including swimming, fishing, hiking, picnicking, playgrounds, disc golf, and boating.

The Park features a sandy beach area, picnic areas with tables and grills, hiking trails, and a fishing pier.

It is a popular destination for residents and visitors looking to enjoy the great outdoors in a scenic and natural setting.

Cool Places to Visit in Mishawaka (IN)

1. Visit the Mishawaka Farmers Market

The Mishawaka Farmers Market is a marketplace where local farmers and vendors gather to sell their fresh produce, handmade products, and other goods directly to customers.

It is a great place to buy seasonal and locally grown produce and support local businesses and the economy.

The location and operating hours of the Mishawaka Farmers Market may vary, so it is best to check with the local government or chamber of commerce for more information.

2. Explore the Notre Dame University Campus

This is a must-see if you want to see the city fully. One of the best colleges in the nation is the University of Notre Dame, which is not far from Mishawaka’s northern border.

The University of Notre Dame is a private Catholic research university located in Notre Dame, Indiana, United States.

The university’s campus is spread across 1,250 acres and features a mix of traditional collegiate Gothic architecture and modern facilities.

Some notable buildings on campus include the Golden Dome (the main administration building), the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, DeBartolo Hall, and the Notre Dame Stadium.

You can take a guided tour of the entire facility, beginning in the Eck Visitors Center; you don’t have to be a prospective student to get permission.

The introductory tour provides information on the university’s history and daily operations, and it visits important sites such as the Basilica of the Sacred Heart (1879), the main building (1879), the Hesburgh Library (1963), and the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes (1896). (1888).

3. Visit the Legend Park

When particularly frightful events are hosted at Halloween, Legend Park is unquestionably one of Indiana’s most popular places to visit.

In the off-season, people looking for an incredible experience can also flock to this Park.
It offers a Fear Itself Tour of five haunted houses throughout the year, including Ward 13, Rat Trap, Taken, and Dark Circus.

Legend Park is the greatest spot for you if you want to experience the thrills and scream aloud. The Legend Park features a monster midway, challenge games, live entertainment, and more.

Visitors can partake in free fire pit parties, free outdoor movies, a broad selection of beers, wines, and foods, as well as Halloween activities.

4. Visit InRugCo Studio & Gift Shop

The best place in Mishakwa to find remarkable goods or presents that are made locally is InRugCo Studio & Gift Shop.

Customized aprons, area rugs, gifts, souvenirs, and pillow covers are all available from this family-run company.

The shop also provides carefully crafted items from around the globe, including specially chosen items for homes, gardens, and kitchens.

Gourmet food, jewelry, women’s clothing, kitchen supplies, garden accessories, rugs, and patio furniture are also displayed at InRugCo Studio & Gift Shop.


There are so many attractions in Mishawaka that it could be challenging to pick a favorite.

There will always be fun things to do in Mishawaka (IN). Enjoy the outdoors.

Safe travel!!

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