How Important Is My Confirmation Of Permanent Residence Document?

In case you are a permanent residence but have not been given a Permanent resident card, almost certainly, you would need to have a Confirmation of Permanent Residence record or letter to demonstrate your status at the port of section or any movement office.

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Keep and secure your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) report (recently known as Record of Landing). You certainly will require this document to apply for specific government projects and advantages in the closest future as you age in Canada.

When you read through this article you will know the importance of the confirmation of permanent residence

What is a Confirmation Of Permanent Residence

A Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292 OR IMM 5688), which is regularly abridged COPR, is an archive that new Permanent Residents get from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) either before they travel to Canada or when they land in Canada. The record is evidence of both your status in Canada at the hour of landing and the date you arrived in Canada.

What is a COPR-holder?

A Confirmation of Permanent Residence, or COPR, is a report given by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) when a movement candidate has been supported for Canadian extremely durable occupant status.

Nonetheless, before the candidate authoritatively turns into a super durable occupant, they should initiate their PR. Initiation should be possible either by making a trip to a Canadian Port of Entry (POE) or through a smoothed-out process accessible for candidates who are now in Canada. In the period between accepting their COPR and actuating their PR status, an individual is known as a COPR-holder.

Why will I want my CoPR archive?

As prior expressed above, you undoubtedly will require your CoPR archive to apply for states advantages and projects as you get comfortable in Canada.


You will require your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) reports for migration purposes. At the point when you move to Canada, as a first-time immigrant, you will be needed to introduce your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) to a migration official at the port of section.

However, you intend to enter Canada, regardless of whether via land, ocean or via air, you will meet a migration official who will request evidence of super durable occupants’ status. You will require your CoPR for entry to Canada. Without it, you will be denied a section into Canada.

Important Documents

You can likewise utilize your affirmation of super permanent residence record to apply for a Social Insurance Number when you initially show up. After arriving in Canada, one of the principal tasks you should do will be to apply for a Social Security Number (SIN).

The SIN is a 9 digit number everybody in Canada over the age of 12 should need to partake in specific government’s advantages. Any Canadian recruitment firm or manager who needs to recruit you will request your Social Security Number. You can’t work in Canada without it.

Social Benefits

At whatever point you are applying for Old Age Security Pension (OAS) you can utilize guaranteed duplicates of your CoPR report or Record of Landing (as it was recently called) as “Confirmation of Canadian Legal Status”.

Assuming Your Loose your CoPR report, What Next?

Assuming you lose your (CoPR) records, you should apply for a Verification of Landing report. The cycle for substitution might take some time, so it’s prudent to secure and keep up with your CoPR archive cautiously.


Now you can see that great importance should be placed on the confirmation of permanent residence and when you have yours, you should not lose it as it will affect you later.

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