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Does Dollar Tree Hire Felons?

Being a popular variety store, a job offer with Dollar Tree is great for reintegration, but does Dollar Tree hire felons in 2023?

This is a question you’ve probably asked if you seek a position with the brand.

Dollar Tree has no strict policy against hiring individuals with felony convictions. Securing employment can be a challenging task, especially for individuals with a criminal record.

Many businesses have policies in place that may disqualify individuals with felony convictions from certain job opportunities, but fortunately, there are other companies that are happy and willing to give felons a second chance.

In this article, we will explore whether Dollar Tree, one of the nation’s largest discount retail chains, hires felons and how they approach the hiring process for individuals with criminal records.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Does Dollar Tree Hire Felons in 2023? – Dollar Tree’s Hiring Policy

Dollar Tree is a popular retail chain that operates thousands of stores across the United States, offering various products at affordable prices.

Dollar Tree, like many other large corporations, has a defined hiring policy in place.

While the company does not openly advertise that they hire felons, they do not have a strict blanket ban on employing individuals with criminal records.

Dollar Tree, as an equal opportunity employer, considers all applicants based on their qualifications, skills, and experience rather than solely on their criminal history.

Here are some of the considerations:

1. Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Dollar Tree’s hiring policy emphasizes the importance of diversity and equal opportunity.

The company is committed to providing employment opportunities to individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or other protected characteristics.

This commitment aligns with federal and state laws that promote workplace diversity and prohibit discrimination.

Key Points

  • Dollar Tree’s commitment to diversity extends to all aspects of employment, from recruitment and hiring to promotions and benefits.
  • The company complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and provides reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities during the application process and in the workplace.

2. The Importance of Background Checks

Dollar Tree, like many employers, conducts background checks as part of its hiring process.

These checks typically include criminal history checks, employment verifications, and reference checks.

Background checks serve multiple purposes, including ensuring the safety of employees and customers and protecting the company’s assets.

Key Points

  • Dollar Tree’s use of background checks aligns with industry standards and legal requirements.
  • The company may consider factors such as the nature of the offense, the time elapsed since the offense, and the relevance of the offense to the job when hiring decisions.

3. “Ban the Box” Movement

In response to concerns about the potential barriers posed by criminal history questions on job applications, some states and localities have adopted “Ban the Box” policies.

These policies seek to delay the inquiry into an applicant’s criminal history until later in the hiring process, allowing individuals with criminal records to be considered based on their qualifications and skills first.

Key Points

  • Dollar Tree, as a national employer, complies with state and local laws regarding the use of criminal history questions on job applications.
  • “Ban the Box” policies vary by jurisdiction, so Dollar Tree’s approach may differ depending on location.

4. Inclusivity and Accommodations

Dollar Tree is committed to creating an inclusive workplace where all employees can thrive.

The company provides reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities to ensure they can perform essential job functions.

Key Points

  • Dollar Tree encourages employees to communicate their accommodation needs and seeks to provide effective solutions.
  • The company is dedicated to maintaining an inclusive and respectful work environment that values the contributions of every employee.

Dollar Tree’s hiring policy reflects its commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunity.

While the company conducts background checks as part of its hiring process, it also recognizes the importance of considering individual circumstances and providing reasonable accommodations when needed.

As Dollar Tree continues to serve communities nationwide, its hiring policy plays a pivotal role in shaping the workforce that helps deliver affordable products to millions of customers while adhering to legal and ethical standards.

5 Considerations of the Dollar Tree’s Hiring Policy

Dollar Tree, like many other companies, conducts background checks on job applicants as part of its hiring process.

While the company may be open to hiring individuals with criminal records, certain convictions may disqualify candidates depending on the severity of the crime and its relevance to the job.

The hiring decision ultimately rests with individual store managers, which can lead to inconsistencies in hiring practices across locations.

Several factors come into play when Dollar Tree reviews job applicants with felony convictions.

Some factors that may impact hiring in Dollar Tree include:

1. Nature of the Conviction: The type of felony and its relevance to the job being applied for may influence the hiring decision.

For instance, a theft-related felony may be more concerning for a cashier position than for a stock clerk role.

2. Time Passed Since Conviction: Many employers, including Dollar Tree, may consider the time that has passed since the felony conviction.

A more recent conviction might be viewed differently than one that occurred several years ago.

3. Rehabilitation and References: Demonstrated efforts at rehabilitation and strong character references can significantly improve an applicant’s chances, as they indicate a commitment to change and personal growth.

4. Legal Requirements: Dollar Tree, like all employers, must adhere to federal, state, and local laws regarding the hiring of individuals with criminal records.

Certain laws may prohibit the hiring of individuals with specific convictions for certain positions.

5. Position Applied For: The specific role being applied for can influence the hiring decision.

Positions with greater responsibility or access to financial assets may involve more stringent background checks.

4 Challenges of Employment for Felons and Solutions

The journey to reintegration into society after a criminal conviction can be incredibly challenging.

In today’s society, individuals with criminal records often face daunting obstacles when seeking employment.

One such challenge is finding opportunities at retail establishments like Dollar Tree.

While Dollar Tree may appear to be a low-barrier entry point for employment, felons often encounter a complex web of hurdles that make securing a job a formidable task.

1. Background Checks and Stigmatization

One of the most significant challenges felons face when applying to work at Dollar Tree is the pervasive use of background checks.

These checks, designed to assess an applicant’s criminal history, can be a substantial barrier to employment.

Felons often find themselves stigmatized, judged, and immediately excluded from consideration, irrespective of their qualifications or rehabilitation efforts.


  • Advocate for the “Ban the Box” movement, which promotes delaying the inquiry into an applicant’s criminal history until later in the hiring process.
  • Encourage Dollar Tree to adopt a more holistic approach to evaluating candidates, focusing on skills, experience, and rehabilitation efforts rather than past convictions.

2. Limited Job Opportunities

Dollar Tree typically offers a range of entry-level positions, including cashiers, stock clerks, and sales associates.

While these roles can be a starting point for individuals seeking employment after incarceration, they may not provide the financial stability needed to rebuild their lives.

The limited advancement opportunities within the company can be discouraging for former felons looking to secure long-term, sustainable employment.


  • Advocate for diversity and inclusion initiatives within Dollar Tree to promote the hiring of individuals with diverse backgrounds.
  • Work with local workforce development programs to create partnerships with Dollar Tree, which could lead to more job openings for felons.

3. Lack of Rehabilitation Programs

Dollar Tree, like many retail chains, often lacks adequate rehabilitation and reentry programs for individuals with criminal records.

Without these programs, felons may struggle to reintegrate into society and maintain stable employment.


  • Collaborate with Dollar Tree and local organizations to establish reentry programs that provide support, mentorship, and training for felons.
  • Encourage Dollar Tree to partner with non-profit organizations that specialize in helping individuals with criminal records find and maintain employment.

4. Inadequate Support and Supervision

Felons who secure employment at Dollar Tree may face a lack of support and supervision, which can lead to recidivism.

They may struggle to overcome work-related challenges and maintain their employment without proper guidance.


  • Advocate for Dollar Tree to implement employee assistance programs that offer support and resources to help felons succeed in their roles.
  • Encourage Dollar Tree to provide ongoing training and supervision to ensure all employees, including those with criminal records, can thrive in their positions.

4 Ways to Overcome Employment Challenges For Felons

Despite the challenges, there are strategies that individuals with criminal records can employ to increase their chances of gaining employment at Dollar Tree:

a. Honesty: Honesty is crucial when disclosing one’s criminal history during the application process.

Candidates should provide accurate information about their convictions and be prepared to explain how they have changed since their release.

b. Rehabilitation and Skill Development: Engaging in rehabilitation programs, obtaining relevant certifications, or acquiring new skills can demonstrate a commitment to personal growth and self-improvement, making candidates more attractive to potential employers.

c. Networking: Building a support network can be instrumental in finding job opportunities.

Connecting with organizations specializing in helping individuals with criminal records find employment can provide valuable resources and job leads.

d. Legal Rights: It’s essential for individuals with criminal records to be aware of their legal rights.

Some states have “Ban the Box” laws that restrict when employers can inquire about an applicant’s criminal history, allowing candidates a fairer chance to present themselves before their past is considered.

4 Important Factors That May Influence Dollar Tree’s Decision of Hiring Felons

Dollar Tree, a well-known retail chain, operates on a mission to provide affordable products to communities across the United States.

Central to this mission is the company’s hiring policy, which takes into account a variety of factors when considering applicants, including those with criminal records.

1. Legal Compliance

One of the primary factors influencing Dollar Tree’s hiring decisions regarding felons is legal compliance.

The company must adhere to federal, state, and local laws regarding the employment of individuals with criminal records.

Failure to do so can result in legal consequences.

Key Points

  • Dollar Tree conducts background checks to ensure compliance with laws that may restrict the employment of individuals with certain criminal convictions.
  • The company’s hiring practices may vary depending on the jurisdiction due to varying state and local laws.

2. Employee and Customer Safety

Dollar Tree places a high priority on the safety and security of its employees and customers.

The nature of some felony convictions may raise concerns about the potential risks posed by certain individuals in customer-facing roles or positions with access to cash and merchandise.

Key Points

  • The safety and security of employees and customers are paramount for Dollar Tree.
  • The company may assess the nature and severity of the offense, its relevance to the job, and the potential risk to determine whether an applicant with a felony conviction is suitable for a specific position.

3. Company Policies and Risk Mitigation

Dollar Tree, like many businesses, has internal policies and procedures in place to mitigate potential risks associated with hiring individuals with criminal records.

These policies are designed to balance offering opportunities to those seeking a fresh start and safeguarding the company’s interests.

Key Points

  • Dollar Tree may have specific policies outlining which felony convictions may disqualify an applicant from certain positions.
  • The company may implement risk management strategies for employees with certain convictions, such as increased supervision or access restrictions.

4. Social Responsibility and Rehabilitation

Dollar Tree recognizes its role as a corporate citizen and the importance of social responsibility.

Many companies, including Dollar Tree, are increasingly inclined to provide second chances to individuals with criminal records as part of their commitment to rehabilitation and community reintegration.

Key Points

  • Dollar Tree may consider an applicant’s efforts at rehabilitation and reintegration into society when making hiring decisions.
  • The company may partner with reentry programs and organizations to support individuals with criminal records.

Dollar Tree’s decision to hire felons is a complex process that involves navigating legal requirements, ensuring safety and security, and promoting social responsibility.

The company seeks to strike a delicate balance between offering opportunities for individuals seeking a fresh start and safeguarding its employees and customers.

As Dollar Tree continues to serve communities nationwide, its approach to hiring felons reflects its commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen and fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.

11 Sure Tips to Get a Job at Dollar Tree as a Felon

For individuals with a criminal record, securing employment can be a challenging journey.

Dollar Tree, a popular retail chain, offers opportunities for those seeking a fresh start.

And that is why we’ve provided valuable tips for felons looking to increase their chances of landing a job at Dollar Tree, a company that values diversity and inclusion.

1. Understand Dollar Tree’s Hiring Policy

Before applying, familiarize yourself with Dollar Tree’s hiring policy, which may vary by location.

This knowledge will help you navigate the application process and understand the company’s stance on hiring individuals with criminal records.

2. Honesty is Key

Be honest about your criminal record. On the job application, answer all questions truthfully.

Dollar Tree, like many employers, conducts background checks, so transparency is crucial.

3. Highlight Your Skills and Experience

Focus on your skills, qualifications, and relevant work experience.

Emphasize your strengths and abilities that make you a valuable candidate for the position you’re applying for.

4. Prepare a Conviction Explanation

Be prepared to discuss your criminal record if asked during an interview.

Explain your conviction’s circumstances, demonstrate remorse, and emphasize your commitment to rehabilitation and personal growth.

5. Seek Professional References

Gather professional references who can vouch for your character, work ethic, and dedication.

Having references that attest to your abilities and positive qualities can strengthen your application.

6. Dress and Act Professionally

Make a positive first impression by dressing appropriately for the interview.

Maintain professionalism in your appearance and behavior, showcasing your readiness to join the workforce.

7. Show Enthusiasm

Express genuine interest in the position and the company.

Research Dollar Tree’s values and culture to demonstrate your enthusiasm for becoming part of the team.

8. Focus on Entry-Level Positions

Understand that entry-level positions may be more accessible initially.

Consider starting in roles such as cashier, stock clerk, or customer service representative to gain experience and build a positive work history.

9. Embrace Training and Development

Dollar Tree often provides training opportunities for its employees.

Be open to learning and improving your skills, which can lead to advancement within the company.

10. Rehabilitation and Community Support

Seek support from rehabilitation programs, reentry organizations, and community resources that specialize in helping individuals with criminal records find employment.

These programs can offer guidance, resources, and networking opportunities.

11. Stay Persistent and Positive

The job search can be challenging, but persistence pays off.

Stay positive and resilient, continuously applying to positions and refining your interview skills.


Dollar Tree has no strict policy against hiring individuals with felony convictions.

While they do not openly advertise their stance on this issue, they evaluate applicants on a case-by-case basis, considering the nature of the conviction, the time that has passed since the conviction, rehabilitation efforts, and the specific position applied for.

While securing employment with a felony record may be challenging, Dollar Tree and other companies offer opportunities for those who demonstrate their readiness for a fresh start.

Should you have more questions about Dollar Tree hiring felons, leave them in the comments below.

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