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27 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bardstown (KY)

Check out fun things to do in Bardstown (KY) on your next trip here. Though a small city, it is everything you’d ever want for an ideal vacation.

Known as the “Bourbon Capital of the World” because of its unique production of whiskey. Located right in the heart of Kentucky, Bardstown is considered one of the smallest but full of historical sites and other attractions you’d love.

Explore Bardstown’s beautiful parks, museums, shopping centers, antique shops, and restaurants with loved ones while you’re here.

Pin our checklist of things to do in Bardstown (KY) as you travel:

Fun Things To Do In Bardstown (KY)

1. Join the Bardstown Ghost Trek

What’s a vacation without some thrill? Don’t miss out on a fun ghost trek while you’re here. It is spooky but fun.

The ghost trek takes you to some supposed scary places in town to hunt ghosts. Your tour guide will also tell some even scarier stories about the history of ghosts in each place you visit.

If you’re up for an exciting ghost-hunting adventure, visit the Bardstown Ghost Trek, and bring your camera or recording device to capture every moment.

Address: Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

2. Visit Fine Arts Bardstown Society

The Fine Arts Bardstown Society is home to numerous professional artists that teach young local talents how to be creative and bring their ideas to life.

The Arts Society showcases artwork created by their artists, such as ceramics, fiber art, stained glass, photography, wearable art, sculpture, paintings and drawings, stained glass, etc.

They also offer guided tours as well, so you can take a tour of the facility and admire its beautiful and unique pieces. There’s something for everyone here, don’t forget to leave with a souvenir.

Address: 90 Court Square, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

3. Go Fishing at Sympson Lake

Why not go on boat rides or try fishing while you’re here? Sympson Lake offers you all these.

Its boat ramp is still a popular fishing spot, and you can find plenty of anglers daily as there are so many fish you can find here, like largemouth bass and scavenger, canyon catfish, and white sparrow.

However, it would be best if you were careful as there are local laws and restrictions, especially with fishing.

Address: Kentucky 40004, USA

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Things To Do In Bardstown (KY) At Night

1. Grab Some Whiskey at the Willett Distilling Company

Get the best whiskey in town here. It’s been the people’s choice for quite a while now.

Willett organizes tours, giving you the opportunity to see and experience the production process of these whiskeys.

Take advantage of this while you’re here. Sit out and have a glass of the best whiskeys you can get in town. Come along with friends, as these things are best shared.

Address: 1869 Loretto Rd, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

2. Visit the Famous Wickland, Home of Three Governors

This huge three-story Georgian mansion served as the warm residence of three governors; two from Kentucky and one from Louisiana.

The mansion is an architectural beauty and masterpiece, with many rooms built in classical ways.

The kitchen itself is two-story and consists of equipment. There is also a library, a large living room, and a sufficiently spacious attic.

Tours of the mansion are allowed, where you get to see what luxury was like then. Don’t miss it. Come with a camera for pictures as the interiors are just lovely.

Address: 550 Bloomfield Rd, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

3. Taste the Famous Jim Beam Whisky at the Jim Beam American Stillhouse

Jim Beam is a very famous whiskey brand because of its perfectly distilled and quality liquor.

It is also quite popular among tourists, as many international visitors flock here yearly; they do this for a reason, and you should check it out yourself.

The brewery also offers guided tours too, where a tour guide takes you around the facility showing you the process of whiskey making. There are various flavors to choose from, no matter your taste.

It is a must-visit for good drinks.

Address: 568 Happy Hollow Rd, Clermont, KY 40110, United States

Things To Do In Bardstown (KY) For Couples

1. Make a Trip to the Women’s Civil War Museum

The Women’s Civil War Museum tells so much about the great sacrifices women made during the Civil War and how hard they fought to survive. Women were instrumental in journalism, medicine, suffrage, military service, writing, the arts, and much more. Women were involved in the entire process.

The museum carries out many exhibitions and has numerous historical artifacts, like guns, Confederate swords, cannons, union uniforms, and several others.

You should check them out. Tours are allowed too.

Address: 204 E Broadway St, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

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2. Shop at the Rusty Rooster

Why not go on a shopping spree while you’re in town? Shop around and find everything you need at Rusty Rooster.

It is your go-to place when you need to get anything. It is popular for this. They always have something each time you come.

Their collection is rich, neat, and orderly; you wouldn’t have a hard time searching for what you want because of this organization.

Their prices are quite affordable as well, so you wouldn’t have to spend so much.

Address: 620 Bloomfield Rd, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

3. Grab a Meal at Mammy’s Kitchen & Bar

Visit Mammy’s Kitchen & Bar for a good meal while you’re here. It is a high-end restaurant.

Their menu ranges from steak and eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, ribeye, country breakfast, chicken salad, and much more.

They offer breakfast and brunch. So stop by for a nice meal.

The exciting about this place is that their prices are reasonably fair and affordable. You should check it out.

Address: 116 W Stephen Foster Ave, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

Things To Do In Bardstown (KY) For Kids

1. My Old Kentucky Dinner Train

Dining on a train has to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life! Bardstown offers this as the Kentucky Dinner Train is perfectly set up for this purpose.

You travel through the Kentucky countryside while having the best meals there. There are also lighter dishes like cheeseburgers, pan-seared pork tenderloin, salted caramel cheesecakes, roasted corn, Mahi Mahi, ribs, apple dumplings, and much more.

Apart from the fantastic food, the view of the outside environment when you look out the window is refreshingly full of beautiful wildlife, hiking trails, and trees.

Address: 602 N 3rd St, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

2. Bardstown Community Park

Let the kids play at this great park with lots of pieces of equipment perfectly suited for fun for kids. It has a large playground space as well.

There are also basketball and volleyball courts where they can try their hands at the sport, picnic tables for family time, and rocking horses too.

The park is also perfect for lazy walks and hiking as the trails are beautiful and stretch really long. Take the kids here for some great family time. They will love it.

Address: 407 E Halstead Ave, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

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3. Visit My Old Kentucky Home State Park

My Old Kentucky Home State Park is It is a great place to visit, with beautiful trees and lush green grass.

The mansion itself is majestic, with many fascinating details. It is also possible to picnic and watch birds on the palace grounds.

The State Park also allows for tours, so you can take advantage of this and allow a tour guide to take you around the building, showing and telling you the stories behind the beautiful interior, rooms, and each piece of furniture.

Address: 501 E Stephen Foster Ave, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

Indoor Activities To Do In Bardstown (KY) For Adults

1. Learn About the Civil War at the Old Bardstown Village Civil War Museum

The Old Bardstown Village Civil War Museum is one of the largest museums in town.

It houses original artifacts that tell the stories of the battles between the Gulf of Mexico and Georgia, Union forces and the Confederacy, and between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River.

Part of the museum’s gallery also showcases artifacts relating to post accounts of slavery, cavalry, politics, navy, infantry, and artillery during the war period.

It is the perfect place to learn about civil.

Address: 310 E Broadway St, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

2. Catch Some Fun at Bardstown Bowling Center

Bowling is fun when you play with family and friends, giving you a fantastic bonding experience.

Bardstown Bowling Center has a place where you don’t get only to bowl but also to eat delicious food and tasty drinks.

Competitions are usually organized, so you can participate in one that you fit in.

The bowling center is also perfect for events, even at night. You shouldn’t miss the fun.

Address: 5518 Bardstown Rd, Fern Creek, KY 40291, United States

3. Meditate at the Basilica of St. Joseph Proto-Cathedral

The proto-cathedral of the St. Joseph Basilica is the mother church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bardstown.

It is a very charming church with beautiful interiors, very comfortable for meditation. It is decorated with beautiful paintings and colored glass windows, and much more around the church.

The church was built in the early 19th century; it is more of an ancient relic that holds many stories. You should visit.

Address: 310 W Stephen Foster Ave, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

Romantic Things To Do In Bardstown (KY)

1. Shop at Bardstown Peddlers Mall

Don’t just shop; shop in a fancy shop like Peddlers Mall. It has everything you can look for, from antiques, and collectibles, to vintage items, furniture, and more.

Their customer service is excellent, helping you as you shop.

There also is an active online presence, so you wouldn’t have to leave your house if you don’t want to; it is also affordable, and you can’t beat their rates! Don’t miss this chance.

Address: 1020 Granite Dr, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

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2. Check Out Beautiful Displays at Bardstown Art Gallery

The beauty of the pieces here cannot be really described, as they are just lovely! You should see them yourself.

The Bardstown Art Gallery focuses on authentic watercolor or oil paintings but also puts up exhibitions displaying woodcuts, drawings, ceramics, collages, and etchings.

Don’t miss a thing. Take advantage of the guided tour the oldest private museum in town offers, and come with a camera as the interior is just perfect for pictures; a beautiful backdrop.

Address: 214 W Stephen Foster Ave, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

3. Go Winetasting at McIntyre’s Winery

Taste the best wines there are in town. McIntyre’s Winery offers sweet fruit wines made from locally grown blackberries and blueberries.

No matter your preference, there’s something for everyone, as they have various flavors you can choose from. You’ll love one or two.

Tours are also allowed, where you get to see firsthand how these tasty wines are made. You even have the opportunity to buy directly from here, not missing out on the part where you get to taste numerous flavors of wines.

Address: 531 McIntyre Ln, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

Free Things To Do In Bardstown (KY)

1. Take a Walk Along the Historic Cobblestone Path

The cobbled path may sound dull and unexciting to most people, but the moment you visit it, you will understand how unique this place is.

The Historic Cobblestone Path is a path steeped in history; it is perfect for hiking and lazy walks. This path has been there for numerous decades. Being here is part of history.

It is allowed for pedestrian walking only; no vehicular movement is allowed. The path is surrounded by green, lush, and beautiful nature.

You should come with a camera to capture the moment.

Address: 209 E Broadway St, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

2. Attend the Annual Kentucky Bourbon Festival

Don’t miss the chance to interact and mingle. Attend the annual Kentucky Bourbon Festival. It is a 4-day festival where thousands of people gather to dine and drink bourbon.

This festival has tons of fun activities, such as whiskey and bourbon tasting, concerts by famous artists, the World Bourbon Barrel Championship Relay, food, and craft vendors, and much more.

The Kentucky Bourbon Festival was created to honor the state’s art and history of bourbon and whiskey distillation.

Address: 114 N 5th St, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

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3. Take a Walk at the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest

The Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest is a public park with beautiful conifers, pines, and carefully carved tall bronze statues.

The vast research forest hosts many events and festivals, such as the annual ColorFest, Bloomfest, and CONNECT, all celebrating science and nature.

It would be best if you visited, it is a beautiful sight.

Address: 2075 Clermont Rd, Clermont, KY 40110, United States

Cheap Things To Do In Bardstown (KY)

1. Make a Stop at the Blind Pig Bourbon Market

For delicious bourbon and all things bourbon-related, Blind Pig Bourbon Market is the best place to go.

Visit Blind Pig Bourbon to get glasses, bottles, and other bourbon-themed items. The staff here are up to date and could suggest just the type of wine you need.

They also sell bourbon food, decanters, candies, hats, and more. You should visit.

Address: 212 N 3rd St, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

2. Have Lunch at the Old Talbott Tavern

Want a restaurant that offers excellent drinks and fantastic food? The Old Talbott Tavern offers you just that.

Their menu ranges from veggie burgers, roasts, bourbon chicken with grits, and much more.

You can also choose from their incredible drinks menu, including fine wines, beers, spirits, and cocktails. Old Talbott is one of the best places to chill out and listen to live music most evenings.

It is also suitable for kids as well. The atmosphere is serene

Address: 107 W Stephen Foster Ave, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

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3. Taste Authentic Bourbon at Heaven Hill Distilleries

You can be sure to get the best whiskey while you’re here, and Heaven Hill Distilleries ranks high on that list.

Go on tours, explore, and have fun at the facility. Drinks here are quite cheap and affordable. You also get the chance to learn more about the process of wine-making.

Don’t forget to buy a bottle or two to take home for you and your friends.

Address: 1311 Gilkey Run Rd, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

Cool Places To Visit In Bardstown (KY)

1. Shaq & Coco

Get beautiful furniture, jewelry, and clothing at Shaq & Coco. The shop is beautifully decorated with different sections for each of these items, so searching for what you want doesn’t have to take long.

There are different brands of clothes here, patterns and designs.

Here, you can also shop for high-quality shoes and other gift items.

Address: 111 N 3rd St, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

2. Spalding Hall

Spalding Hall is an educational center that teaches local whiskey history. It has various whiskey artifacts from decades back.

It was turned into a museum with numerous historical artifacts. Entry is totally free, so you don’t have to bother about entry fees.

There is also an in-house gift shop where you can get gift items for your loved ones, more like souvenirs.

It is open Tuesday through Sunday.

Address: 114 N 5th St, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

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3. The Original Lincoln Home

This was the former president’s home. It has a well-stocked kids’ playground where kids can have a great time. It also has a golf course, in case you want to try your hand at that.

The surrounding is nothing short of beautiful, with lush green vegetation around. The house was integrated into the national park system two decades ago.

They allow for guided tours; you should be a part of them. The interiors are really beautiful. It could pass as a perfect backdrop for great pictures. It is ideal for family hangouts.

Address: 7120 Bardstown Rd, Hodgenville, KY 42748, United States


This small town may not be overly glamorous or on the news, but it does have charming features that attract tourists worldwide.

From green spaces to bars, shopping malls, historical monuments and museums, lakes for boat rides, fishing, kayaking, and hiking trails, your vacation here will surely be memorable.

A fun time awaits you in Bardstown. Start planning your trip already. Let’s know in the comments below which of the attractions in our checklist interests you the most.

Happy vacation!

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