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Does Ulta Drug Test?

One of the questions many applicants are likely to ask if they consider working with Ulta is, does Ulta drug test new workers in 2023?

It’s an important one, and yes, you should know about Ulta’s pre-employment process so you prepare accordingly.

Ulta Beauty is one of the biggest beauty retailers in the United States and is not an exemption from the rest of the companies that conduct drug testing.

For most employers like Ulta, the safety of staff, customers, and goods is paramount, and one way to keep that is through drug testing,

Read on as we unravel Ulta’s drug testing policies and provide you with the necessary information you need to know before applying to increase your chances of getting hired.

Does Ulta Drug Test New Workers In 2023: How Does It Work?

Drug testing at Ulta is not a one-size-fits-all practice.

The types of drug testing employed by the company can vary based on the specific role, location, and other factors.

Ulta’s drug test is carried out in various stages, which include:

1. Pre-Employment Drug Testing

This is one of the most common types of drug testing at Ulta.

When you apply for a position with the company, you may be required to undergo a pre-employment drug test.

This typically happens after you have received a conditional job offer.

The test is designed to ensure that new employees are drug-free before joining the company.

Usually, Entry-level workers are not drug tested, but they could be.

2. Random Drug Testing

Ulta may implement random drug testing for employees, particularly those in safety-sensitive positions or roles involving the operation of heavy machinery.

Random drug tests are conducted periodically and without prior notice.

This practice is aimed at maintaining a drug-free workplace and ensuring the safety of all employees.

You are not likely to be randomly tested, but it has happened before, so it is better you stay drug-free.

3. Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

Suppose Ulta has a reasonable suspicion that an employee is using drugs or is under the influence of drugs while on the job.

They may require employees to undergo a drug test.

This type of testing is conducted based on observed behavior, such as erratic conduct, impaired performance, or other indicators.

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4. Post-Accident Drug Testing

In the event of a workplace accident or incident, Ulta may require employees involved to undergo drug testing.

This is especially common for accidents that result in injury, property damage, or significant disruptions to operations.

Employees may be required to undergo drug testing to ascertain if they were under the influence of any drug when the incident took place.

3 Types of Drug Testing to Expect at Ulta

Drug testing at Ulta is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The types of drug tests used by the company can vary.

Usually, there are two main commonly used drug tests, while the latter is used occasionally, but it is not common.

1. Urinalysis

Urine drug tests are the most common method used by Ulta for drug screening.

This non-invasive method detects the presence of drugs and their metabolites in the urine.

Pre-employment drug testing often involves urine samples, where candidates provide samples for analysis.

2. Oral Fluid Testing

In some cases, Ulta may utilize oral fluid or saliva drug testing.

This method is less invasive than urine testing and provides quicker results.

It is often used for reasonable suspicion testing or post-accident testing when immediate results are necessary.

3. Hair Follicle Testing

Hair follicle testing is less common but may be used for specific roles or under certain circumstances.

This method can detect drug use over a longer period, as drugs can be detected in hair for several months.

5 Key Steps to Ulta’s Hiring Process

Drug testing at Ulta is not uniform for all positions; it varies depending on the role, location, and individual circumstances.

To shed light on when drug testing typically occurs, let’s examine the primary stages of Ulta’s hiring process:

1. Online Application: The journey to becoming an Ulta employee often starts with submitting an online application through the company’s website or a job portal.

At this stage, applicants generally do not undergo drug testing.

2. Interview: Upon reviewing applications, Ulta may invite candidates for interviews.

These interviews can be conducted in-store or at corporate offices and primarily focus on assessing the applicant’s qualifications, skills, and suitability for the position.

Again, drug testing is not usually conducted during this stage.

3. Conditional Offer: If an applicant impresses the hiring team and is selected for the position, they may receive a conditional offer of employment.

It’s at this point that drug testing may become a requirement.

Ulta often includes a drug test as one of the conditions that must be met before finalizing the hiring process.

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4. Background Check: In addition to drug testing, Ulta typically conducts background checks on potential employees, especially for positions that involve financial responsibilities, handling sensitive information, or working in security-sensitive areas.

5. Orientation and Training: Once a candidate successfully clears the conditional offer stage, they will proceed with orientation and training.

This is the phase where new employees are introduced to Ulta’s culture, policies, and job-specific responsibilities.


While Ulta may not drug test every applicant, most may be required to undergo pre-employment drug testing.

Also, applicants for certain roles may be more likely to face drug testing as part of the hiring process and while on the job.

It’s important to know the policies at specific Ulta locations and make informed decisions accordingly.

Before applying for a job at Ulta, it’s important to know the policies at specific locations and make informed decisions accordingly.

Generally, you must be prepared to comply with any requirements that may be in place regarding drug testing.

Good luck!

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