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How to Apply for Global Talent Stream Canada (GTS)

Global Talent Stream was introduced in June 2017 and through the help of this scheme, over 40,000 people have migrated to Canada. Every year, Canada is in search of highly skilled individuals.

Among all the new workers in Canada, almost 24,000 of them are highly proficient workers in occupations such as software engineering, computer programming, information system analysis, and others.

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What is the Global Talent Stream?

The Global Talent Stream (GTS) is a two-year pilot program that was established via an affiliation between refugees and Citizenship Canada, Immigration, and Employment and Social Development Canada.

Global Talent Stream has assisted a definite number of Canadian employers to employ skilled workers from outside the shore of Canada enabling them to compete on different scales globally.

Different Types of Global Talent Stream

Among the different initiatives, Global Talent Stream institutes a two-week standard which can be used in the processing of work permit applications and temporary resident visa for highly skilled workers. The Global Talent Stream is among the Temporary Foreign Worker Program we have in Canada and there are two different categories for Global Talent Stream.

Category A

We have companies with high growth that can show a need to employ workers with distinct specialized talent from other countries. An employer in this category has to refer to the Global Talent Stream through an elected referral partner.

In June 2019, there were several lists of elected designated referral partners for Canadian employers situated outside Quebec.

Examples of these companies are: Accelerate Okanagan, Cape Breton Partnership, Economic Development Winnipeg, Government of Alberta, Alberta Labour, BC Tech Association, Canadian Economic Development for Quebec Regions, Business Development Bank of Canada, Global Affairs Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service, Government of Manitoba, Manitoba Education and Training, Edmonton Economic Development, and others.

Category B

This category is for an employer who is in search to hire a definite highly talented foreign worker for any occupations which are available on the Global Talent Occupations List which have been valued to be in high demand and for which there is no domestic worker available. The list can be restructured occasionally to meet labour market demands.

Examples of these occupations are Computer programmers, Computer Network technicians, interactive media developers, Software engineers, Information systems analysts and consultants, Computer and information systems managers, Information systems testing technicians, and others.

Global Talent Stream Eligibility

You might be eligible for Category A of the Global Talent Stream if there is a probability you have been referred to the Global Talent Stream by any of the following Stream’s selected partners that you are employing a special talent.


You might be qualified for Category B in the Global Talent Stream if you are in search of employing a talented foreign worker to occupy the positions which are found on the list of Global Talent Stream. A referral is not needed to be entitled to category B.

As an employer who wants to apply via the Global Talent Stream, you need to adhere to the program requirement and also keep the rules and regulations.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program has procedures in place to evaluate and make sure the employer complies with these basic requirements and any employers who fail to comply will face the consequences.

Global Talent Stream Requirements/Documents

The Global Talent Stream has been designated to help Canadian employers hire highly talented workers who will assist them to compete on other international scales. The Global Talent Stream runs on two different categories, and these two categories have their own special requirements such as

  • Processing Fee: Employers who are applying to the Global Talent Stream must make sure to submit a $1000 CAD application fee.
  • Business Legitimacy: Employers, who apply to Global Talent Stream, together with other applicants to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, have to submit their documentation showing the authenticity of their business.
  • Labour Market Benefits Plan: Based on the fact that GTS has been established to help Canadian companies to withstand competition with other countries, all the employers applying to the Global Talent Stream must endeavour to work with Employment and Social Development Canada in order to develop a Labour Market Benefits Plan that will showcase their business activities and its impact.

Global Talent Stream Application

The Global Talent Stream gives timely, predictable, and responsive client-focused service in order to assist you to gain access to talented global talent to increase the workforce in Canada and to remain relevant in the international market. Before you apply for a Global Talent Stream you need to:

  • Understand the different streams for employing temporary foreign workers.
  • Make sure you are aware of the program requirements for the different categories of Global Talent Stream.
  • You have to cancel all the original applications before you can reapply under the new stream.
  • The processing fee will not be refunded and cannot be conveyed to your new application.

Global Talent Stream Application Process?

Any applicant must consult the applicant guide of Global Talent Stream which offers full details in helping someone implement his or her application. The Global Talent Stream Application should have the following:

  • Proof of business to show authenticity.
  • Additional occupation if applicable.
  • The Global Talent Stream application form.

After this, an applicant should sign, and send his or her application form together with all the necessary documentation and the processing fee should be sent through the data getaway portal which is available for the application of Global Talent Stream.

Your application for the Global Talent Stream application is prepared for submission when you have:

  • Made use of the current version of application forms.
  • Filled in all the necessary details.
  • Include all the mandatory documentation.
  • Signed all application forms.
  • Pay the processing fee payment together with the application.

Processing Time for Global Talent Stream

The application of Global Talent Stream is being processed within 10 business days. If the application becomes successful, the employer will get a positive LMIA which permits the foreign worker to get a work permit. The work permit applications are submitted for a Global Talent Stream position must also meet the requirements for the processing time.

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