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Golden Touch Transportation (10 jobs)

Golden Touch Transportation has been seen to be one of the leading transportation services in New York, with the effective and efficient delivery of their services.

More about Golden Touch Transportation will be talked about and you will get to know some key positions in GTT.

About Golden Touch Transportation

Golden touch transportation of New York is a company that was formed in 2008 and is owned by Tom Herrschaft. And its line of business includes arrangements and assembling of tours for sale through travel agents.

The company stands on establishing public transport as a benchmark for mobility. They believe that private cars can be replaced to achieve zero commission travel and remove traffic jams.

In order for them to achieve these goals, their service offers an entirely good focus on meeting their passengers’ requirements. And this can be done by understanding their expectations that they can offer innovative service, tailored to the needs of the passengers and guarantee safety and comfort.

What does GTT offer

Golden Touch Transportation is the supplier of over 97 commercial air carriers.

Golden Touch Transportation gives ground transportation services that. are within the tri-state like New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area with a diversified fleet of vehicles.

It also gives rental services that are fast and reliable throughout the New York area.

Why you should use  Golden Touch Transportation?

Simple and Quick Reservations Online, Phone, or Mobile Device.

Book SuperShuttle and other Low-Cost transportation providers.

Customer Service – Call us on the phone and speak with a real person.

Our rates match or beat any other website.

Golden Touch Transportation Salaries

An average employee earns about $40,775 as an average yearly salary, although there are different salaries that are attached to the positions given.

The bigger the positions the bigger the pay such as owner/operator, business development manager, sales representative, and others. To understand better the salaries in Golden Touch Transportation roles such as waitress, personal care worker is also considered very well.

Here are some salaries based on Job Title:



Business Development Manager


Sales Representative


Sweater Designer


Account Executive


Network Administrator


Compliance Specialist


Data Entry Associate




Design Technician


Assistant Designer




Catering Associate


Production Coordinator


Operations Coordinator


Graphic Artist


Transportation Driver


Office Manager


Bus Driver





The GTT is known for its transportation and is an amazing company that can you can work with and there are various jobs offered with their salaries attached to them.

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