How to Apply For International Mobility Program Canada

In most situations, to employ a foreign temporary worker through the International Mobility Program, a fee has to be paid and the offer of employment is being submitted to the Employer Portal.

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Definite employers are also exempted from this because foreign temporary workers in Canada can also obtain an open work permit. The purpose of this is to allow a temporary worker to make use of this International Mobility Program to get a work permit at their point of entry

International Mobility Program

What is the International Mobility Program?

The International Mobility Program is a program that permits employers to employ a foreign citizen to occupy a temporary position due to shortages of skills without passing through a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Under this program, there is an open work permit that can allow an individual to work for whichever employer that is available for a precise period of time frame.

However, an open restricted work permit can act as a restriction to occupation or location but not to the Canadian employer. The open work permit is only given to a foreign citizen who is being exempted from a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

A foreign citizen can also file an application for an open work permit outside the border of Canadian, at the point of entry or after getting to Canada, depending on the International Mobility Program.

The Benefit of Creating an International Mobility Program

In the world today, there is a scarcity of talented or skilled individuals and this is the reason many skilled employees or workers want opportunities from other western countries. The International Mobility Program has kept on increasing in its scope and importance. Statically, 90% of companies in the world want to expand their International Mobility Programs by taking it to other countries around the globe.

The International Mobility Program is typically the means a company can use to send its employees to other western countries. These programs range from simple to sophisticated ones. International Mobility Program also resolves issues that concern the interests of the company and employee.

Examples of these issues are tax, payroll processes, compliance with employment law, and others. The following is a list of benefits of creating an International Mobility Program:

  • It mitigates and addresses different risks.
  • It pinpoints the weakness and strength of the company.
  • It helps foreign employees to carry out easy relocation.
  1. It mitigates and addresses different risks

The unwanted stress or risk one has to go through is eliminated. This has also helped to increase the success rate of any international assignment, and also raising employee enthusiasm for future purposes. An effective international mobility program will make sure the company adheres to the rules and regulations installed by the governments.

It can also discover the merits and demerits of a business traveller who travels regularly, therefore, cutting down the risks that are involved. The employees can only work for a short time in any foreign country of his or their choice. This can also be determined by the time the employee activates an obligation so that the company can follow the right decision.

  1. It pinpoints the weakness and strength of the company

The International Mobility Program helps in assessing the weakness and strengths of the company. It acts as a determinant factor for the company to know whether they have to transfer any employee. The permanent transfer of any employee is a big one for any big company that demands a detailed business plan.

For instance, if the company is considering a permanent transfer, a foreign employer has to think about whether he is going to invest in a tax-equalization payment package for his or her employee.

The tax-equalization is always a costly one, and a cost of more than two to five times the annual salary of an employee. The company has to increase in its strength by financing the cost of living allowance in the following areas such as company car and house

  1. It helps foreign employees to carry out easy relocation

An International Mobility Program helps in the movement of an employee to another foreign country. Employees who are under the International Mobility Program have a different number of logistical works that are involved in their relocation. An effective Internal Mobility Program will direct employees through this logistical path.

Some of these important challenges which are sometimes overlooked are child and spouse related, which includes dependent visa applications, healthcare, school choice, and spouse work options.

In addition to this, foreign employers can consider other employee compensation which includes the cost of living and other benefits.

Occupations Covered By the International Mobility Program

The following is a list of courses covered by IMP:

Accountant, Architect, Agriculturist, Astronomer, Biologist, Biochemist, Computer Systems Analyst, Dentist, Engineer, Geochemist, Forester, Hotel Manager, Horticulturist, Interior Designer, Industrial Designer, Lawyer, Landscape Architect, Mathematician, Meteorologist, Oceanographer, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist, Pharmacist, Research Assistant, Range Conversationalist, Soil Scientist, Technical Publications Writer, Urban Planner, Veterinarian, Zoologist, and others.

International Mobility Program Eligibility

Hiring a foreign citizen through an International Mobility Program has to do with the payment of an employer compliance fee of $230. If an employer wants to hire an open work permit holder he or she doesn’t have to pay the fee.

There are some other fee-exemption positions which include those covered by a certain research position, religious work, and non-trade agreement.

The job provided through the assistance of the International Mobility Program must be paid through the portal of the employer. It is a must for the employer to have a registered profile to make use of the Employer Portal.

Comprehensive detail of the job being provided must be filled into the employer portal such as a list of duties, education requirements, wages, and benefits.

The information filled can possibly be used in the federal government compliance audit of an employee. The foreign employer who is submitting a job offer will obtain an offer of employment number. The foreign worker needs this number to process his or her work permit application

International Mobility Program Application Requirements

In 2014, the Canadian government declared changes to its Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TWFP), which includes restructuring the TWFP into different programs such as

  • TFWP: This demands an LMIA and is being led by an Employment and Skills Development Canada; and
  • International Mobility Program: The LMIA is an exemption and is being led by citizenship and Immigration Canada.

While the stipulated fee for International Mobility Program was introduced on February 21, 2015. This states that a compliance fee of $230 has to be paid.

Processing Time for International Mobility Program

If you are filing an application online for the International Mobility Program, the process is going to be within two weeks. There are some rules or steps to follow during the processing period and here they are:

  • Go to the site and click the work permit application.
  • Choose an online application.
  • Choose the region of application.
  • Download the document required for the application. Examples of these required documents that might change depending on the region will be biometrics and police certificates.


International Mobility Program has helped many employees to relocate from one region to another. On the other hand, employers have been able to employ foreign workers through this program. For you to have that eligibility, you must be able to pay the compliance fee.

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