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ITA Sponsor Form – Sample and Example

What is an ITA sponsor form is usually one of the first questions most newcomers ask after the various steps they’ve surmounted just to get their dream come to the reality of you residing in beautiful Canada, there is a final stage that once completed. They have a straight ticket to your land of dreams.

What is an Invitation to Apply (ITA)

The invitation to Apply is also referred to as the electronic Application for permanent residence (eAPR). This is the final stage for the express entry program, it gives the documents that support the details that are listed in your initial Express Entry Profile.

How do I get an Invitation to Apply (ITA)?

For you to be able to attain the ITA, you need to first submit the Express Entry Profile. After that, you will then be able to enter the pool of candidates and rank using the comprehensive ranking system CRS.

The CSR is a merit-based point system that is skilled to assign scores to each candidate in the Express Entry Profile

Any candidate that is highly ranked will be them asked to submit eAPR. Upon submission, when approve the applicant and the dependent family involved in the application will be granted Canadian permanent residence.

What happens after I get an Invitation to Apply (ITA)?

When you have received the ITA, you will then be given 60 days to prepare and submit the eAPR in Canada.

This application is submitted through the immigration, refugee, and citizenship Canada online portal. Applicants will then be asked to scan and submit copies of all the required documents.

The IRCC says that 80% of eAPR are processed within the time frame of 6 months or probably earlier from the date of submission.

And then if the applicant is then selected, the applicant and any other family members that were listed in the application will be issued a visa that allows them to travel to Canada Port of Entry POE in order for them to obtain their permanent resident Documents.

After getting your Canadian permanent resident, the individual will then be educated on the PR requirements to make sure they remain eligible to renew their permanent residence card.

What documents do I need for my eAPR?

The required documents that. are needed for eAPR are those that are in line with the qualification claim in your Express Entry Profile as well as proof that you are not inadmissible to Canada.

If these documents can’t be provided, then you need to provide a letter of explanation that will state your reason for not being able to provide them. It is important to mention the attempt that you have put in getting the missing documents and to provide an alternative.

The documents that are you be submitted need to be in either French or English, but in the case where they are not it is important to get a certified translator who will translate the documents.

The documents that are required are:

  • Identity and civil status documents
  • Language test results
  • Work experience documents
  • Education document
  • Medical examination confirmation
  • Police clearance certificates
  • Photos
  • Government processing fees
  • Provincial nomination
  • Proof of relation
  • Offer of employment

How long does it take to receive an ITA?

IRCC normally issues draws for Express Entry applicants, and if you are highly ranked you can then expect your ITA in days or a few weeks. And if you are not selected right away, then your profile will still remain active in the Express Entry pool for 12 months.

And if then you haven’t been selected after several months, then you have the option of looking for ways to boost your CRS score. You might want to consider retaking the language test or looking into the provincial nominations program.

Can my family members be included in an eAPR application?

Yes, certain family members can be included in the eAPR application. this can either be your spouse or dependent children who are under the age of 22.

Children who are over the age of 22 but have a defect as a result of physical or mental condition, they too can be included in the eAPR application.

How much does it cost to submit an eAPR?

The cost depends on the applicant’s family size and the number of countries they have lived in and also if documents need to be translated.

Here is a rundown of the cost:

Principal Applicant: $1325
Spouse: $1325
Dependent children: $225/child
Biometrics: $85/person
Medical examination fees: average cost – $450/adult & $250/child
Police clearance certificates: average cost – $100/country.

How long will an application take to process once an eAPR has been submitted?

The processing of files differs and is also dependent on various factors. For some application that is submitted via Express Entry pool, the IRCC tend to process the documents within 6 months.

ITA Sponsor Form Sample PDF

Form 1
Form 2


The journey of getting to Canada had never been easy but the proper guidelines that were present it has made the journey easy and ITA is the final stage that once completed with the right documents it will be a success for you

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