How to Prove Intent to Return Home After Studying in the US

When applying for a U.S student visa, it is expected of you to submit a letter of intent to return back to your home country when you are done with your study for students who get admission into any of the institutions of learning like college or university.

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It’s safe to say that the U.S is at the top of the game in student for foreign students because it’s has a certain receptiveness to foreigners and also its multicultural society.

The U.S government advises that unless it is stated, foreign Students are supposed to return to their country once they are done with their study the proof or letter of intent to return home after study is a must requirement for an F1 or M1 student visa.

How to compile Documents to Prove Intent to Return Home after Studying in the U.S.

When you go through an interview at the U.S embassy, one frequent question that will be asked is “are you going to return back home after you are done with your studies in the U.S.

Some persons feel that saying Yes is just enough for them to let you off the hook, but it is not that simple because people say yes and deep down they really want to stay especially when they have had a taste of it, which goes against their initial statement, so you have to be very persuasive.

The US authority is in some ways sure that most persons say what they don’t mean and would want to stay back in the country, and you can’t blame them because it is true most times.

There are some details that have to be on the ground for you to be able to convince the representative of the government at the embassy that truly you intend on going back to your country when you are done.

Some of the details are about your families, home, employment status, achievement, future plans, as soon as you are done with your studies and others too.

There are some documents that you need to compile and submit while you are doing your visa interview at the embassy they are:

  • A proof of intent letter stating in a few articulate sentences how your degree or course you intend to study in the U.S would be of relevance to you when you finish studying and return to your home country.
  • A sworn affidavit by your parents or guardian which contains the names of all the members of your family residing in your home country. The sworn affidavit would also contain their details to prove that the family members are all well settled in your home country.
  • A sworn statement by them that you would return to your home country when you are done with studies would give you an edge.
  • Submit copies of deeds of property that your family or you own which are located in your home country such as houses, lands, businesses, shops e.t.c
  • A copy of your rental agreement over a long period of time which shows stability
  • Documents proving you have started a family such as marriage and birth certificates who have left behind and further strengthens your ties to your home country.
  • Documents proving your employment history or having a business such as a valid business license, salary history, a recommendation letter from your boss
  • Documents to prove how relevant and viable the course you intend to study is in your home country such as official statistics or a letter from employees who would have you once you graduate.
  • Copies of your bank statements to prove your financial reliability in your home country. If you don’t have a job yet because you are still young, do well to open accounts to further strengthen ties your home country which you can sight in your letter of intent to return.

furthermore, it is not compulsory to leave your spouse and kids behind, or even have them but if you do and you would be leaving them as a result of your study you can use that to strengthen your case.

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