27 Best & Fun Things To Do In Logan Utah

Logan is a town in Cache County, Utah. The area has a population of over 50,000, but the open view prevents the city from feeling crowded.

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At first glance, Logan looks like a regular city, with nothing exciting to attract adventure-seeking travelers. But on a closer look, that’s not the case.

Logan offers visitors the opportunity to climb high snow-capped mountains or to stay in the warm valleys and canyons, which are much lower.

You can enjoy an annual music festival hosted by Beaver Mountain and the LDS art exhibition sponsored by Logan Tabernacle.

Here are some of the things you can do in Logan, Utah.

Fun Things To Do In Logan, Utah

1. Learn History at the Museum of Anthropology

Located at Utah State University, the Museum of Anthropology is one of the top tourist attractions in Logan.

Utah State University makes up the bulk of Logan. It is known for attracting repeated visitors to various cultural and recreational events.

The museum is housed in the Great Old Building of the USU campus, and here, visitors are exposed to the knowledge of the world’s culture and natural history.

The exhibitions here focus not only on the history of the Logan area; they are constantly updated and updated to keep guests at a high level of interest.

Browse collections of coins, masks, photographs, and pottery at the museum, as you learn about different gems around the world.

2. Hike the Wind Caves

Perhaps you love nature and probably prefer the unconventional side of Mother Nature; you may want to consider hiking near Wind Caves Hike.

Walking on these long and challenging trails is one of Logan’s top fun activities, and you will also love it.

There are exhibitions and signs along the way with information about the cave, trail, and local wildlife.

Some caves are extremely scary, while other trails take visitors through wildlife sanctuaries.

So, it would be great if this climb was planned with a group of friends!

3. See Astonishing Relics at the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art (NEHMA)

The museum was established in the year 1982 and named after its benefactor, a generous gift from the Nora Eccles Treadwell Foundation.

NEHMA is an educational art museum focusing on contemporary and contemporary art. Architect Edward Larabee Barnes designed the 23,000 sq ft, four-level facility.

You will find an extensive collection of pieces of visual art, including ceramic articles, furniture, paintings, and paintings.

Emphasis is placed on the arts in West America, as there are more than 5,000 works of art.

Here, a lot of public events and temporary exhibitions are organized all for free, providing educational opportunities for both USU graduate and graduate students and even community groups.

These include artist interviews, class meetings, curatorial lectures, etc.

Spending some time at the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum will give you a solid reason to stay longer in the city of Logan.

Usually open from 10 am between Tuesday and Saturday, the museum is a place to visit.

Things To Do In Logan, Utah At Night

1. See a movie at the Cinefour Theaters

What about filming while at Logan? Well, you have a chance at Cinefour Theater.

Located on the north side of Logan, the theater opened in 2000 and has since flourished.

Cinefour Theaters collaborates with Walker Theaters, and this speaks volumes about the quality and type of movies you will see here.

You can see quality movies, which come out second at a discounted price.

To make your experience more enjoyable, the theater offers a few extras, such as popcorn, pretzels, candy, and soda.

So, make that beautiful day a reality at Cinefour Theaters.

2. Enjoy the Nightlife at Logan Lanes

Logan Lanes is not only just perfect for those who wish for a functional nightlife space, but its alley is also perfect for family outings.

Right here at Logan Lanes, you will surely have premium fun and entertainment. And for bowlers, there is a 24-hour bowling alley.

Logan Lanes also has a billiard room above the bowling alley.

And if you crave food, there is a restaurant where you can find your favorite food while spending your time on the road.

This is one of the busiest activities in Logan, Utah, with the opening hours being from 10 a.m t 11 p.m every day of the week.

3. A Visit To Logan Utah Temple

The Logan Mormon Temple is a magnificent structure located high above the city center. It was established in the year 1884.

It is seen as the most impressive among the eleven Mormon temples in Utah.

At night when it is well lighted, it is a beautiful view to behold as it draws attention from far and near.

The Logan Mormon Temple (non-Mormon) visitors, but you can walk through well-maintained grounds to get a good view of it and the surrounding Cache Valley.

Things To Do In Logan Utah For Couples

1. Stop for some Ice Cream at Casper’s Malt Shoppe

While in Logan, head north to stop and try the ice cream at Casper’s Malt Shoppe.

Casper’s Malt Shoppe is located in the factory in Lewiston and will take less than a mile.

Casper is best known for his Fat Boy – an ice cream sandwich that most Utahns are likely to enjoy.

There are numerous varieties of flavors available to choose from.

2. Get Pizza at Hungry Howie’s

Since 1973, Hungry Howie has been in the business of selling pizza nationwide.

Originally started in Michigan, Hungry Howie has spread to many provinces, not leaving Utah.

Being unique from other pizza brands, they stand because of their perfection in making the popular pizza – Flavored Crust.

What makes it more appealing is the numerous pizza options you can pick from.

They also offer baking in the oven, pasta, salad, and wings. So, when your meal is over, be sure to order something delicious.

3. Eat at Juniper Take Out

Juniper Take Out is a cafe that opened in 1991 specifically for fresh, delicious food made daily. You wouldn’t want to starve at Logan, would you?

All doughs, meat, and sauces are packed and processed on the premises.

Orders here are done and prepared quickly, and you are guaranteed prompt service but in a much better way than regular fast foods.

Sandwiches, such as cheese and grilled meat, halibut, and a high-quality chicken sandwich can make you drip.

Here, all sandwiches are converted into food, including French cut fries and fountain soda.

They also offer salads, soups, and full meals, but do not expect to stay long, as it is not a restaurant with perfect service.

Things To Do In Logan Utah For Kids

1. Gambol wildly at the Jump Zone

Jump Zone is Logan’s leading trampoline park, which opened in 2012. This portable indoor trampoline park offers a variety of activities in different zones for kids of different ages.

It makes a list of the top attractions in Logan, which is another tourist destination for the whole family. There’s a lot of fun here, including the opportunity to play dodgeball, basketball, rope swing, and more.

Other activities such as birthday parties can also be hosted here, and there is a snack bar that can help.

If you have very active children and are looking for the best energy-zapping activity for them over the week, look no further; jump Zone has your back.

This fun-filled park is open all day of the week except on Sundays.

2. A Visit To Adventure Playground

Visiting the Adventure Playground is another exciting thing you can do at Logan for kids. It has a similar look to Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove and has many places to explore.

Instead of wood, this playground is made of Trex, so you don’t have to worry about splitters. Also, the park has been made a little easier for children with special needs.

The floor is covered with dark pads, making it easier to move in a wheelchair. However, you should visit in the spring or autumn because the summer afternoons are very hot.

The park has two locations: Tot Land with small slides, climbing toys, picnic tables, and a few small swings.

One place has a large palace, benches, swings, and many other toys for 5 years and more.

Adventure Playground is fenced in everywhere, and is one entry point.

This makes you do what you have to do in Logan, Utah, for kids easier, more fun, and quite safe.

3. Ryan’s Place

Give kids real fun at Ryan’s Place. Located just outside Logan, Ryan’s Place is one of the most fun things you can do at Logan as it caters to kids of different age groups.

Ryan’s place is divided into two categories. It has a small section for toddlers, with amenities such as a short board with small slides, a small sand area, a swing, and a lemon stand with underground pipes.

The central park is packed with slides, various climbing structures, a Rapunzel tower at the top, monkey bells, and a giant rocket.

The park is in good condition and designed to last a long time.

For every part of the park made of Trex, there is no fear of wooden slivers. Well fenced again.

Some features are available for you to check out, so your kids will really love you!

Indoor Activities To Do In Logan Utah For Adults (Indoor Activities)

1. Learn Something New at the Museum of Anthropology

Wherever you go in Logan, you will always find yourself back on the Utah State University campus.

The campus grounds are large and full of exciting activities.

One of the attractions is the fantastic Utah State University Museum of Anthropology.

The collection is updated regularly, so you will be treated differently for each visit.

In this museum, you can learn about Utah culture, as well as that of different parts of the world.

Its coin collection is one of the most remarkable exhibitions in the Museum of Anthropology.

2. Practice Wall Climbing at Elevation Rock Gym

Elevation Rock Gym is the only indoor gym in the Cache Valley and welcomes riders of all ages and abilities.

In addition to the climbing wall, the center has a fitness center with yoga classes.

Even if you have a vacation, you should not forget to keep yourself healthy and active.

The gym encourages its members to connect and develop healthy with institutional creativity, innovative design, and exciting sensory experience.

Get ready for a good climbing season by learning to climb hard and fully recover!

3. Experience Being a Viking at Heber Hatchets Axe Throwing

Heber Hatchets Ax Throw is a unique activity that you can enjoy with your friends and loved ones.

You do not have to be a lumberjack to enjoy it here.

Ax throwing sessions are available at its Logan site, where you can practice your skills before you take part in a competitive game.

The Heber Hatchets are not just a good night’s work, corporate events, or parties — it is a perfect experience.

Romantic Things To Do In Logan Utah

1. Have a Picnic At First Dam

Go to the Herm’s Inn and grab a few mouth-watering sandwiches like Cuban with smoked pork and smoked meat or Caprese with basil pesto and fresh mozzarella.

Then head to the nearby (and beautiful) first Dam Park for a romantic picnic by the water.

Do not forget to pack a blanket and glitter soda. It could be a perfect getaway with your partner.

2. Take A Couple’s Cooking Class

Put on your gourmet kitchen at Love To Cook store.

They offer weekly cooking classes for a variety of delicious foods such as Cinnamon Rolls, Ramen, and Chashu, as well as Handmade Chocolate.

They even offer cooking classes to couples.

Classes for couples included Wood-Fired Pizza with Homemade Ice Cream and Hand-Wrapped Sushi.

Prices start at $ 30 per person, and class sizes are kept small.

3. Watch elks at Hardware Ranch

Have you ever seen elks in places other than zoos? Catch this chance to see elks in their natural habitat.

This adds to the list of fun places and certainly ranks high as one of the top places to visit in Logan.

The purpose of the farm is to prevent large animals from foraging for food during the difficult winter months.

The farm has visitors to the jungle, and they are given free access while other sheeplike ones are locked up for safety.

You can watch the elk fed daily, take part in local fishing, and even ride in a sleigh across the elk.

Exploring this Ranch is one of the best things you can do in Logan, Utah. Consider adding to your list of places you can visit Logan.

Free Things To Do In Logan Utah

1.  Attend Utah Festival Opera and Music Theatre

Another special theater company in Logan is the Utah Festival Opera and Music Theater.

The company conducts shows on Logan’s Main Street at the Ellen Eccles Theater every July and August.

The well-known company, the Utah Festival Opera, attracts actors and artists from all parts of the country. Even Broadway artists attend.

In addition to shows which are quite regular, such as the famous Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Utah Festival Opera also organizes an annual Youth Conservatory to equip young 18-year-olds with how to work in the theater.

Regardless of being founded in the year 1992, it is still considered emerging. However, visiting the Utah Festival Opera and Music Theater is among the best things you can do at Logan.

2. Explore Logan River Trail

There is no shortage of natural beauty in Logan, and the Logan River Trail is an excellent example of that statement.

The route is close to the Logan city center and offers opportunities for outdoor activities such as mountain biking.

Skiing is a popular hobby here during the winter.

The trail is 7.2 miles long and is ideal for beginner and professional mountain bikers.

Those who have crossed the line have identified it as one of the best bicycle lanes in the province.

3. Hike Jardine Juniper Trail

The Jardine Juniper Trail takes its name from the oldest tree in Utah up the trail and is a great bike trail for adventure lovers.

The tree at the top of this trail is believed to be more than 3,200 years old.

Walking the trail back and forth means you have completed 11.4 kilometers of mountain trails.

You could meet vistas along the way, and some of them are just above the usual mountains.

The trail begins with a trek through a valley of sage and grass and then descends a 12-degree steep slope into the forest.

If, at last, you reach the top, you may encounter a tree much older than the towers.

That alone is worth the ride!

Cheap Things To Do In Logan Utah

1. Catch a game at Maverik Stadium

Now, here’s something for sports fans – Maverik Stadium. It is one of the top attractions in Logan that you should not miss.

The stadium was opened in 1968 for college games.

But, now, it has advanced to the use of field AstroTurf as it is stronger and more reliable than conventional grass.

Maverick Stadium or Merlin Olsen Field currently has a seating capacity of over 25,500.

And the energy and environment center was merged with the stadium as part of its reconstruction in 2012.

The reconstruction added additional 21,000 square feet of offices and training facilities.

Planning on visiting the stadium, all you need do is, buy tickets online or at the stadium. You can consider getting them before you leave to confirm the seats you want.

2. Visit Zootah at Willow Park

When you are in Logan, there is nothing as exciting as stopping at a local zoo. It makes you more intimate with the community closer to and the environment.

Seeing how special animals are treated in the city goes a long way in revealing more about the community.

With this, Zootah at Willow Park is a great stop for your trip.

Go and explore the many animals that live in the zoo, such as deer, crowned cranes, and the ring-shaped lemur. Other available classes include a beekeeping class.

During the holiday season, Zootah sponsors a program called Zootah Zoolights.

Here, visitors can be amazed at the animals and the Christmas lights.

There is so much to learn and see here. Your whole family will love to visit Zootah.

3. A Tour By Beaver Mountain

Although Utah is known for its warm climate, its mountains are also famous for their snowcapped.

Exploring the mountains remains one of the most fun things you can do in Logan.

In the Beaver Mountain Ski Area, you can join other tourists on the slopes where you enjoy the new view.

For more than ten decades, the Beaver Mountain “Beav,” has been a favorite place for locals.

Today, both adventurers and visitors love this game.

At Beaver Mountain, private courses and rental shops can drill a freshman to climb a mountain like a professional.

So, if you like skiing, you can take the easy way up the mountain – the T-bar.

There is also a repair shop that will help you deal with any sudden problems.

Cool Places To Visit In Logan Utah

1. Utah State University

One of the best places to visit Logan is Utah State University (USU). And that is not academic.

Utah State University was first established as an agricultural college in 1888, but now, more than 28,000 students are enrolled.

The university has eight colleges of various disciplines: arts, engineering, agriculture and applied science, humanities and social sciences, education, human resources, etc.

You may be lucky enough to watch Division I NCAA teams play throughout the school year.

Interestingly, USU has a viewing area where you can watch the night sky, and it has an automatic booking system too!

What do you want to do in Logan, Utah? Take a look at this university as part of your work at Logan.

2. Crimson Trail

The Crimson Trail is a well-known hiking trail in Logan.

It can also be easily accessed from the Third Dam and is less than a mile from the Wind Cave Trail.

The 4.8-mile Crimson Trail is higher and longer than the Wind Cave Trail.

Offering a beautiful view of Logan Canyon, this trail is popular with many hikers.

There are two ways to get back from the Crimson Trail.

You can follow the trail uphill, or if you are enthusiastic enough, you can climb to the top and head to the Riverside Trail.

3. Stokes Nature Center

There could be lots of ways to inquire about nature, but only at Stokes Nature Center, where you can find out about its value.

Located near the entrance of Logan Canyon, Stokes Nature Center is a non-profit community open space, allowing visitors to bring their children and explore and learn about nature.

A river road trip about a third of a mile is found in the nature reserve.

The environmental center has a variety of fun activities for children, including doll theater, educational resources, books, and more.

Some places have opportunities to learn to read so that children can experience the natural world for themselves.


Logan is a fascinating city in Utah. The city is full of diverse activities that satisfy all sectors, making it a dream destination for tourists.

You can enjoy parks, experience the zoo, learn the art and history of museums, eat delicious food at restaurants, and catch different movies in theaters.

Why not start making plans for this. And should you need help, this post can be a great guide.

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