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27 Best & Fun Things to Do in Morehead

Vacationing is better in Morehead when you’ve got a list of interesting activities to do. There are over 27 best and fun things to do in Morehead, but a great guide is all you need to pick the best.

If you’re up for some adventurous fun, then hop on this jolly ride.

Morehead is a picturesque city in North Carolina. The city is the largest scenic coastal community well known for its modern arts and historical roots.

The first European inhabitants of Morehead came to Rowan County from Virginia after the end of America’s Civil War in 1783. In 1854, Morehead became the third community to be settled in the county. Colonel John Hargis takes credit for building the city after purchasing land in the area.  

Morehead takes its name after James T Morehead, a former governor of Kentucky from 1834 to 1836. Rowan County’s headquarters came into existence in May 1856, seceding from parts of Morgan County and Fleming County. It was broken into four districts, with Morehead emerging as the county seat.

The formation of Rowan County was a strategy by the political class to prevent Flemingsburg from moving its seat to Poplar Plains. After its formation, Morehead was selected as its county seat because Morehead’s location was central to all the other communities.

Although it was smaller in landmass and less developed than the neighboring town of Farmers, it remained a significant city in the county due to its status as the county seat. It was officially incorporated in 1869.

Blessed with one of the best outdoor fishing spots on the Atlantic coast, Morehead is a wonderful vacation destination that will leave you with incredible and unforgettable fun-filled experiences.

Below are the 27 best and fun things to do in Morehead on your next vacation.

Fun Things to Do in Morehead

1. Get Your Feet in the Water by Scuba Diving

Things to do in Morehead

Looking for an experience that leaves you thrilled and gives you the perfect adrenaline rush? Then this is definitely for you.

Make sure to scuba dive in Morehead. You will get to explore different and unfamiliar parts of the world in both educational and exciting ways.

Diving allows you to explore the fascinating aquatic plants and animals in their very own habitat.

This experience will leave you with the best freeing sensation in the world, weightlessness.

2. Attending the Seafood Festival

If you love to have fun while enjoying the best seafood combos, then this experience is a must-add to your bucket list.

Unlike every other food festival, the North Carolina seafood festival in Morehead City is the region’s most noteworthy festival.

Blessed with diverse aquatic life, the city is known to have only the best seafood and seafood festivals.

The three days festival highlights different live street dances, arts and crafts, wonderful fireworks, fun games for kids, entertainment, concerts, and of course, different seafood delicacies from award-winning chefs.

3. Take Town Tours

These tours are the most classic short excursions with tourist guides. On these tours, you have access to tourist guides whose role includes giving you juicy details about the anecdote and historic information of the Morehead coastal city.

Touring the city either on bike or foot will have you sucked up in all the tales and Hallmarks of the quiet community.

If you love to have the moon gaze down at you while you tour, then you can take a tour of the city at night. With amazing nightlife and views, here is a list of fun things to do in Morehead at night.

Things to Do in Morehead at Night

1. Make Your Mark in Axe Throwing

This is an entirely different and thrilling experience, especially for first-timers. It is an opportunity to let out frustration and all the rage you must have felt before the vacation.

This is what a vacation should be. an opportunity to unwind and vent, to let off everything that kept you stiff. Axe throwing is one way you can do this.

While you are in Morehead, ensure to pick any night to go throw some axe. Throw as much as you can until your heart pumps to a jiggy.

2. Visit Morehead’s Exquisite Bars and Clubs

If you like partying and drinking until the wee hours, then you would love to experience the nightlife in Morehead.

You can visit the old brewing company or backstreet pub as well as the numerous nightclubs in the city.

The fun is better if you’ve got company. however, you can still have a great time alone. Feel free to hit the road, pick a few bars and clubs and let off some good steam.

3. Tour Of The Night Sky

Explore Morehead’s nightlife by taking the stargazing tour alongside the astronomy club and the astronomical observational society of the city.

You will get to be guided through the facts and information about the moon, planets, stars, and other celestial bodies.

Stargazing rejuvenates the mind and spirits. If peace and calmness are what you want, then this is the perfect activity for you.

This is an experience like no other for individuals and couples alike.

There are other great activities that you and yours as a couple can enjoy, here in Morehead.

Things to Do in Morehead For Couples

1.Visit the Beach

If you have been fantasizing about an intimate beach date with your partner, it is about time you visit Morehead public beach.

The wind blowing against your hair, and the gentle setting sun on your face as the waves crash against the shore, are romantic and such a great thrill, especially with your partner by your side. Consider this an opportunity to experience paradise at no cost.

Individuals tend to feel less tense and comfortable at the beach, so this makes it a perfect spot for couples to ease up and get intimate.

The beach at Morehead offers so many options for romantic and memorable fun-filled experiences.

You can have a ‘just for two’ picnic with your partner, walk down the beach, or better still lay right there on the sand having conversations with your partner.

 You can also have your partner take cute pictures of you, and turn this simple date idea into a photoshoot!

This is a way to take a break from the norm and other activities and spend quality time with the love of your life.

2. Treat Yourself to a Candlelit Dinner

A dinner date can be all the stimulants you need for a long-lasting romantic relationship.

Couples who build dinner dates into their relationship tend to experience a better display of affection and easy communication.

If you crave the opportunity to create an unforgettable night for your partner, then a candlelit dinner date is to be considered.

The numerous fancy restaurants in the heart of the city offer the finest dishes and cuisines for you and your significant other.

There are a series of options ranging from the Circa 81 down to the Soundside fancy restaurant.

You can never go wrong with a candlelit dinner for two.

3. Hit the Cinema for a Movie Date

A movie date is a great recommendation for a first date and definitely tops the list of things to do in Morehead for this vacation.

Going to see a movie with your partner gives you something to talk about before and after the movie session.

Morehead offers you and your partner the best cinema experience. You get to pay for two tickets with sits close to each other. Then there’s the caramel-filled popcorn and energy that flows through your body as you enjoy the scenes in the movie.

You’re in for a jolly good ride at the Morehead cinema.

Get to sit back in silence with your partner and observe their body language. As little as a movie might seem, it goes a long way in helping to keep the spark in a relationship. Trust the ones in Morehead to spark a flame.

Things to Do in Morehead For Kids

1. Take Your Kids to Visit the Nature Themed Parks

Visiting the Parks is known to be a fun and engaging activity for kids visiting Morehead for a vacation.

There are numerous Parks to visit for kids in Morehead but the Shevans park stands out as one of a kind.

It is located in the heart of the coastal city and has an extensive playground. With a beautiful kids-friendly view, it is filled with castles and exciting games for kids.

 This is also a perfect destination for parents as it has a recreational court where parents can spend quality time.

 Otherwise, Parks like Jaycee Park, Fort Macon State Park, and Sports Center, in the city also have fun-filled activities for kids.

2. Visit the Amusement Water Themed Parks

A visit to one of Morehead’s water-themed parks is an opportunity to let your kids have so much adventure.

Kids get to step into a whole new different world the moment the amusement parks in Morehead.

The park is filled with wonders like fun-filled rides. The water-themed Parks features water play spots like the swimming pool, slides, and splash pads.

3. Visit the Shopping Malls in Morehead

This coastal city has lots of shopping Malls and big beautiful plazas where kids can come along. Get to do family-friendly shopping with the kids tagging along which can be a different kind of fun.

The plaza and malls in the city are cozy and offer different activities and attractions that are designed to be catchy, especially for kids.

You can get to shop for toys, crafts, collectibles, and stationeries

There are also cafes and restaurants where you and your kids can sit back and relax after walking around to fill your bellies.

Indoor Activities to Do in Morehead

1. Go Bowling

This is an inexpensive fun packed experience that you can enjoy alone or in the company of your friends and family. You can go bowling to improve your game, relieve stress, or just enjoy yourself.

This indoor Activity can be enjoyed extensively in Morehead’s bowling centers.

The Dixie Lanes ZZ’s Bar and Grill provides good food and drinks with a performing live band on weekends alongside a bowling experience!!!.

The Sterling Lanes also features a good bowling service as well as a decent cinema. There are other great bowling centers you can try out in Morehead.

2. Enjoy Some Relieving Yoga

Yoga is not just a spiritual practice, it is a way of developing good physical, emotional and mental well-being. The slow movement and deep breathing will help increase your blood flow.

Yoga is definitely an option when looking for some peace and quiet.

There are tons of yoga studios in Morehead that can help you rejuvenate your mental health, and improve your strength, balance, and flexibility.

Some of these centers include Downtown Barre Momentum Yoga and Wellness and the Bodhi Yoga Massage if you are looking for some extra space treatment in between.

3. Occupy Yourself With Some Fierce Table Tennis Game

This ping-pong and whiff whaff sport can be a fun indoor Activity. The recreation and wellness facility in Morehead provided a well conducive and standard table tennis court.

You can decide to play or sit and watch individuals play, picking a side that can be fun.

 Romantic Things to Do in Morehead

1. Enjoy the Weekend at The Spa

Add some romance and spice to your relationship by signing you and your partner up for a romantic spa weekend.

A spa date with your partner is romantic and relaxing. You can enjoy pampering massages, facials, and saunas that will surely increase the intimacy between you and your partner.

There are seriously luxurious spa options around Morehead that will offer you and your significant other the most exotic services.

 Take an entire day off in the lap of luxury almost like paradise for you and your romantic partner.

2. Take a Night Walk In The Beach

Beach dates are perfect for couples who want to try out something different from the cliche fancy dinner and romantic movie dates.

This is a great idea to spend quality time alone with your partner. At this time there would be fewer people, no sun, and just the cool evening breeze.

You can walk down the beach barefooted, in your favorite bikini, with your beautiful partner. Who doesn’t love the feeling of cold sand on their feet?

You can dance like no one is watching because literally, no one is watching. Stop at the beach Cafes and grab exotic beach drinks.

The environment of the beaches in Morehead creates a relaxed atmosphere and incredible views of the oceans.

3. Enjoy Some Comedy Shows Date

A good comedy show will leave you and your significant other relaxed and having a good laugh.

 As the saying goes “laughter is the best medicine”. A recent study found that humor is a great indication of romance. Couples who laugh together stay together.

You can get tickets for you and your partner to visit any of the comedy clubs in the city and oxygenate your blood.

Free Things to Do in Morehead

1. Picnic at the Cave Run Lake

You can decide to watch the sunset with your friend or family by the lake.

The cave-run lake is conveniently located right in the heart of the city. It has over 8000 acres of open water and a great scenic view to fill your eyes.

If you like being outdoors, this is a great idea to soak up nature’s beautiful view.

2. Hike At Carrington Rocks

Hiking up a hill and down can get your heart pumping more blood through its vessels. It also has a lot of cardiac advantages.

Apart from its health benefits, the experience of hiking is unique. Being outdoors clears the mind and reduces stress.

Going up the Carrington Rocks hills will give a great view of the historical landmarks. This particular spot attracts tourists and visitors because of its beautiful view of the city.

3. Visit The Kentucky Folk Art Center

This historical center’s admission is free to all, all year round. It is a folk art museum by the state university and was established to educate the general public on visual arts.

The museum features storytelling, literature, dance, arts and crafts as well as several historical contents. Folk art plays a major role in the cultural scene of the state.

Cheap Things to Do in Morehead

1. Go On The Morehead City Ferry Service

The service provides Ferry trips and cruise tours on the North Carolina coast.

The ferry ride is the largest and most comfortable ride on the Atlantic coast. The ride is to sand dollar island and is accessible at all times.

Sand dollar island is a safe adventurous location for kids and adults. This trip to the unique wildlife and beautiful natural view is cheap and accessible to all.

2. Go Fishing

As a coastal city, Morehead is blessed with lakes, Rivers, and beaches convenient for fishing.

With ideal places to go fishing, this is considered one of the free things to do in Morehead. Here you can engage in inshore, nearshore, and offshore fishing.

There are wide varieties and species of fish with different spots to catch them.

3. Shop For Thrifts

There are different thrift shops scattered around Morehead with good customer service. Here you can buy cheap clothes and other household items and souvenirs.

Cool Places to Visit in Morehead

1. Eagle Trace Golf Course

This is one of the coolest places in the city, with its beautiful landscape and aura of finesse.

 This particular golf course is like no other, it features spectacular scenery that displays nature at its very best. Visiting the golf course is a great way to be out in the beautiful sunshine.

2. Game On Escape Rooms

If you have never been to an escape room this is a great opportunity for you to visit one.

The escape room in the city offers fun, intriguing games that require great thinking skills, and puzzle-solving techniques. It opens at about 12:00 pm every day.

 Because of its great services, it has attracted lots of visitors and positive reviews.

3. Seafood Restaurants

There are tons of seafood restaurants scattered around Morehead that will offer you fine dining and mouth-watering seafood cuisines.

If you are a lover of seafood then you should definitely check out the Sanitary Fish market as well as the Redfish Grill and Bar.

From its amazing waterfront to its vibrant culture and arts, there’s no place along the crystal coast like Morehead City. The city is colorful with tons of activities to keep you occupied throughout your stay.


There are a lot of interesting things to do in Morehead. Once you are here, you are sure to get hooked until you have tasted the various kind of fun this city offers.

Morehead is just one vacation away. We hope you have all the fun in this article and more.


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