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27 Best & Fun Things to Do in Richmond (KY)

It’s no surprise that Richmond attracts a large number of visitors each year. This beautiful city is filled with wonderful things.

Whether you are on this vacation to visit local attractions or participate in more adventurous activities, you will never get bored here.

If you want to see the best of Richmond, sign up for one of the best tours or day trips available and let a friendly expert show you the most popular attractions.

This historic college town in central Kentucky is nestled in a sprawling green landscape dotted with farms, wineries, and sites of immense historical significance.

Fort Boonesborough was founded in 1775 by the famous frontiersman Daniel Boone after he and his men crossed the Kentucky River. In August 1862, the Confederacy won the Battle of Richmond, which took place over much of Richmond and Madison County.

You can wander around a bit of the battlefield and check out the visitor center in the house that stood half a century before the battle.

Last but not least, Eastern Kentucky University’s campus blends with downtown Richmond and is home to the region’s top performing arts venues, featuring notable musicians and comedians.

Fun Things to Do in Richmond, KY

1. Judy Rains Memorial Dog Park

Perched on the Reba, Judy Memorial Dog Park is a fur-friendly park that provides plenty of space for your pets to play and have fun off-leash.

The dog park is made from wooden fences, so you may want to watch your dog’s movements before he escapes. Small and large dogs can play in the same space.

If you witness any form of aggression from your dog, ensure you withdraw it quickly to avoid the occurrence of an injury.

The memorial park also includes a sheltered area and picnic tables where pet owners can relax and watch their dogs play.

Here is a great place to have fun with your pet. The space is properly maintained and properly cleaned after each use

2. White Hall State Historic Site

White Hall State Historic Site, located on a picturesque rolling Kentucky farm, is an iconic building in Richmond.

The site was established in the late 18th century, and with some additions in the 1860s, the iconic structure was built in Georgian and Italianate styles.

It is 1000 sq ft with recent additions such as central heating supply and indoor plumbing.

It was formerly home to Cassius Clay, politicians, the Russian ambassador, advocate, friend of Abraham Lincoln, and newspaper publishers.

The building was first built by his father, General Green Clay.

3. Hummel Planetarium

The Hummel Planetarium has a long history dating back to 1988. It first started with a Spitz Voyager-type projection system that turned into the Definiti Theater.

The planetarium currently has a capacity of 194 people and is part of the largest and best-built planetariums in the country.

The Hummel Planetarium offers programs for tutoring various visiting individuals in physical sciences and astronomy, and these organizations are carried out using pre-recorded performances or a combination of various media presentations.

When looking for the best and most fun things to do in Richmond, add a visit here to your list of things to do in Richmond, KY.

Things to Do in Richmond, KY, at night

1. Richmond Area Arts Center

Things to Do in Richmond

Richmond Area Center in Richmond, Kentucky, provides visual and performing arts classes to people of all sizes and ages.

The Art Center, which is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., is an iconic organization dedicated to creating a cute art community for locals and tourists alike.

The Richmond Area Arts Center makes available many arts-related activities for children and adults.

They host art exhibitions that feature adult education programs, summer school programs, and classes for children and local artists.

This corresponds to things to do in Richmond and would do great on your list of things to do in Richmond, KY

2. Visit Brady’s Sushi and Hibachi

The Brady’s Sushi and Hibachi is a family-operated and owned restaurant located in Richmond, Kentucky, and focuses on traditional colonial sushi rolls.

In addition to offering diners several sushi options, they also provide hibachi appetizers and delicately prepared Poke bowls, and every ingredient used in the preparation of these delicious dishes is sourced fresh.

The family behind the fine dining experience is intensely focused on providing locals and tourists alike with the perfect relaxed sushi and hibachi dining experience through good-tasting food and excellent customer relations.

The restaurant is open for visitors every day except Sunday.

3. Lake Reba Recreation Complex

Lake Reba Recreation Complex is a 500-acre area with a variety of fun and exciting things to do for couples and families.

You can bring your fishing rod or even a fishing boat.

In Richmond, Kentucky, the Richmond Area Center offers visual and performing arts classes to people of all sizes and ages.

The Art Center, which is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, is an iconic organization dedicated to creating a cute art community for locals and tourists alike.

Outdoor activities available to visitors include football, basketball, horseshoes, football, softball, baseball, and many more. Visitors can also jog on the scenic trail or hike.

For fun, add this to your list of things to do in Richmond, KY.

4. Battle of Richmond Visitor Center

The Richmond Visitors Center is located off the Battlefield Memorial Highway. It also features numerous detailed exhibits of the Battle of Richmond, which occurred during the American Civil War.

Visitors who are history buffs can delve into the city’s historical achievements and how the area was heavily influenced by the Battle of Richmond, which took place between August 29 and 30 in 1862 and is known for becoming the ground the second largest civil war to break out in Kentucky.

Things to Do in Richmond, KY For Couples

1. Fort Boonesborough State Park

Fort Boonesborough State Park provides many beautiful experiences for tourists and locals alike. There is also the Kentucky River Museum, a historic fort, and outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, camping, boating, and hiking.

Visitors can discover the original fort used by Daniel Boone and early settlers. Visitors can take a boat ride for fantastic views of the Palisades, fish the Kentucky River, spend time camping, or pick up some beautiful handmade items from the park’s gift shop.

The state has been reconstructed into a working fort, and local artisans demonstrate their skills or trades and show how early settlers conducted their activities in Kentucky.

2. Boones Trace National Golf Course

If you are a golfer, Boones Trace National Golf Course is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, challenging 18 holes, and natural competitive golf course.

The golf course got a completely new look after the reconstruction. It has a beautiful clubhouse that offers a pleasant dining experience with friendly people and a cozy atmosphere.

They have excellent customer service and friendly staff to help you improve your game. Their exercise range is also excellent.

Boones Trace National Golf Course is one of the many beautiful golf courses in central Kentucky that provide visitors with a spectacular golfing experience.

3. Chenault Vineyards

Located around the rolling hills of Kentucky, the Chenault Vineyard provides the perfect attraction for visitors to showcase some of Richmond’s delicious wines.

The Vineyard is a family-owned and operated winery spread across 500 acres of scenic land with excellent views of the vines.

Visitors can sample a variety of handcrafted wines produced on-site, including reds, rosés, and whites.

You can also visit their tasting room or enjoy a glass of wine on their outdoor terrace while admiring the view.

Spend a fun time at Chenault Vineyards, which is one of the fun things to do in Richmond, KY.

Things to Do in Richmond, KY For Kids

1. Adventure Falls Mini Golf and Batting Cages

Harris Miniature Golf Company built Falls MiniGolf and Batting Cages in 2004. The 18-hole golf course consists of an ADA-accessible 9-hole fairway, water hazards, and challenging holes.

Visitors here can enjoy a great experience of the picturesque Reba Lake while playing golf. The golf course is challenging but enjoyable.

There are also three mixing courts near the Adventure Falls miniature golf course.

Visitors can borrow shuffleboard pucks and clubs for free during regular business hours at the golf course, but remember to forget your driver’s license.

2. Stepping Stone Ranch

Stepping Stone Ranch has been bringing horses and people together for about 20 years.

The instructors who guide you have extensive experience and are certified in Equine Assisted Learning or Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

One of its objectives is to provide visitors with enjoyable interactions with horses. Everyone should go because connecting with these horses is simply incredible.

3. Madison Garden Bar and Grill

You should stop by Madison Garden Bar and Grill for delicious food prepared by the best hands in Kentucky, and it should be a top item on your checklist of things to do in Richmond, KY.

The Bar and Grill have a long history that has made it an ideal destination that attracts both locals and visitors for a meal.

Madison Bar and Grill provides high-quality food and Southern-style hospitality, making it a popular destination in the area.

In Richmond, Kentucky, this location operates as a full-service bar and restaurant on a daily basis.

Many people come from all over the state to enjoy the delectable food available here while also enjoying live music in a relaxed atmosphere, quality beer, and handcrafted cocktails.

Indoor Activities to Do in Richmond, KY

1. Visit Baldwin Farms

Baldwin Farms is a famous destination for people of all sizes and ages to visit in Richmond, Kentucky.

Here is the perfect place to take your friends and loved ones.

They have a famous farm festival that is celebrated over time and attracts tourists from Madison County and different parts of the world to be a part of it and spend time with the people they love.

Pony rides are one of the activities available while visiting the farm., climbing the Baldwin Dirt Hill or hayrides, playing with friendly animals, a corn hole, wagon rides, a hay maze, and jumping Baldwin the kite.

2. Picnic at Irvine-McDowell Park

Enjoy a picnic unlike any other at Irvine McDowell Park. It is an excellent vacation spot for you and your family to enjoy a relaxing getaway and has to be on your list of exciting things to do in Richmond, KY.

Irvine McDowell Park, located at 345 Lancaster Avenue, is 29 acres in size. There are two shade structures, a playground, the Richmond Parks and Recreation Department, the Irvington House Museum, and four softball fields.

The softball fields located here are mainly used by the Girl’s Softball Association, Richmond. Visitors can always reserve shelters, which are always available.

Make this weekend exciting for you and your friends by going on picnics at Irvine Mcdowell Park.

Romantic Things to Do in Richmond, KY

1. EKU Center for the Arts

One of the big attractions on EKU’s campus, just a stone’s throw from downtown Richmond, is Central Kentucky’s premier performing arts scene.

Officially opened in 2011, this state-of-the-art facility features a 2,000-seat state-of-the-art venue for concerts, comedy shows, dance performances, Broadway shows, panel discussions, political debates, and children’s entertainment.

A stellar list of past performers includes Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Jerry Seinfeld, Air Supply, Chris Tomlin, Styx, Micky Dolenz, and many more.

Also, check out the EKU department’s impressive exhibits in the Grand Tier I Lobby on the second floor.

2. Downtown Richmond

Richmond’s central business district, crisscrossed by Main Street, is an American Historic District with 60 contributing buildings.

A point of reference is the Greek Revival Madison County Courthouse (1849), still the seat of local government.

On your way down Main Street, you might want to spend some time reading the information in front of this landmark using signs and historical markers.

For a university town, downtown Richmond is about as important as it gets, with an exciting list of restaurants and bars and a variety of local bike/cycling accessories, antiques, homewares, books, furniture, and fashion shops.

If local architecture inspires you, be sure to head to the Richmond Visitor Center to view a map of more than 70 historic residences, churches, and civic buildings on the Richmond Downtown Walking Tour of Homes.

3. Relax in Chimborazo Park

Chimborazo Park, once the site of major military action and one of the country’s largest military hospitals during the Civil War, is now a peaceful place to escape the city’s hustle and bustle.

There are some historic buildings in the park, including an early 20th-century roundhouse and a medical museum.

There are some nice grassy places to walk and benches to rest under the big old trees. The park features a miniature Statue of Liberty that was donated to the city in 1951 by the Boy Scouts.

Free Things to Do in Richmond, KY

1. Paradise Cove Aquatic Center

This public water park helps turn Reba Lake into a complete outdoor destination in the summer.

Facilities at Paradise Cove include a pool with four slides, a range of play elements, and a zero-depth entry.

Two of these slides start 40 feet above the park. The play pool is complemented by an eight-lane pool and a diving area.

There are numerous shade structures throughout the center to help you escape the sun, along with a modern spa house and reasonably priced concession stand.

2. Tour the Historic Virginia State Capitol

The Virginia State Capitol, the country’s second oldest active statehouse, has witnessed some significant and historical events. In December 1791, the Capitol housed the convention where the Bill of Rights was ratified into the United States Constitution.

Visitors can take a guided tour of the Capitol building and see the Rotunda, Old House, and Old Senate Chamber, as well as the 1906 Legislature.

The Virginia State Capitol is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Richmond. Spend the entire day at the Richmond Children’s Museum.

If you’re looking for something to do with your younger children, the Children’s Museum is a great place to go.

The museum has many interesting exhibits that will keep them entertained for hours while they play and learn.

With play areas that mimic real-world locations such as a farm, gas station, and more, they’ll be able to discover what interests them the most while also developing real skills and a broader vocabulary.

The Children’s Museum has two locations, one downtown and one in Chesterfield.
The Children’s Museum has two locations, one in the city center and the other in Chesterfield.

3. Discover the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

The gardens’ focal point is a large glazed conservatory, the only one of its kind in this part of the country.

Visitors can take winding trails that lead to scenic surprises at every turn. Visit the Children’s Garden for an interactive experience or the Healing Garden to learn about medicinal plants.

Don’t forget to stop by the tea room and garden shop for some books and tools.
Cheap things to do in Richmond, KY.

Cheap Things to Do in Richmond, KY

1. Follow the Richmond Slave Trail from Ancarrow’s Landing

For a time in the 1800s, Richmond was one of the main ports for slave traders on the East Coast.

Visitors can get a glimpse into the dark history of the city’s nefarious trade by walking the Richmond Slave Trail.

The trail starts at Ancarrow’s Landing in Manchester Docks and passes the sites of the former slave market, prison, and burial ground, and ends at the First African Baptist Church.

The Reconciliation Statue is identical to statues in Liverpool, England, and the Republic of Benin and symbolizes a commitment to building new relationships.

2. Walk the Texas Beach Trail at James River Park

Texas Beach’s green trails offer some of the nicest hikes in town.

Located on the north bank of the James River, the Texas Beach Trails run for several miles through forest and rocky riverside terrain.

The area is home to the Treasure Island Community Skate Park and has access points to the river.

The large flat rocks in this area are ideal for picnicking or sunbathing in the gently flowing water. Texas Beach is worth visiting during your stay in Richmond.

3. Experiment at the Science Museum of Virginia

Housed in the former Broad Street Station building, the Science Museum of Virginia is sure to inspire the creativity of DIYers and science enthusiasts around the world.

With plenty of interactive and hands-on exhibits to explore, visitors of all ages are sure to be delighted.

Visit one of the museum’s maker spaces and build your own experiment to test your coordination by playing air hockey against a robot, a trip to the Museum of Science is one of the most fun things to do.

Cool Places to Visit in Richmond, KY

1. Reba Lake Park

Richmond’s finest park is located on the west shore of a 75-acre fishing lake on the city’s eastern edge.

It’s safe to say that there’s a lot going on at Reba Lake, with an 18-hole public golf course, an aquatic center, and a family entertainment center, all of which we’ll cover later in this list.

On the east coast, you also have Camp Catalpa and its disc golf course. From April to October, you can rent a kayak at Reba Lake from KY Paddle Adventures, while there is a public boat ramp and fish cleaning station.

There is a large athletics facility on the shore, as well as a 1.5-mile walking trail, a sensational new all-purpose playground, a dog park, and three shelters that can be reserved.

2. Catch a Flying Squirrels game at Diamond Stadium

Diamond Stadium is home to the city’s minor league baseball team, the Richmond Flying Squirrels.

The park has recently been rebuilt and now has a larger capacity of more than 12,000 visitors.

Why not play a game while you’re in town?

Don’t forget to pick up a Flying Squirrels cap and baseball at the team’s official store.

3. Explore the Poe Museum

The Poe Museum, which houses the largest collection of Edgar Allan Poe artifacts and writings, is dedicated to one of the country’s influential writers and one of Richmond’s most famous sons.

The museum is housed in one of the city’s oldest buildings, which Poe is said to have visited when he was younger.

Its exhibits include furniture from the author’s infancy home, clothing, and early and first edition prints of The Raven and Tamerlane.

A courtyard garden with a Poe shrine is also visited by many authors and celebrities, including Gertrude Stein and H.P. Lovecraft.


As you take your vacation through Richmond, ensure that you exhaust all the activities and places that have been listed in this guide.

Don’t forget to also document all of your experiences as you try out each and every one of the 27 things to do in Richmond.

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