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15 Jobs That Pay 50 Dollars Per Hour

Did you know that there are jobs out there that could earn you 50 dollars per hour? The truth is many people will doubt this based on a reason or the other. They do not want to agree with the reality that some professions offer good wages to their employees.

It will be surprising to know that there are jobs you can even earn more than 50 dollars working for an hour as well. It all depends on the type of firm you are involved with.

50 dollars per hour jobs

Most people are of the opinion that it is only lawyers and doctors that can earn up to 50 dollars per hour, but this is not true. Every day of our lives, humans have expenses to make such as rent, utilities, shelters, feeding, and others.

Due to this reason, we need a job that will be able to pay our day-to-day bills, enough for us to save, and also invest in our future. Nobody gets young forever; there will be a stage when we have the time, but there will be no strength for us to work.

Although 50 dollars per hour won’t pay all the bills, either being idle. There is the saying, “a drop of water makes the mighty ocean”, and this implies if you could gather all the 50 dollars into 8 hours of your working time there will be so much money for you. This topic is going to change your perspective and broaden your horizons on the jobs that pay 50 dollars per hour.

Jobs That Pay 50 Dollars Per Hour

1. Behavioural Psychologist

Most people have committed suicide as a result of being under one form of emotional duress. The work of behavioural psychologists is to attend to people’s emotional problems and find a solution for them. This is a great work in which one can find him or herself to earn 50 dollars per hour. A behavioural psychologist must be patient with people in order to give them the right advice to change their perceptions.

2. Pharmacist

These people are important in the medical world; because they are in charge of dispensing drugs that are administered to patients. Every hospital needs a pharmacist in order to get the right dosage and to avoid complications. That’s why when a patient gets treated; he or she goes to meet a pharmacist to analyze the right drugs suitable for their health conditions. Some of them work in a hospital or work independently.

3. Marketing Manager

This is one of the hottest-paying jobs right now in most firms. Every company needs a marketer to promote, advertise, and strategize its products to increase sales. In economics, production is not complete if the product or commodity doesn’t get to the consumers.

Therefore, they increase the reputation or brand of the company using their skills. In every firm where there is a good marketing manager, there are lots of revenues and profits for that particular firm.

4. Construction Engineer

This is one of the jobs that pay 50 dollars per hour. They spend most of their time on sites or field monitoring projects. This could be either construction of commercial sites such as roads, bridges, road diversions, or residential sites such as houses, estates, duplex, and others. This kind of job requires being skilled in one way or the other. When you are good as a construction engineer you can get 50 dollars per hour.

5. Financial aid officer

This set of people works in financial firms, commercial or microfinance banks. Some people might be in need of loans or grants based on numerous purposes such as academic pursuit, business, mortgage, and others. They disburse the money to those who need it after it has been approved for disbursement. A good example of the beneficiary of these loans or grants is students who have been awarded a scholarship, and this is one of the jobs that pay 50 dollars per hour.

6. Computer and Software Scientist

It is no doubt we are in the technological area with awesome innovations going on. Those in the information technology fields have their different works in which they perform. For instance, the role of a programmer is different from a computer engineer.

Though they work with a computer, they perform different functionalities. When you are in any computer-related fields you can be certain of making cool 50 dollars per hour, and if you could develop any mobile application that is also a plus for too.

7. Seismologist

The recent happenings of earth disasters in different Middle East countries such as earth tremors, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and others, Seismologists are wanted in these regions to help out in studying and predicting earthquakes in these parts of the world. Good knowledge of geophysics is needed here to excel in this job.

8. Judge

For you to be a judge, you must have started as a lawyer before you ascertain the post. The judge oversees trials in a country – local, state, or federal. Everyone in the law court is under his or her authority and whatsoever he or she says is final. That’s why they are seeing as semi-god in the jury world. You can get good recommendations from other barristers and judges if you have credible track records. This is also one of the jobs that pay 50 dollars per hour.

9. Funeral Planner

This could sound funny in a way, but not to people who have many expenses piling up for them. It is a good way of getting 50 dollars per hour if you have a vast client who demands your services. It is not your will to see people die, but your definite goal is to connect with people that are willing to pay for your services. As a funeral planner, you cut down the stress which people have to go through on behalf of their bereaved ones. You can make plans for wake keeps, church services, and burials for them.

10. Human Resource Managers

In every big firm, there is a human resource manager who handles the work of recruiting new staff and interviewing them. They act as a mediator between employees and the Chief Executive Officer of a company, and if there’s any complaint or the other they inform the employees. Many graduates are studying this course at their post-graduate level to be fully employed and become certified as Human Resource Manager.

11. Public Relation Officer

This work is not easy as many people may think because of some forms of creativity. These people are involved in any written material such as press releases. They promote the brand of a firm with their published works. Many companies employ public relation officer to devise a means of advertisement. Whatever people see outside the company tends to rely on how the Public Relation Officer has depicted the image of the company.

12. Political Scientist

They carry out different political research and find out the ones that would fit a particular system. Political scientists even go as far as inventing new theories that will be used in governing people. Since it is a social science they study the law that is regulating a particular government. They can work in government parastatals and share their knowledge.

13. Nurse Practitioner

This is a hot cake, and it is no longer news that we have male nurses. Their work is not easy because most of them even stay late at night attending to one patient or the other. This job is highly risky because they get exposed to some airborne diseases that are communicable. Unfortunately for some, due to saving humanities contract some of the diseases who later make them become physically impaired. See how to practice nursing in Canada.

14. Optometrist

This job is highly competitive, because of the income that is involved in it. It is another field in the medical world that deals with different complications in the human eye. They carry out numerous eye tests in order to detect the particular disorder affecting the eye. Furthermore, they deal with one of the sense organs that are vital to human. This makes optometry one of the jobs that pay 50 dollars per hour.

15. Dentist

Some might want to ignore this job, but when you take the time to analyze their work you will appreciate their efforts. They perform different work such as cleaning of teeth, treating of gums, curing toothache, dental arrangements, and others. Many people due to eating sugary substances are having one tooth problem or the other in which they need proper treatment.


For you to be relevant in one of these jobs that pay 50 dollars per hour, you must have undergone some sorts of educational training with a renowned degree to back up your job. This training is important for you to be employed and be the ideal candidate for the job with a touch of expertise.

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