F2 Visa for dependents of F1 visa holder

The F2 visa is very much related to the conditions that the F1 visa holder has. There is not do much difference, the dependents are to fulfill the requirements and complete the application procedures to get the visa.

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What Is an F2 Visa

An F2 visa is a non-immigrant dependent visa that gives permission to the immediate family members of an F1 student visa holder to move to the US. The spouse or the unmarried child who is under the age of 21, of the F1 visa holder is eligible to come and live in the United States.

Eligibility for an F2 Visa?

for you to be eligible for an F2 visa, you are fulfilling the following :

  • Be a spouse of an approved F1 visa holder
  • Be an  unmarried child who is  under 21 years old of an approved F1 visa holder
  • Have the finance support the family during your stay in the U.S

Outside these conditions, there are also some documents that you need to get before you can begin your F2 visa application.

F2 Visa Documents Requirements

You need some requirements for you to be able to start your f-2 Visa application, the requirements for an F2 visa application are:

  • Current and previous passports.
  • Photocopies of your passport pages.
  • The DS-160 confirmation page.
  • Proof of financial stability. .
  • A USA Visa Photograph. 
  • Interview confirmation letter.
  • Receipts to prove you have paid the necessary fees.
  • Your original Form I-20 and one copy.
  • A copy of the F1 visa holder’s I-20 form.
  • A copy of the F1 visa (if applicable).

If you are applying separately, you will need a copy of the F1 visa holder’s passport.

Authentic marriage certificate if you are the spouse of the F1 visa holder. Genuine marriage proof such as:

  • Wedding album.
  • Wedding guest list.
  • Receipts of wedding spendings.
  • Receipts of honeymoon trips.

If married by a registrar, you are to submit the wedding affidavit and pictures of you and your spouse with the wedding witnesses.

  • The original birth certificate will be needed if you are the child of the F1 visa holder.

How to Apply for the F2 Visa?

For you to Apply there are various steps that you should take and these steps include:

Get a Form I-20

If the F1 visa holder gets accepted into a SEVP institution, the school then gives a Form I-20. Form I-20 shows the purpose of the visa, an estimate of expenses, and the time the educational program be.

For the dependents of the F1 visa holder to get an F2 visa, the F1 person will tell the SEVP institution that the dependents also intend to apply for the visa. With the information given, the SEVP institution will also arrange and release a form I-20 for the dependents too.

The person that wants to apply for an F2 visa must have a Form I-20 to qualify for an F2 visa. After getting this form, the application procedure goes in line with the procedures for other visas.

Fill in Form DS-160 online

The DS-160 form is to be submitted online with all the necessary information. When you submit it, the page will bring out a barcode and confirmation page which you need to keep for later on.

Pay the visa fees

The visa fee for the F2 visa is $190. You are to pay the fee for you to be able to continue your application. outside the application fee, you might have to pay other fees like insurance fees depending on the relationship of the U.S with your home country. You are to pay all your fees and keep the receipts since you are to attach them to your document file.

Schedule your visa interview

The applicant who is within the age range of 14 and 79 years have to attend the visa interview. The interview is to take place at the embassy where you applying and it is done by an official.

It is important for you to schedule your interview on time because of the workload that the embassy has. And when you schedule your interview a confirmation letter will be given to you and you are to bring it on the day of the interview

Gather and complete your F2 Visa document file

When you are going for your visa interview, you will need a file with the required documents. and you are to make sure that the file is complete and there are no important documents missing because your application depends on it.

Attend your interview

When coming for your interview you are to bring the documents that are with you and be prepared for the question that you will be asked. You will be asked questions about your business visa such as the purpose of the visa, what business will you be doing in the United States, if you have an intention of returning. Your answers should be very specific and straight to the point

What is the processing time for the F2 Visa?

Processing times for visas are different due to the differences and workloads in U.S Embassies. After your F2 interview, you may get a response immediately from your interviewer if you have got the visa or you were denied. but, it is very common that you wait will be a few days or weeks.

What Can I Do With an F2 Visa?

Since the F2 visa is the same as the F1 visa, it carries the same validity. If your spouse on an F1 visa is granted permission to stay in the U.S for 2 years, your F2 visa will have the same validity of 2 years.

Extend your stay

For cases where the F1 visa holder wants to extend their stay by getting a new Form I-20, you as their dependent will also have to get a renewal. To get your F2 visa renewed, you are to file Form I-539, Application for Extension/Change Nonimmigrant Status. You are to attach proof of your relationship with the primary F1 visa holder and financial evidence that you can live well while you stay.

Changing your status

The F2 visa,  allows you to apply to change your status. If you enroll in an academic degree with a SEVP approved institution, you are to apply for an F1 visa and you may get a change of status. In addition, if you get a job that requires you to get an H type work visa such as an H-1B visa, you and your employer will have to make a  petition with USCIS and follow the due procedures to change your status.

If you are an unmarried child who is under 21 years old or an F1 visa holder and you turn 21 while in the U.S, you may have to apply for a different type of visa if you want to remain in the U.S. This is because you do not qualify as the dependent of the F1 visa holder and will have to back to your home country if you don’t receive a different type of U.S visa.

Get a green card

If the F1 visa holder applies and gets a Green Card, the dependent who is on an F2 visa automatically gets the Green Card too. but, you can apply yourself if you want to. If you find an employer wants to sponsor you, you can file for an Employment-Based Green Card or you could also change status to another visa that allows dual intent and apply for the Green Card.

What are the Limitations of the F2 Visa?

The F2 visa is a dependent visa, there are many restrictions to what you should and should not do while in the U.S. The goal of the F2 visa is for families to still be together while the person with the F1 visa gets their educational degree, which can be for some years. It has no other goal, and that is why it has limitations.

Some of the limitations are :

  • You are not allowed to work on an F2 visa
  • You are not allowed to get a Social Security Number (SSN)
  • You are not allowed to enroll in a full educational degree
  • You cannot travel to the U.S before the F1 visa holder


Your dependent family members can now join you in the united state so that you can be closer to them.

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