Manitoba Sponsorship: How to Bring Your Friend to Canada

Maybe you have been looking for ways to bring your friend to Canada and do not know how to go about it. Well, there are ways to go about bringing your friend to Canada of which this blog will give you details about. You can bring your friend to Canada through the Manitoba support program.

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Canada being a wonderful country would interest anyone who will love to travel, explore and live a good life. Starting with the receptive and welcoming nature of its citizens, the flexible nature of its policies and programs.

Talk about the buoyancy of its economy, the quality standard of living, well-paying jobs readily available, the availability of good and affordable healthcare system, and amongst other amenities that makes immigrants love to visit and become citizens.

Manitoba Support Program – How To Bring Your Friend to Canada

The Manitoba Support Program is one way to aid migration, you who wishes to bring your friend to Canada can do so using this route. Being a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Manitoba, you can help bring your friend to Canada through the Manitoba support program.

Firstly, what is a Manitoba Support Program?

Manitoba Support Program simply has to do with the branch of Program from the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program also known as MPNP.

Knowing that there are individuals who’d love to settle down in Canada, this program sees to it that it’s possible to migrate as a business-oriented person, Worker, graduate, or family. Through this program, a worker, business person, graduate, or family can migrate to Canada and become permanent residents.

In Canada, every province has a Provincial Nominee Program with each having its own procedures which are different from the others. However, Manitoba differs from them in a unique way as it allows people who are residents in the country and stay in the province to help their family members or friends who will love to immigrate to Canada. 

This program has been made available by Manitoba Support Program. The program is not limited to immediate family members alone. It is also open to uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, cousins, mothers, fathers, and grandparents. 

This process only allows you as a resident to support and hasten the immigration processes, it does not require the resident to sponsor the expenses associated with the travels.

What Makes the Manitoba Support Program a better choice for immigration?

The main aim of the government of Manitoba province is to increase the population with skilled and productive persons who will love to permanently reside in the province. 

To achieve this aim, the government made a provision for those who have intent in being residents to migrate through the support of their families or friends, who are already permanent residents in Manitoba.

The government believes that through this idea when the person migrates, there’d be no need to look to go to another urban area especially when he has acquaintances in the province.

Is your friend Eligible?

As permanent resident planning to bring your friend to Canada or a family member to migrate to Canada,  it is important to know if the person is eligible to go through the Manitoba support program.

To know if he or she is eligible,  you have to know who is not eligible first. Therefore, below is a list of those who are not eligible to migrate into Canada through the Manitoba support program. 

  • The Refugees
  • Spouse of a Canadian citizen
  • Persons who are temporarily working in any province in Canada
  • Those who have been denied support by the program within the last six months and have not addressed the problem that led to the denial.
  • Anyone who has applied to migrate to Canada through other provincial support programs excluding Express Entry System.

What are the requirements for bringing your friend to Canada?

The friend or family member who wishes to migrate using the Manitoba Support Program must:

  • First have an acquaintance who is either a close friend or family member who can support his migration.
  • Have a level of education or work experience that follows the Manitoba standard.
  • Be truly qualified to work with proof attached so he can be established as quick as possible in Manitoba.
  • Have enough funds with proof that he has enough to support and sustain him during the first few days or weeks of their entry into Manitoba. This is to sustain him before he will get on his feet and get a job.

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