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Canada Permanent Resident Card Overview

Once an individual has been approved for Canadian permanent residence, they become eligible to receive a permanent resident card (PR card).

The permanent residence card is typically authentic for a limited period of five years, but in very rare cases may only be authentic for one year. See how to renew a permanent resident card.

This card is often used as an authentic travel document for entering Canada’s borders. It’s advised that permanent residents obtain their permanent residence card since this card allows permanent residents to travel outside of Canada’s borders and demonstrate proof of status if necessary.

Permanent residents without valid permanent residence cards who are outside of Canada and need to visit Canada may apply for a permanent resident travel document (PRTD). The permanent resident travel document (PRTD) will facilitate visit Canada, where the person may apply for a permanent residence card renewal or replacement.

Permanent Resident Card Application

New permanent residents do not have to apply for a permanent residence card. They’re going to be automatically mailed a permanent residence card once they immigrate to Canada and determine their Canadian address. Only individuals who meet one amongst the subsequent criteria must apply for a permanent residence card:

  • You didn’t receive your permanent residence card within 180 days of immigrating to Canada;
  • Your permanent residence card is expired or will expire in nothing more than nine months;
  • Your permanent residence card has been lost, stolen, or destroyed, or;
  • You legally changed your name and wish to update your permanent residence card.

permanent residence card applications must be submitted in a hard-copy text to at least one of IRCC’s specified Case Processing Centres for permanent residence cards.

Urgent Processing

In certain situations, it is possible for the Canadian government to expedite the processing of a permanent resident card. In order for an applicant to qualify for urgent permanent resident card processing, you need to be travelling in-between the next three months due to:

  • employment opportunity;
  • Your own serious illness;
  • The death of a family member;
  • Work associated with your current job, or;
  • the intense illness of a relative.

It should be noted that regardless of an individual being eligible for urgent processing, the Canadian government cannot guarantee they’re going to process applications urgently or that permanent residence cards are going to be received on time.

It’s therefore advisable to always maintain an authentic permanent residence card just in case of emergency.

If your permanent residence card is approaching the top of its validity period, and you are yet to apply for Canadian citizenship, you should build up an interest in applying for a permanent residence card renewal.

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