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Canada Permanent Resident Travel Document Overview

Any individual who wishes to enter Canada’s borders must possess an authentic travel document. Canadian permanent residents are permitted to use their permanent resident card (PR card) to enter the country.

Nonetheless, if a permanent resident doesn’t have an authentic permanent resident card and wishes to enter Canada, they’ll be eligible to apply for a permanent resident travel document (PRTD).

Generally, permanent resident travel documents (PRTD) are valid for one entry to Canada, allowing a permanent resident to enter the country before obtaining a replacement permanent residence card.

A permanent resident may only apply for a permanent residence card from inside Canada; therefore, the permanent resident travel document is usually necessary to facilitate entry to Canada.

An individual may apply for a permanent resident travel document if they meet the subsequent criteria:

  • they’re a permanent resident of Canada;
  • they are do not possess an authentic permanent residence card showing their permanent residence status;
  • they’re outside Canada, and;
  • they’re going to return to Canada by airplane, boat, train, or bus.

If an individual meets the standards for a permanent resident travel document, they will submit an application. Please note that upon submission of the application, a visa officer will review it to make sure it’s complete and that the applicant has met their residency obligations.

If the applicant has did not meet their residency obligations, then their status as a permanent resident may fall under jeopardy. Please note that immigrants from countries requiring a visa to enter Canada who has received their confirmation of permanent residence (COPR) should be issued a travel visa with their COPR.

This travel visa allows them to visit a Canadian Port of Entry (POE) to enter Canada where they will begin the procedure of obtaining their permanent residence card.

It’s not necessary for a newly confirmed permanent resident to get a permanent resident travel document, because the above-mentioned travel visa is going to be issued to those immigrants who require it.

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