Documents Needed for Your IEC Work Permit Application

If you plan on applying for the IEC work permit, then you need to know the required documents. In this guide, we’ll cover all the necessary documents needed for your IEC work permit application.

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Understanding the IEC Work Permit Application Process

It’s one thing to have the documents needed for your IEC work permit application, but if you don’t understand the process of application required and how everything is being done, you may still get your application request declined!

IEC which stands for International Experience Canada is a program that offers both citizens of Canada and immigrants the opportunity to work and travel abroad, exploring over 30 countries around the world.

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The below infographics shows the necessary application process for an IEC work permit:


To start the entire process, you have to first create an account with the IRCC, then building your IEC profile and submitting it yourself in order to be picked out for the IEC pools for which you’re well qualified.

On receiving an application, you should then proceed to submit your completed application for a final work permit. All this is done online!

Documents Needed for Your IEC Work Permit Application in 2021

Due to the more recent travel restrictions in 2021, working holiday applicants are now required to provide well-certified proof of the job offer from the Canadian recruiter to get an invite to apply for the IEC work permit.

But note, you do not require proof of job offer from a recruiter in creating your profile and submitting it to the pool, but, to be considered for an invitation to secure a job, you need to include this in your profile.

The following are documents needed for your IEC work permit application in 2021:

  1. CV or Resume
  2. International passport
  3. Digital photograph
  4. Family details
  5. Police report
  6. Program related documents

These can be broken down thus:

#1: CV or Resume

One of the major documents needed for your IEC work permit application is either a well-detailed curriculum vitae (CV) or resume.

You don’t really need to include a “state of the art” resume or CV here as this is just a basic requirement for your IEC work permit, thus, you may need to create a better resume when actually looking for a job in Canada.

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#2: Passport

A clear, readable copy of your international passport must be provided as one of the documents needed for your IEC work permit application. Also, ensure that the stated country of citizenship provided on your passport correlates with the country of whose IEC pool you are applying with.

Very important – your international passport must be valid at the time of submission of your application, and must also remain valid until your arrival and departure from Canada. IEC work permits are issued for no longer than the validity of your international passport.

#3: Digital Photograph

As one of the documents needed for your IEC work permit application, you’ll need to provide a recent clear digital portrait photograph of yourself.

It’s a must that your face is clearly shown in the photograph, with a frame size of at least 35mm x 45mm, with your head occupying between 31mm and 36mm of the frame. In pixels, this can be translated to 420 x 540px.

The minimum resolution required for the digital photograph is 600PPI, and the photo file must be submitted in either a JPEG or JPEG2000 format.

Note, your submitted digital photograph shouldn’t be anything less than 60KB, with a more realistic size of 240KB.

And finally, the digital photograph must be colored in RGB color space (24 bits per pixel).

#4: Family Details

Your full family details are also required as one of the documents needed for your IEC work permit application. This is commonly regarded as the IMM 5707 form.

#5: Police Report

This is a document issued by the government of the country you’re migrating from that breaks down all your criminal records, or that shows that you don’t have any criminal offense at stake.

A clearly provided police report is also one of the main documents needed for your IEC work permit application. This report should be provided for all countries in which you’ve resided for more than 6 months, ever since you turned 18.

#6: Program Related Documents

This may include any of the following:

  • International co-op applicants
  • Applicants with reference from well recognized organizations
  • Volontariat International en Enterprise (VIE) organizations

Any of these documents are needed when applying via a specific organization or program.

For international co-op applicants, you need to provide:

  • A proof of school registration, that includes a letter from your institution that you’re currently enrolled in as a student.
  • An internship agreement that details your position title, your tasks to be performed in the organization, start and end date of the internship program, employer’s contact details, site address of your internship company.

For people applying via a recognized organization, you need to provide a recognizable acceptable letter from the organization at stake. This is usually accompanied by a recognized signature or stamp from recruiting company.

For Volontariat Internation en Enterprise (VIE) applicants, you’ll need to provide a VIE letter that should contain an official certificate from the France business that manages the program. This certificate must be able to identify both you and your employer.


On submission of all the documents needed for your IEC work permit application, ensure to keep checking your account as most usually, the IRCC will contact you to inquire for more information.

Now I’d Love to Hear from You:

  • Which of the above documents needed for your IEC work permit application have you been skipping out?
  • How long have you been applying for an IEC work permit?
  • What other difficulties have you faced along the line?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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