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The Home Child Care Provider Pilot is one among the two caregiver pilots launched in June 2019. This pathway is meant for foreign nationals with work experience in NOC 4411.

This pilot is meant to bring Home Child Care Providers to Canada on short-term work permits, with the liberty to apply for permanent residence after getting enough work experience.

What Does the Pilot Offer?

The new programs revise two main issues with the previous caregiver pilot programs:

  • The ability for caregivers to switch jobs: Caregiver programs have always been criticized in the past because they bind caregivers to single families, creating an environment conducive to workplace abuse. The new pilots will allow caregivers to more easily change employers.
  • Accompanying family members: In past programs, spouses/partners and children couldn’t necessarily accompany the caregiver to Canada. Under the new programs, relations are going to be qualified to accompany caregivers and can be eligible to apply for open work permits and/or study permits.

Other Options for Caregivers

In addition to the Home Child Care Support Pilot, the government is introducing the Home Support Worker Pilot. These two pilots are expected to be similar, with the home Support Worker targeting those with experience in NOC 4412 instead of NOC 4411.

Eligibility Criteria

Interested applicants must meet the requisites listed below:

Job Offer

Eligible candidates will have an employment offer in Canada at the time of their application for a work permit.

Work Experience

With a working permit, caregivers are going to be granted authority to gain the 2 years of mandatory work experience needed for them to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Language Requirements

Eligible candidates are required to meet Canadian Language Benchmark level 5.

Educational Requirements

Applicants must have one year of Canadian post-secondary education or foreign to be considered eligible.

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