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Does Food Lion Drug Test?

Seeking a job with Food Lion will most likely prompt the question, does Food Lion drug test? Is it part of their hiring process?

If you’re considering a job at Food Lion, a popular grocery store chain in the United States, one of the questions you might have to consider.

Drug testing policies can vary from one company to another, and it’s essential to be informed and understand what to expect if you’re seeking employment at Food Lion.

In this article, we will explore whether Food Lion conducts drug tests as part of its hiring process and employee policies.

Understanding the company’s stance on drug testing can help you make informed decisions and likely get hired.

An Overview of Food Lion

Food Lion is a well-known grocery store chain with over 1100 locations and has been in business since the late 50s.

They employ a diverse workforce, including cashiers, stock clerks, managers, and other positions.

Food Lion was founded in 1957 by Wilson Smith, Ralph Ketner, and Brown Ketner.

As with many employers, Food Lion prioritizes safety and a drug-free workplace.

However, the specifics of their drug testing policies may vary.

Does Food Lion Drug Test in 2023? – What We Know

If you consider working at Food Lion, you would have to understand that, like many other employers, Food Lion may conduct drug tests as part of their hiring process.

However, it’s essential to understand that their drug testing policies can vary by location, job position, and state laws.

To get a clearer picture of Food Lion’s drug testing practices, here are some key points to consider:

1. Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Food Lion may likely conduct pre-employment drug tests as part of their hiring process.

Typically, applicants may be required to undergo a drug test after receiving a job offer but before starting their employment.

Food Lion may require pre-employment drug testing for certain positions, especially those involving safety-sensitive roles or those with access to prescription medications.

These positions may include drivers, pharmacy staff, or employees operating heavy machinery.

It’s essential to review the job description and any information provided during the application process to determine if drug testing is required for the specific position you are applying for.

2. Random Drug Testing

Once hired, some Food Lion employees may be subject to random drug testing.

Some Food Lion locations and positions may implement random drug testing as part of their ongoing employee safety and compliance efforts.

This is more common in roles where employees have a higher level of responsibility, or safety is a significant concern, such as forklift operators or positions involving the handling of heavy machinery.

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3. Post-Incident Drug Testing

In the event of a workplace accident or incident, Food Lion may conduct drug testing as part of their investigation process to determine if substance use played a role.

4. Suspicion-Based Drug Testing

Food Lion may also administer drug tests if there is reasonable suspicion that an employee is using drugs on the job or if an employee is involved in a workplace accident or incident that raises concerns about impairment.

13 Available Positions Within Food Lion

Food Lion, a beloved and well-established grocery store chain in the United States, offers a wide array of career opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the retail industry.

Whether you’re looking for a part-time gig, a stepping stone on your career path, or a long-term professional commitment, Food Lion has diverse positions to suit a variety of skill sets and interests.

1. Cashier

As the first point of contact for customers, cashiers play a crucial role in providing exceptional customer service.

They handle transactions, assist with bagging groceries, and help customers with inquiries.

2. Grocery Stocker

Grocery stockers are responsible for replenishing store shelves, ensuring products are neatly arranged, and maintaining a well-organized and visually appealing store layout.

If put into the meat or departments, you might have to learn the lengthy and complicated system of rotating and properly labeling food products by date.

3. Produce Associate

Produce associates handle fresh fruits and vegetables, ensuring they are properly displayed, priced, and rotated to maintain quality.

4. Deli/Bakery Clerk

Deli and bakery clerks prepare and serve a variety of deli meats, cheeses, and baked goods while assisting customers with their selections.

5. Meat Cutter/Butcher

Meat cutters are responsible for cutting, packaging, and displaying fresh meat products, providing customers with quality cuts and recommendations.

6. Pharmacy Technician

Food Lion offers pharmacy services in many of its locations. Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in dispensing medications and providing customer support.

7. Department Manager

Department managers oversee specific store sections, such as produce, deli, bakery, or meat, ensuring inventory management, staff supervision, and customer satisfaction.

8. Assistant Store Manager

Assistant store managers work closely with store managers to ensure smooth operations, including staffing, inventory control, and customer service.

9. Store Manager

Store managers are responsible for overall store operations, including staff management, budgeting, and ensuring that the store meets performance goals.

10. Customer Service Manager

Customer service managers focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

They oversee cashiers and front-end operations, resolving customer issues and improving service quality.

11. Loss Prevention Specialist

Loss prevention specialists work to prevent theft and maintain store security by monitoring surveillance systems and implementing security measures.

12. Distribution Center Worker

Food Lion’s distribution centers are essential to supply their stores. Workers in these centers are responsible for receiving, sorting, and shipping products.

13. Corporate Positions

Food Lion also offers various corporate roles in areas like finance, marketing, human resources, and supply chain management for individuals with different backgrounds and expertise.

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How To Prepare for a Drug Test at Food Lion

If you’re aware that you may be subject to drug testing as part of the hiring process or during your employment at Food Lion, it’s crucial to be prepared. Here are some tips:

1. Abstain from Substance Use: If you’re actively job searching and anticipate a drug test, it’s best to abstain from using any illicit substances or even over-the-counter medications that could trigger a positive result.

2. Understand the Company Policy: Familiarize yourself with Food Lion’s drug testing policy and procedures.

This will help you know what to expect and how to comply with their requirements.

3. Stay Informed: Stay updated with any changes in the company’s drug testing policy.

Policies can change over time, so it’s essential to know the latest information.

4. Seek Legal Advice: If you have concerns about how a positive drug test might impact your job prospects or current employment, consider seeking legal advice from an employment attorney.


Food Lion, like many employers, may conduct drug tests as part of its hiring process and during employment, primarily for safety-sensitive positions or when there is reasonable suspicion of substance use.

The specifics of their drug testing policies can vary by location and job position.

Before applying for a job with Food Lion, it’s advisable to research the drug testing policies in your specific area and be prepared to comply with any drug testing requirements that may apply to your desired position.

Doing this will increase your chances of getting hired.

Good luck!

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