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Does QuikTrip Drug Test?

The question does QuikTrip Drug Test New Workers in 2023 is one most prospective employees ask.

Like you, many individuals seek employment opportunities at QuikTrip due to its reputation for offering competitive wages and excellent benefits.

The local brand, often stylized as QT, is a well-known chain of convenience stores and gas stations in the United States.

However, prospective employees often ask whether QuikTrip conducts drug tests as part of its hiring process.

In this article, we will delve into this topic to provide you with a clear understanding of QuikTrip’s drug testing policies.

Does QuikTrip Drug Test New Workers In 2023?

QuikTrip, like many other employers, aims to maintain a safe and productive work environment.

To achieve this, they implement various hiring procedures, including background checks and drug testing.

However, QuikTrip’s drug testing policies may vary depending on the position you’re applying for and your location.

For instance, if you get a part-time job, you won’t be required to undergo a drug test.

But if you wish to become a full-time employee, you will have to be drug tested.

3 Categories of QuikTrip Drug Tests

1. Pre-Employment Drug Testing

QuikTrip typically conducts pre-employment drug tests for most positions.

These tests are usually administered after a conditional job offer has been made but before the candidate starts working.

The type of drug test can vary but commonly includes urine tests, which screen for various substances, including alcohol and illegal drugs.

Candidates should be prepared to provide a urine sample at a designated testing facility as part of the pre-employment screening process.

2. Random Drug Testing

After being hired, QuikTrip may have policies for random drug testing of employees.

Employees can be selected for random drug testing at any time during their employment.

This may be due to some suspicious behavior portrayed by employees at work.

This practice helps ensure employees remain drug-free while on the job and maintain a safe work environment.

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3. Post-Accident Drug Testing

QuikTrip also conducts drug testing for employees involved in workplace accidents or incidents.

This is done to determine if drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident and to assess liability and safety concerns.

2 Types of Drug Tests to Expect at QuikTrip

Depending on the circumstance, QuikTrip typically uses the urine test method.

But they won’t drug test you without giving you time to prepare.

1. Urine Test

The primary method used is the urine test.

This test screens for a wide range of substances, including alcohol and illegal drugs.

Candidates are generally asked to provide a urine sample.

They are watched by the person administering the test, and then the urine is transported to a designated testing facility before it is tested for drugs.

2. Hair Test

While QuickTrip primarily uses urine tests, in some cases, they may opt for hair follicle testing.

Hair tests have a longer detection window than urine tests and can reveal a person’s drug history over several months.

This method is less common but may be used in specific circumstances.

For instance, if you delay providing a result for your urine test, you may have to submit a hair follicle test.

5 Easy Steps to QuikTrip Hiring Process

QuikTrip’s commitment to excellence extends to its hiring process.

They look for candidates who align with their core values of integrity, commitment to safety, and a strong work ethic.

Here’s a breakdown of the hiring process you can expect:

1. Online Application

Your journey with QuikTrip begins by visiting their official website or job portal to search and apply for job openings.

Make sure to carefully read through the job descriptions and requirements to find the position that suits you best.

  • Initial Screening

Once you’ve submitted your application, QuikTrip’s HR team will review it to ensure you meet the basic qualifications for the position.

This initial screening focuses on key factors like work eligibility and relevant experience.

2. Interview Stage

If your application passes the initial screening, you’ll be invited for an interview.

Interviews at QuikTrip can take various forms:

a. Phone Interview: Some candidates start with a brief phone interview.

Be prepared to discuss your qualifications, work history, and why you’re interested in joining QuikTrip.

b. In-Person Interview: Successful phone interview candidates are invited to an in-person interview at a QuikTrip location.

Depending on the position and location, you may be invited for an in-person interview.

This is your opportunity to showcase your interpersonal skills, customer service orientation, and enthusiasm for the role.

Dress professionally, and bring copies of relevant documents.

3. Offer of Employment

Congratulations! If you successfully pass all previous stages of the process, QuikTrip extends an offer of employment.

Review the terms of the offer carefully and ensure it aligns with your expectations.

4. Drug Testing

Drug testing is a crucial aspect of the QuikTrip hiring process.

Most candidates are required to undergo a drug test, typically a urine test, to ensure a drug-free work environment.

Familiarize yourself with the company’s drug testing policies before the test.

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5. Onboarding

Once you accept the offer, you’ll enter the onboarding phase.

During this time, you’ll complete the necessary paperwork, receive training, and become acquainted with QuikTrip’s policies and procedures.


Maintaining a drug-free workplace is a common practice for most employers to ensure safety and productivity for employees and customers.

QuikTrip is not left out as they do have a drug testing policy in place for most positions, especially during the pre-employment stage.

However, the specifics of their drug testing procedures may vary based on the position you’re applying for and the state you seek employment.

If you have concerns or questions about drug testing, it is advisable to discuss them with the hiring manager or HR representative during the interview process to ensure you have a clear understanding of what to expect.

Good luck!

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