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IEC Resume Template – IEC Resume Samples

The International Experience Canada is an important tool that Is needed while needing a job and it is expected that you have a good resume. If you have wondered how to write IEC Resume Template, well now is your chance to know about it

What is IEC

As a Canadian citizen of the age of 18 to 35 international experience, Canada gives you the chance to work and travel abroad. IEC gives you the pathway to have a work permit or Lisa to work and explore in one of over 30 countries and territories full.
by being part of the ICC there are various things that you can gain from it some of it are as follows:

  • Get valuable international work experience and take your career to the next level
  • Create life-long connections and help strengthen Canada’s place in the global workforce.

Experience the world as you work to discover your strengths and see your inspiration

They have agreements with over 30 countries and foreign territories which make it easy for Canadian youth to work and travel abroad. And the agreements are reciprocal. This implies that it’s also easier for youth from these countries and territories to work and travel in Canada.

Basically, you need to get a work permit to legally work abroad. To have a work permit to work outside of Canada, you have to apply to that particular country or territory.

With the IEC agreement, work permits are generally:

  • Easier to get
  • Flexible
  • Less expensive
  • Processed more quickly than other types of work permits

You can be able to work and travel abroad for up to 2 years, which depends on the country

IEC grants you an opportunity to work and travel abroad but it’s then left to you to for that to happen happen.

When you decide where you want to go and work, you then apply for a work permit, find a job, and plan your trip.

The resume format in Canada should have. the following (in this manner):

  1. Contact information
  2. Professional / career summary
  3. Work experience
  4. Education / professional development

Where appropriate, you can also include technical skills and volunteer experience/community involvement.

Tips on How to Write IEC Resume Template

There is a way you are to address your IEC resume using a standard IEC resume template for it to be accepted and look pleasant, under this are some tips on how you can do that :

  1. Your resume is an instrument to assure your interview. It’s not intended to be a thorough work history document. When you are writing a IEC resume for Canada, focus on presenting the reader with your highlights, not every detail. The interview is the best time to go into detail.
  2. Keep your resume attractive. Basically, hiring managers will only spend 10-30 seconds browsing your document. Use the resume pattern in Canada to sell yourself in a concise way that focuses on your achievements.
  3. Don’t use long paragraphs and small fonts (less than size 10 is not a good idea). Use an easy front that is readable and make ensure that only one font is used throughout. Ensure your resume format style is consistent.
  4. Do not use the first person (e.g. “I am technical”, “I worked at XYZ”). Use short sentences
  5. The resume format in Canada implies that your document should typically be a maximum of two pages. If you are experience so much, one page would be enough. If you have 10+ years of experience, three pages may be acceptable.
  6. Don’t waste valuable space. Only list experience relevant for the role to which you are applying.
  7. Change all terms to the Canadian equivalent. For example, use terms like “high school”, “GPA” (Grade Point Average — the equivalent for university grades), “internship”, etc.
  8. Do not list personal interests or hobbies except they are you achievements that adds to your character. note: a good resume seperate you from other candidates. saying that you like football, play piano, and enjoy the cinema is not likely to increase your chances of success.
  9. Add your skills like being able to speak a second language or mastery of particular computer applications. make sure you only add those that may be relevant to the job you’re applying for.
  10. Don’t send a generic resume to dozens of employers. Your time is best spent being selective and tailoring your resume for each specific job and company you wish to apply for.
  11. Make use of nice resume format, and where possible, have it seen by an expert in that field. Grammatical and spelling errors on a resume can damage your first impression.
  12. Do not list that you are on a “gap year” or “one-year work permit”. Companies wishes to employ candidates that are committed and also who are going to contribute to their success. In an interview, you may discuss your immigration status if the employer wants more information. If you are in Canada on a temporary permit, know about longer-term permanent residence options so you can discuss ways of permanently staying in Canada once your work permit expires.
  13. Do not include the word ‘resume’ or ‘CV’ at the top of the page, or the date you prepared the document.
  14. Do not sign your resume.
  15. Do not add references, or add the line ‘references available on request’. It is generally assumed that you have these ready, so don’t waste valuable space on your resume by writing this. Have references’ names and contact details available to present when requested, and make sure they can speak willing on your behalf in a positive way.


The IEC resume gives you the chance to apply for a work permit in Canada and the format in which you can have a good IEC resume is already listed above, if you follow it you are sure not to have any problem while writing your IEC resume.

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