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27 Best & Fun Things To Do In Edmond (OK)

You don’t have to break the bank to experience the exciting things to do in Edmond (OK). The city has all you need to make your vacation worthwhile on a budget.

Edmond is a city in Oklahoma County, United States, and a central part of the state in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Its population was 94,428 based on the 2020 United States Census, which shows a 16% increase from 2010, making it the fifth largest city in Oklahoma.

This city holds itself on its own as it has a charm not outshined by the large urban areas beside it. You can’t run out of amazing places or things to do in Edmond (OK); there are numerous activities for all age grades to catch up on and have a good time.

You can’t be in search of what to eat, do, or where to go, as there is no shortage of exquisite restaurants, shops, parks, and fun activities.

You definitely won’t like to miss out on anything; the city has flourishing art scenes that leave an impression on all who visit, and you sure will find something to suit your taste in this city.

The city holds a lot of attractions, from relaxing in the serene parks to exploring historic attractions, shopping, unleashing your creativity in art studios, and lots more.

Take a look at our compiled list of exciting things to do in Edmond (OK) to help you make the best choices on your vacation.

Fun Things To Do In Edmond (OK)

1. Have Fun at CO-OP Esports and Gaming Arena

The fun never ends at CO-OP Esports and Gaming Arena. The CO-OP Gaming Arena is a stunning facility that is 5,700 square feet in size. The University of Central Oklahoma, a National Association of Collegiate Esports member, operates and manages the facility.

Edmond, Oklahoma, and neighboring states use this CO-OP Arena as a gaming center. Tabletop gaming, virtual reality gaming, and PC gaming are available at the facility. Most games incorporate Class of Legends, Overwatch, and CS: GO.

In addition to birthday parties, private tournaments, and team building, the facility can be rented for on-site catering and gaming. This field is a great spot to be, particularly for game darlings.

Address: 101 N University Dr, Edmond, OK 73034, United States

2. Shop for Fresh Produce at Urban Agrarian

If you’re looking for a place to buy local, fresh foods, look no further than Urban Agrarian. This area works with the mission of helping nearby homesteads make an organization and giving sound and great food in Edmond.

The only grocery store in Oklahoma is Urban Agrarian. Through their numerous interconnected local farmers and food producers, you can get a wide range of locally sourced goods, such as eggs, milk, pastured pork and poultry, grass-fed beef, farmstead cheese, artisanal pasta, and more.

Depending on the season, you can find many different fruits and vegetables. In addition, they offer sandwiches, salads, and savory hand pies as meals. Healthy eating is important; Therefore, while you are in Edmond, Oklahoma, make a point to visit this location.

Address: 1 E Main St, Edmond, OK 73034, United States

3. Hike the Trails of Spring Creek Trail

Is it true that you are an admirer of the outside? Then head over to Spring creek trail and partake in the experiences. The trail, which ran from Spring Creek Park to Interstate 35 in the west and was opened in 2017, was about 3.1 miles long and 18 feet wide.

The smooth and cleared trail is ideal for cycling, climbing, strolling, or running. The path’s design makes it simple for an individual or group to explore. In addition, visitors can unwind on one of the benches while taking in the natural beauty of Spring Creek Park and the picturesque view of its surroundings.

The tranquil trail is ideal for unwinding and escaping the town’s bustle. To avoid having to pay the parking fee when you visit, make sure to notify the park office in advance. During your visit to Edmond, Oklahoma, check out the Spring Creek Trail.

Address: 4509 INTEGRIS Parkway Edmond, Edmond, OK 73034, United States

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Things To Do In Edmond (OK) At Night

1. Visit the Frenzy Brewing Company

Assuming you love beer, you have likely thought about how things are made. By going to Frenzy Brewing Company, you can now learn everything there is to know about beer.

Frenzy Brewing Company is the most established bottling works in Edmond and has been a pride of the town for a long time. It was established by Matt, who was motivated by his Father Sway’s home fermenting.

The brewery is unlike any other place Edmond has ever seen a community gathering because it has one of the largest taprooms in Oklahoma.

Frenzy Brewing invites families and offers exercises and games that individuals, everything being equal, can appreciate. You can come along with food or put in a conveyance request from one of the numerous phenomenal cafés in Edmond’s midtown region.

The office’s good area considers both access to its back door from the city parking area east of the train tracks, north of Primary, and road stopping along Broadway.

If you are traveling with friends, you can book a group tour or join a group tour. During the tour, you can look around the facility and listen to the tour guide while enjoying complimentary tastings.

Address: 15 S Broadway, Edmond, OK 73034, United States

2. Ease Stress at Break Room 405

No one wants to be stressed out; It doesn’t matter if the stress is mental or physical; it can be from work, school, or at home.

By allowing you to express your anger on breakable objects or by getting messy with paint to transform your stress into art, Break Room 405 provides a means of relieving stress and releasing frustration.

The office offers two choices, the rage room, which includes crushing and breaking, and the Splatter Room, where your rage is directed towards making a creative work of art.

If you want to break things without worrying about the consequences, go to Break Room 405. You can book any exercises online to hold a period and date for this extraordinary experience.

The exercises must last an hour max, and you should be 12 years old to participate in the occasions. You can likewise go to the two occasions assuming that you want to.

Address: 2215 NW 178th St Suite A, Edmond, OK 73012, United States

3. Flex your Muscles at Urban Tomahawk-Axe Throwing

If you enjoy competitive games, you can go to Urban Tomahawk-Axe Throwing with your friends and family. The fun is open to people of all ages and skill levels.

Urban Tomahawk-Axe Throwing is a business that is run by a family and proudly displays its Oklahoma Choctaw heritage.

The Urban Tomahawk kicks against open-toe shoes and high heels for axe-throwing games. In addition, it is recommended that you arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled time to ensure that you receive the necessary instructions and tips.

Since outside food is prohibited, Tomahawk-Axe Throwing provides its visitors with various packaged snacks and bottled soft drinks.

Safety is prioritized at the axe-throwing range; the educators will show you the most secure and exact methods before throwing axes.

Find out who has the best aim by competing against friends, family, coworkers, and total strangers. They are accessible in the early evening hours of the week, aside from Mondays and Tuesdays.

This attraction has space for hosting and is one of the newest fun activities in America: fundraisers, birthday parties, corporate functions, date nights, and different celebrations.

Address: 14402 N Lincoln Blvd, Edmond, OK 73013, United States

Things To Do In Edmond (OK) For Couples

1. Catch a Show at Showbiz Cinema

Showbiz Cinema isn’t the typical Cinema yet a best-in-class diversion office. The facility has ten movie theatres with comfy recliner seats and 70-foot screens where guests can catch the latest releases.

In addition, there is a bowling alley and a huge arcade with over 40 games in this unique entertainment centre. The food and beverage menu at the bowling alley is comprehensive. However, the Cinema’s full bar is open to patrons for drinks.

On Friday and Saturday, the bowling alley closes at 2 a.m. This location has private rooms that can be reserved for special occasions. Showbiz Cinema is a lovely diversion place.

Address: 3001 Market Street NW Corner of I-35 & E Covell Rd, Edmond, OK 73034, United States

2. Feel at Home at Moni’s Pasta and Pizza

Moni’s Pasta and Pizza is a well-known Edmond eatery run by a family. This Edmond restaurant specializes in thin-crust pizza and pasta of the Southern Italian variety.

The restaurant offers a variety of meals on its menu, including vegan and vegetarian options, a variety of meat and seafood options, and pasta and pizza referred to in its name. Pizza and gluten-free pasta can be made upon request.

Salad and fresh garlic rolls are included in the majority of their meals. During the summer, guests can sit on the restaurant’s patio. The restaurant’s friendly and accommodating atmosphere immediately makes you feel at home. If you’re ever in Edmond, do stop by.

Address: 17200 N May Ave #700, Edmond, OK 73012, United States

3. Munch on Satisfying Seafood at Fish City Grill

If you’re considering what to do in Edmond, Oklahoma, why not drop by Fish City Grill and sample their scrumptious fish? All the meals are made from scratch with high-quality, fresh ingredients; One of the best places to get great seafood is there.

Soups, salads, desserts, shrimp, sandwiches, oysters, and catfish are all available at Fish City Grill. All things considered, it is well known for its exceptional Clam nachos.

Top choices among local people include Darkened rainbow trout, Srafin’s fish tacos, and fried fish and French fries.

Each first Tuesday of the month, a piece of their deals is given to a local charity. Therefore, you need not be concerned about the cost because they are highly affordable. This area is open consistently. So have a sample of a dinner with distinction.

Address: 5028, 1389 E 15th St #104, Edmond, OK 73013, United States

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Things To Do In Edmond (OK) For Kids

1. Let Them Put Their Art skills to the Test at Paint Your Art Out

At Paint Your Art Out, put your artistic abilities to the test in a fun, casual setting where art and entertainment meet. Gather your loved ones. Everyone has a creative side; Draw Your Work Out; Oklahoma’s Original Art Entertainment can assist you with tracking down it.

You will be amazed by your creative abilities as the local artists guide you through the process of painting a masterpiece in acrylic on stretched canvas. Everything turns into yours unmistakably when you add your touch.

This artistic experience suits all, from seasoned artists to “new at art.” You can have a unique gift or beautiful artwork for your home within two to three hours.

Plan a fun after-lunch excursion or a novel girls’ night out. Incorporate art at your impending occasion, Bunco parties, bridge games, sports, group contests, church get-togethers, book clubs, family social events, scout troops, or fundraisers.

Address: 10 S Broadway, Edmond, OK 73034, United States

2. Take the Kids along to Unpluggits Playstudio

Take the kids to Unpluggits Playstudio, an exceptional ceramics studio that occupies more than 3,000 square feet and is intended for children of all ages. A visit to Unpluggits will demonstrate that it is one of Edmond, Oklahoma’s most entertaining destinations.

Play dough sculpting, paint-your-own ceramics, the most well-known activity at Unpluggits, playing in the two-story indoor playground, puppetry, and other fun activities are just a few of the many fun crafts and activities that adults and kids can participate in.

The indoor playground has slides, a massive pirate ship, tunnels, a dress-up area, a foosball table, and a fenced toddler area. You can purchase a home-use craft kit with instructions. Some pottery pieces can likewise be presented as gifts, like dolls, tea kettles, cups, and plates.

The public can rent a room in the studio for events and private parties. An adult must accompany children under the age of 13. There is also free Wi-Fi and a snack bar at the attraction. On the other hand, outside food and beverages are allowed only in the playground.

Address: 575 Enterprise Dr # 110, Edmond, OK 73013, United States

3. Cool off at Pelican Bay Aquatic Center

Pelican Bay Aquatic Center is a great place to cool off during hot days and have fun. This attraction in Edmond, Oklahoma, is a cutting-edge facility. There are numerous great conveniences in this area. It is something for individuals, everything being equal, making it an ideal escape place for the family.

A 150-foot open flume and tube water slide, a 12,500-foot pool, a climbing wall, and diving boards are among the attractions at the Aquatic Center. They also teach swimming. The playground has automated sprays, a water playground, and a vortex for kids to enjoy.

Pelican Bay Aquatic Center has bathhouses and a Café Snack Bar where you can rest and eat after all the good times.

The center likewise offers everyday and season passes. Additionally, this attraction, accessible to wheelchair users, can be rented for private parties. A visit to this eminent Aquatic Center is one of the fun things to do in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Address: 1034 S Bryant Ave, Edmond, OK 73034, United States

Indoor Activities To Do In Edmond (OK) For Adults

1. Enjoy Live Entertainment at UCO Jazz Lab

This Entertainment center, laid out in 2002, is overseen by Mr Lee Rucker. The UCO Jazz Lab in Edmond features top-notch live music in a relaxed New Orleans jazz club setting. You will enjoy folk music, jazz, soul music, blues music, and folk music.

There are faculty offices, practice rooms, classrooms, a box office, three top-notch recording studios, a stage with seating, and an enclosed plaza for outdoor performances in the Jazz Lab. Besides the unrecorded music, guests can partake in the food and drinks given by Hideout Pizza.

For a long time under Rucker’s initiative, various distributions have continually cast a ballot for the UCO Jazz Lab as Oklahoma’s top live entertainment venue. So stopping at this dazzling office is quite possibly one of the best things to do in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Address: 100 E 5th St, Edmond, OK 73034, United States

2. Get Creative at AR Workshop Edmond

If you love doing things yourself, AR Workshop Edmond is the place for you. Workshops are held frequently at the destination to teach attendees how to make various items, including canvas pillows and wooden wall decorations.

The attraction will provide everything you need for the project; Nevertheless, you can easily personalize your work to your liking. The workshop lasts two to three hours, so you don’t have to worry about it. You get to take home keepsakes in every class, which is exciting.

During the workshop, coffee and water are provided to participants; However, you are allowed to bring your beverages. This location is suitable for private parties with a minimum of twelve attendees. One of the most enjoyable things to do in Edmond, Oklahoma, is to explore your creative side at this outstanding location.

Address: 1020 Northwest 192nd St, W Danforth Rd suite d, Edmond, OK 73012, United States

3. Don’t Miss a Thing at the Armstrong Auditorium

Armstrong Auditorium, a fascinating performing arts center, is one of Edmond, Oklahoma’s first tourist attractions; you won’t miss a thing at here. This Herbert W. Armstrong School grounds fascination has top-notch music, dance, and dramatic plays.

In addition to the exciting performances, the lobby is beautiful. It is beautified with fabulous French candelabras and Austrian gem crystal fixtures.

Additionally, the Armstrong Auditorium has one of the best acoustics in the United States, making it an ideal venue for orchestral and live music performances.

The objective is to offer symphony and gallery seat season passes to standard visitors and band limits for aggregate passes to at least three shows.

Address: 14400 S Bryant Rd B, Edmond, OK 73034, United States

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Romantic Things To Do In Edmond (OK) 

1. Stop by Brent’s Cajun Seafood and Oyster Bar

If you visit Edmond, you must discuss their meals. Brent’s Cajun Seafood and Oyster Bar is one of Edmond, Oklahoma’s best restaurants. The owner and operator of this magnificent business is a Cajun ancestor from southern Louisiana.

Visit Brent’s Cajun Seafood and Oyster Bar for authentic Cajun hospitality and a mouthwatering taste of New Orleans. Po’boy sandwiches, oysters on the half shell, and occasionally a Cajun seafood boil make up the majority of the menu at the restaurant.

Brent’s also serves pasta and steaks in addition to seafood. On weekdays, they offer lunch specials and a cozy jazz brunch from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. So give your taste buds the treat it merits in this brilliant Fish café.

Address: 3005 S Broadway, Edmond, OK 73013, United States

2. Appreciate the Beauty of Clauren Ridge Vineyard and Winery

If you’re looking for a true example of beauty, look no further than Clauren Ridge Vineyard and Winery. The vineyard, winery, and wine caves are just a few destinations that opened in 2012.

Clauren Ridge Vineyard is the most elevated-positioned wedding setting in Edmond, Oklahoma. It shares aesthetic characteristics with France and California.

On the other hand, the attraction winery is yet another sight to behold. In addition to offering the finest wines, Clauren Ridge Winery also offers a wine-tasting experience on its magnificent patio.

This working winery has a large fermentation room that can be toured. Around 11 wine variations are delivered and packaged by Clauren Ridge.

Address: 6000 W Waterloo Rd, Edmond, OK 73025, United States

3. Get a Taste of Delicious Pizza at Hideaway Pizza

Hideaway Pizza is another café in Edmond, Oklahoma, offering eat-in, take-out, and conveyance. They make great pizza in their own special way. Specialty pizza comes in a wide variety of delicious flavors.

You can make your pizza with one of their many toppings and sauces if you can’t find what you want. Additionally, you can choose from various available crusts, including gluten-free 10-inch crusts, hand-tossed crusts in three sizes, and cauliflower crusts.

Hideaway Pizza serves other flavorful feasts notwithstanding pizza, for example, prepared pasta dinners presented with garlic rolls, scrumptious Italian-style sandwiches, and new plates of mixed greens.

Visit Hideaway Pizza when you’re in Edmond, Oklahoma, to make your pizza and enjoy a delicious meal.

Address: 3832 116 E 5th St, Edmond, OK 73034, United States

Free Things To Do In Edmond (OK)

1. Get a Glimpse of History at the Edmond Historical Society & Museum

As soon as you enter the Edmond Historical Society & Museum, you’ll be immersed in the city’s way back fascinating history.

The building where the museum is located was once home to the 179th Infantry, 45th Division of the Oklahoma National Guard.

The permanent collections at the Edmond Historical Society & Museum are organized from the ancient fields to 1888.

The museum’s Children’s Learning Centre gives intuitive play to kids, while the Grown-up Perusing Room highlights verifiable data about Edmond.

Private events like weddings, celebrations, meetings, and other special occasions can be held at the Rodkey House.

Address: 431 S Blvd, Edmond, OK 73034, United States

2. Take Your Dog for a Walk at Edmond Dog Park

The Edmond Dog Park at Bickham-Rudkin Park is a five-section of land office with a unique off-chain region for your pets.

Dogs can swim and play in the water at this one-of-a-kind park’s pond. This lovely encased dog park is a superb spot to bring your pet for some off-chain workout.

There are benches, tree covers, and access to a lake where dogs can swim at Edmond Dog Park.

A waste station with a trash can and dog feces bags is provided for your comfort and convenience. Additionally, older and smaller dogs have their own separate section from the rest of the kennel.

You can meet other pet owners and set up future play dates with your dog at this charming park.

Besides, dog proprietors should keep their pets on a rope until they have entered the closed-in region and the entryway has been shut.

Address: 379 E 33rd St, Edmond, OK 73013, United States

3. Enjoy the Tree Lined Views at Stephenson Park

Stephenson Park’s tree-lined areas are a great place to take in the city’s oldest park, which covers 3.57 acres.

It is a great place for individuals, couples, and families to have fun and spend time outside.

A stunning rock garden, a charming creek runoff, and public tennis and croquet courts are among the park’s amenities, which are open to the public.

Additionally, it has a rolling landscape and two WPA (Civil Works Administration) constructed pedestrian bridges that cross a small creek runoff.

Take a stroll with your friends and take in the stunning park views.

Address: S Littler Ave & East 4th Street, 431 S Blvd, Edmond, OK 73034, United States

Cheap Things To Do In Edmond  (OK)

1. Have Fun at Meadow Lakes Park

Meadow Lakes Park is a local area-possessed park with offices for play, picnicking, and barbecuing. At the junction of Meadow Lake Drive and Winding Lane, it covers 5.6 acres.

The park’s tennis, walking trails, and basketball courts are all in excellent condition.

Partake in a couple of long stretches of the excursion or play a couple of sets of tennis with your companions.

The Urban Renewal Authority, Land and Water Conservation Fund, and bond issuance funded improving the picnic area, sandlot, playground, tennis court, multi-purpose court, water system, and parking facilities.

Address: 24 East 1st St. Edmond, OK 73034

2. Try Kayaking at Bickham-Rudkin Park

Bickham-Rudkin Park, which opened in 2006, incorporates multi-use trails, a playground, a covered structure with outdoor tables, and a mutual dog park with easy access to the pond.

It includes a short strolling trail that is great for a fast walk and a covered outing structure that facilitates gatherings and social occasions with loved ones.

There’s a decent playground with a few fascinating playsets. The small pond’s size supports fishing and kayaking.

This is an Oklahoma Wildlife Office fishing pond with largemouth bass, channel catfish, carp, and other local fish.

Address: E 33rd St & Rankin Terrace, 379 E 33rd St, Edmond, OK 73013, United States

3. Shoot Hoops at Mitch Park

Mitch Park opened its doors in 1994 and is a lovely spot for family and friends to shoot hoops.

There are over 4.5 miles of running and jogging trails in this 280-acre park, including a 2.8-mile outer path and a 1.5-mile inner path.

Walkers can arrive at the external course from Kelly Ave on the recreation area’s east side. It also has two playgrounds, a disc golf course, a skate park, a theatre, picnic tables, pavilions, grills, two basketball courts, a volleyball court, and an athletic facilities complex.

The Multiple Activity Center (MAC) and Senior Center are in the recreation area’s southeast corner.

There are five softball fields, four baseball fields, and an adaptive field at the Mitch Park Sports Complex.

Address: 24 East 1st St. Edmond, OK 73034.

Cool Places To Visit In Edmond (OK)

1. Arcadia Lake

Arcadia Lake is one of Edmond’s most popular vacation spots. It is an artificial reservoir arranged on the Profound Fork River. Nature lovers will enjoy this location to the fullest—one of the best things to do in Edmond, Oklahoma.

The fascination highlights climbing trails, camping areas, picnic tables, disc golf courses, and sandy swimming beaches. In addition, several boat launches are available for those who want to fish, jet ski, or boat on the lake.

The attraction also has a covered, heated dock and a fishing pier that anglers can use year-round.

In this fascinating attraction, mountain biking is another activity that can be enjoyed. Arcadia Lake’s fun cannot be missed; As a result, ensure it’s on your schedule.

Address: 9000 E 2nd St. Edmond, OK 73007

2. Arctic Edge Ice Arena

Edmond City has various offices to suit its inhabitants’ and guests’ inclinations. Would you like to skate? Arctic Edge Ice Arena is perfect for you. Public skating, a concession stand, arcades, and other features can be found at this ice skating center.

The facility has a “Learn to Skate Program” if you don’t know how to skate. You can likewise appreciate Hockey, and figure skating, among others.

In addition, a summer sports camp is held in this arena. For corporate events, birthday parties, and holiday parties, the facility is available for rent.

In this location, you will have an unforgettable experience; make sure it is on your list of things to do.

Address: 14613 N Kelley Ave, Edmond, OK 73013, United States

3. Margaret Annis Boys Centennial Arboretum

The Margaret Annis Boys Centennial Arboretum, situated in Edmond, Oklahoma, is a fantastic objective for plant enthusiasts. Investigating this extraordinary area is perhaps the best thing to do in Edmond.

More than 100 trees of various native and ornamental species make up the Arboretum’s extensive collection of plant specimens.

Visitors and locals alike can view and learn about the various tree species that thrive in Edmond, Oklahoma, at this exceptional park.

You can see parts of the Bickham-Rudkin Park trail from the Arboretum and even enjoy birdwatching.

In addition, the attraction has signs that show common tree names, botanical names, mature height, and other characteristics. These signs are unique icons that have explanations on the attraction website.

The Owl and the Oak sculpture and a weeping Japanese pagoda tree are two of the Arboretum’s most captivating attractions.

Address: 2108 Smiling Hill Blvd, Edmond, OK 73013, United States

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Edmond has a charm that attracts many tourists, and although it is a suburb of the great Oklahoma City, it does not let itself be outshined.

Make Edmond your next vacation destination to experience its beauty, recreational activities, and facility. It is the perfect getaway destination for friends and family regardless of age. Pin our checklist of things to do in Edmond (OK) as your guide.

Make no delay; get the experience for yourself, and tell us all about it via the comment below.

Have a safe trip!

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