27 Best & Fun Things To Do In Hannibal (MO)

Looking for the best and most fun things to do in Hannibal, Mo? This city certainly has beautiful scenery and exciting exploration activities.

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Hannibal is a beautiful city located on the Mississippi River in northeastern Missouri with a population of seventeen thousand, three hundred and twenty according to the last census.

The town is home to the Mark Twain Boyhood Museum, where the famous American Writer grew up and began his career.

Hannibal is a beautiful city full of diverse cultures and histories that contribute to the city’s beauty.

There are so many beautiful things you can do to be happy all the time.

This unique city is never lacking in the beautiful scenery and fascinating sites that not only bring you closer to nature but also teach you more about history and culture.

Are you planning a visit to Hannibal? Here are some of the things to do in Hannibal, Missouri.

Fun Things To Do In Hannibal, (MO)

1. Shop At Ayers Pottery

Ayers Pottery should be your first place if you want to buy unique and beautiful items.

It is a locally owned pottery shop located in Historic Downtown Hannibal and is well known in the country for its unique products.

The Ayers Pottery covers the pottery work of Steve Ayers, who has been making pottery for more than three decades.

They make all the pieces of clay thinking about the customers by staying longer and more secure in the food.

Ayers Pottery produces a comprehensive collection of drinkware, bakeware, homeware, server-ware, and dinnerware.

The pottery is safe in the oven, the handles are always comfortable, they fit into the dishwasher, and they are incredibly beautiful.

2. Enjoy The Comfort of Finn’s Food & Spirits

Finn’s Food & Spirits is a great Hannibal restaurant ideal for family and friends to share where you get to enjoy delicious food.

The restaurant offers a welcoming and friendly ambience so that customers can relax and enjoy their food, which goes well with a well-decorated interior.

Finn’s Food & Spirits offers a large menu that includes chicken sandwiches, catfish sandwiches, Shrimp PO ‘Boy, Fried Pickles, Cajun Catfish Basket, Catfish and Cucumber Salad, and onion rings, fried battered beer, Ruben, and more.

3. Cave and Camp Grounding

Camping is a fun and exciting activity you can do at Hannibal, especially with your friends and family, for amazing information.

Cave and campgrounds offer guests the opportunity to enjoy and visit Hannibal.

This is an excellent camping site, with a spectacular stadium covering ninety-nine camps.

The caves and the base of the camp include shady camps to provide a quiet and comfortable environment.

Things To Do In Hannibal, (MO) At Night

1. Join the Thrilling Haunted Hannibal Ghost Tours

Legend has it that the Hannibal History Museum was attacked.

Perfect for those who like to learn more about these scary stories, Haunted Hannibal Ghost Tours is where you should visit at night.

The museum has many Hannibal cultures and history, but you get to see the other side of it during a ghost visit.

There are cemeteries near the museum, which makes the experience look spookier and more enjoyable.

2. Visit Mark Twain Brewing Co.

Mark Twain Brewing Co. is a microbrewery & pub with 10-12 house-brewed ales.

Enjoy the scenic river views from Hurricane Deck and the Pilot House Bar.

Located across the street from Mark Twain’s Boyhood Home. A great family connection to Hannibal’s history.

They also offer brewery tours upon request.

3. Learn about the Famous Titanic Passenger at the Molly Brown Birthplace Museum

Almost everyone is a fan of the Titanic movie.

If so, this place will truly interest you.

The Molly Brown Birthplace Museum is the former home of the famous Titanic rider, Molly Brown.

Her home is preserved and converted into a guest house.

It is her first home and is currently owned by the city of Hannibal.

This place is a hidden gem.

It will be a great experience for anyone interested in American history, especially the femininity and the Titanic tragedy

Things To Do In Hannibal, (MO) For Couples

1. A Trip To Rumour Has It Bar & Grill

For a delicious meal experience, add food to Rumor Has It… Bar & Grill is one of the fun things you can do in Hannibal, (MO).

Rumors He Has… Bar & Grill confirms that there is something for everyone with gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options.

Each meal is made from scratch using locally grown ingredients and professional chefs in the restaurant.

Rumors You Have… Bar & Grill offers delicious food like bleu burger, mozzarella sticks, Reuben, catfish dinner, fresh chicken wings, French fries, roasted vegetables, bratwurst, and more.

They offer well-designed cocktails and a wide range of drinks, including Deschutes mirror pond ale, large blonde ale, hail Mary Belgian IPA, Cathedral’s Square’s, and much more.

2. Spend A Night At Rockcliffe Mansion

The Rockcliffe Mansion is located in the style of the Georgian renovation and is a beautiful ancient settlement founded between 1898 and 1900.

The building has ten ornate fireplaces, and more than 30 rooms, and is filled with quarterly oak and mahogany appointments.

The Rockcliffe mansion has a variety of architectural details that make it almost impossible to replicate.

Contains authentic antique material and is decorated with the latest Victorian styles and art nouveau; the mansion is rich in history.

The Rockcliffe Mansion offers guided tours, which include accommodations for guests who decide to spend the night and stay for a while.

This could be a perfect night out for you and your partner.

3. Grab Some WIne At Cave Hollow West Winery

Cave Hollow West Winery is a great place to relax and unwind with your loved ones and should be on your to-do list in Hannibal, (MO).

The winery is located within the Mark Twain Cave Complex, which offers small-batch wines from Macon and West Winery, including Mark Twain wines.

Cave Hollow West Winery has an indoor and outdoor seating area with an Event Center for simple family or friends gatherings, small gatherings, or parties.

They provide a fresh and healthy atmosphere so that guests can relax and enjoy everything they have to offer, including local wine and beer lamps like crackers and cheese.

Cave Hollow West Winery offers historic tours of the Mark Twain Cave/Cameron Cave, a full-service platform, and a gift shop.

Things To Do In Hannibal, (MO) For Kids

1. Make A Visit To Nipper Park Waterfront

Nipper Park Waterfront is your first place if you want to spend time alone with your kids.

This park is a beautiful and simple park with a beautiful trail that offers an amazing view of the Mississippi.

This small park has a large area for children to run around, which includes a small playground that includes a clean/parent swing.

The Nipper Park Waterfront has a large shelter with amazing views of the river, and you can sit by the river with your child and watch the sunset.

There is a fountain and plaques in the grassy area by the river; be sure to pass by this park.

2. Dempsey Dog Park

Dempsey Dog Park is located in the downtown district of Hannibal; it is a favourite dog park.

This dog park is a 1-1⅓ acre fenced park with large open spaces and separate areas for small and large dogs.

Dempsey Dog Park has ample space for play dogs and their owners and other dogs.

There are picnic tables with shady trees all over the place where families can sit, relax and enjoy a meal together.

Dempsey Dog Park offers garbage dumps and cans, and the park is well maintained and clean.

3. Enjoy the Great Outdoors at Riverview Park

Riverview Park is a beautiful forest area of ​​465 hectares of forest with spectacular views of the Mississippi River.

The park has a few exciting amenities for the public to enjoy; on September 6, 2005, was re-listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Riverview Park has a beautiful waterfall and a spring house located in an extended loop, making it a great place to enjoy the beauty of spring.

The park offers visitors the opportunity to observe wildlife such as wild dogs, ducks, coyotes, deer, and even fishing.

Riverview Park has an amazing playground and shelter with picnic tables for family fun.

You will find Pettibone monuments, Clemens Memorial, and paved and unpaved trails, including Soap Hollow, North River Road Trails, and White Pines, used for non-motorized traffic.

Indoor Activities To Do In Hannibal, (MO) For Adults (Indoor Activities)

1. Visit The Big River Train Town

If you have never visited Big River Train Town, add it to your to-do list in Hannibal, MO, as it offers a completely different experience.

Big River Train Town is a very attractive destination; it’s heaven for those people who love trains and everything for cars.

The Museum is full of old toys trains & memorabilia; the facility is private and well maintained.

Big River Train Town has a cohesive building of the modern railway era, and toys have been a part of everyone’s life.

2. Make A Stop At Karlock Kars and Pop Culture

Karlock Kars and Pop Culture is a 10,000-square-foot space that combines beautiful and unique features that you will not find anywhere else.

The museum is undoubtedly one of the best shopping destinations in Hannibal as it offers an amazing array of ancient and modern cars.

Karlock Kars and pop culture is a well-repository repository filled with high-tech infrastructure and architecture.

The museum includes jukeboxes, arcade games, movie theatres, hundreds of signs and posters, a few classic cars, unique toys, and much more.

Karlock Kars and pop culture is a great place to visit; take a guided tour and browse through the entire facility, it is worth it.

3. The Hannibal History Museum

If you would like to learn about Hannibal’s history, visiting the Hannibal History Museum is one of the best things you can do in Hannibal, (MO).

The Hannibal History Museum is designed to reveal, preserve, and promote Hannibal’s culture, environment, and industrial heritage.

Visitors get to learn and celebrate Hannibal’s rich culture and history through the exhibits.

The Hannibal History Museum provides detailed information on the life of Mark Twain and his hometown.

Visitors also find legendary stories about the birth and ascension of steamboats and railways, the lives of billions of planks, regional river explorers and early settlers, and more.

The museum has a unique gift shop that offers a wide variety of handicrafts and resources available for purchase.

Romantic Things To Do In Hannibal, (MO)

1. Time Out At Sodalis Nature Preserve

If your description of a well-used day is surrounded by special natural beauty, add a visit to the Sodalis Nature reserve to your Hannibal list of fun things to do in Hannibal, (MO).

Sodalis Nature reserve is currently the second-largest park in Hannibal; is a popular place for wildlife photographers.

This reserve serves as a haven for biodiversity, with an amazing variety of wildlife.

In addition, it serves as a workshop where students can see and do research on bats.

The Sodalis Nature reserve contains an easily accessible path, one kilometre long or bike path and 6 miles of recreational trails.

This storage is bright and well maintained; make sure you bring your camera to get good photos of the Preserve.

2. The Huckleberry Park


One of the fun things you can do in Hannibal, (MO), is to visit Huckleberry Park to get an amazing experience with your family and friends.

Huckleberry Park is available for a variety of recreational activities and is open to all, residents and visitors.

The park is a 70-hectare park with wooded areas, accessible access lake, and hills.

Huckleberry Park consists of an 18-hole golf course, one lighted softball field, half & court basketball, and four lighted tennis courts.

This is also a great picnic area, with two shelters available for rent and picnic tables with benches.

Huckleberry Park contains great hiking trails, cycling, and wildlife races as well as the amazing nature you can see.

3. Timeout At Lover’s Leap

Lover’s Leap is a five-acre [5 ha] piece of land on the southern edge of town that sits in a bluff area near the 79th highway.

Famous for its view of the Mississippi River, Hannibal, and miles across Illinois

There is even a barbecue grill, shelter, historical information, benches, and a bright flag for you to enjoy.

In Lover’s Leap, you will see a phone with locks on it.

This is because so many tourists have started to write their names on them and put a lock on them as if to say they are “locked in love” when visiting this place.

The Lover’s Leap uphill road is steep and short, so driving your car high is not encouraging.

Reaching the summit will give visitors a panoramic view of the entire city.

Free Things To Do In Hannibal, Mo

1. Snap Photos With The Wax Statues at Haunted House on Hill Street

This wax museum on Hill Street is spooky, fun, and a great place for both kids and adults.

There are many different shows in this area, which promise a memorable experience for you and your family.

Haunted House on Hill Street is best known for its wax paintings of various famous artists and artists, which will blow you away as they look extremely realistic.

You will surely enjoy taking pictures with them to post on Instagram!

2. Go Hiking in The Julian Steyermark Woods Conservation Area

The Julian Steyermark Woods Conservation Area is a great place for hiking and wildlife watching.

The park has well-maintained alleys where you and your family can hike, hike, or even ride your bike.

The natural beauty of this place is amazing.

A top view of the trails will make the whole trip worthwhile.

In the Julian Steyermark Woods Conservation Area, you can discover and view local wildlife and take dozens of amazing photos.

You can come here alone and enjoy the beauty of nature, read a book, meditate, or just sit around.

The beauty and nature of this park will never fail you.

3. Explore Hannibal’s Vibrant Downtown Area

The best part of all the cities is their metropolitan area, don’t you think?

This is the case with Hannibal.

The downtown area is full of shops and restaurants.

Good small restaurants are among the must-visit places in this area.

Downtown Hannibal shines brightly at night, making it amazing.

The small bakeries here have outdoor seating, and the whole vibe of this place is very nice and cozy.

Spending time in the city can be cool and calm, and it will fill your heart with joy.

You can go shopping, check out some good caffeine, or just breathe fresh air.

Do not miss a visit to the downtown area if you want to experience the true beauty and serenity of Hannibal.

Cheap Things To Do In Hannibal, (MO)

1. Hike to the Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse

This monument is erected in memory of the late Mark Twain.

He was a famous writer, author, scholar, philosopher, and critical thinker of the past, and this light monument is a tribute to him.

Twain was born in Hannibal, and the small town has always remembered him.

If you like books, this place is not really lost, because you can find everything with this famous author.

The Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse offers a panoramic view of the entire city, which is a magnificent view.

It’s a great place to go for a quick walk.

The lighthouse glows at night and looks extremely beautiful!

This attraction is full of history and memories and is definitely a must-visit if you are in Hannibal or near you.

2. Visit The Best Restaurants In Hannibal

With lots of good dine-in restaurants around, you will not go hungry in Hannibal.

LaBinnah Bistro, located in the historic location of the city on the 5th and Center, focuses on influential Mediterranean dishes, with a good selection of steaks and chops.

For the grill, head to the Wayne BBQ; this old food truck is now a brick-and-mortar store that offers plates, sandwiches, and delicious, low-quality sides that you would expect from a barbecue joint.

When you are ready to return a pint or two, go to the Mark Twain Brewing Company; the brewpub offers Hannibal-made beers that include ales, IPAs, and stouts for the draft and for investors or cans.

Be sure to save your dessert space: Chocolaterie Stam offers beautiful Dutch chocolates in its downtown store, and Becky’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream, next to the corner of the Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum, is an attractive ice cream parlour with a small gift shop. 

3. Attend The Big River Steampunk Festival

This is one of the festivals and special events Hannibal holds throughout the year, many of them focusing on the work of Mark Twain.

is a visitor favourite, featuring a funky vibe and live performances, as is the downtown district during the holiday season, which comes alive with Victorian decorations.

Time your Hannibal weekend getaway just right, and you might be treated to a little something extra in this historic river town.

Cool Places To Visit In Hannibal, (MO)

1. Big River Train Town

If you have never visited Big River Train Town, add it to your to-do list in Hannibal, (MO), as it offers a completely different experience.

Big River Train Town is a very attractive destination; it’s heaven for those people who love trains and everything for cars.

The Museum is full of old toys trains & memorabilia; the facility is private and well maintained.

Big River Train Town has a cohesive building of the modern railway era, and toys have been a part of everyone’s life.

Bring your camera and take a good look at the exhibits, don’t forget to browse the gift shop and entertainment.

2. Haunted House on Hill Street

The Haunted House on Hill Street gives guests a terrifying and exciting experience that will send thrills through your veins.

It is Hill Street, with a variety of different shows and other activities that ensure you and your family have a great time.

The Haunted House on Hill Street incorporates wax images of a few prominent artists and artists that look real and attractive.

The museum is open to the public regardless of age, and visitors first explore the magical holiday scene full of various gifts and holiday items.

Haunted House on Hill Street also has a dark room that combines a blurry view of the twenty-seven wax figures made by Martin Krewson.

3. Becky Thatcher’s House

One of the top things you can do at Hannibal is visiting Becky Thatcher’s House; it was the home of the Elijah Hawkins Family.

Laura Hawkins, her daughter, was a friend of Mark Twain’s childhood and her Becky Thatcher museum, a character in her book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”

Becky Thatcher’s House was purchased by Mark Twain’s museum in January 2001 from private ownership.

The building was recently renovated in 2016; Becky Thatcher’s shop is fully stocked with a variety of toys, books, and dolls.

Becky Thatcher’s House plays an important role in the Mark Twain National Register of Regional History, make sure you pass.


Hannibal, (MO) is your best bet if you are looking for a place never short of fun.

You can be sure that there are loads of activities to catch and hold down your attention all year round.

Be it personal, family, children, or that special someone; there are many things you can do in Hannibal, (MO).

Trying out any of the activities listed above will surely be worth your time.

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