29 Best & Fun Things To Do In Hattiesburg (MS)

Hattiesburg is a small town that one would like to live in. A welcoming community and everyone knows each other.

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Outsiders may agree that our hospitality is pure. Schools here like Oak Grove offer a quality education.

The diversity is very high in the South. There is an offer of a variety of cultural foods from Italian, Mexican, Indian, Japanese, and more.

Few places will give the “wow” feeling making you never want to leave? For many visitors, it happened in the city of Hattiesburg.

Yes, it is true, that the city of Hattiesburg may not be as popular as other cities in the United States, but do not let that deceive you.

Hattiesburg is a small but beautiful tourist destination to visit.

For sure you will be amazed at some of the unique things you can do and places to explore in this hidden area.

You may wish to visit it again someday, to take a break and relax in Hattiesburg as there are so many fun and interesting things to keep you occupied.

We are of the opinion that if you include this city in your travel plans, you will be glad you did.

Should you have plans to, perhaps, visit the United States and are not sure that Hattiesburg should be included in your travel plan, keep reading.

Here in this article, we put together some of the things to do in Hattiesburg and the suburbs.

Fun Things To Do In Hattiesburg (MS)

1. Visit Hattiesburg Zoo

One of the most exciting and exciting places to visit in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is the Hattiesburg Zoo.

It is a favorite zoo district in this beautiful city where several wildlife is kept.

One unique and striking feature of this amazing zoo in Hattiesburg is that all the animals look very happy and well cared for.

It is well placed, so you do not waste tons of time traveling without seeing the animals.

Besides, you would not hesitate to commend the way the animals organized the Lights of the Wild at the Hattiesburg Zoo.

What do you think the light looks like and how?

You should not raise your curiosity too much, visiting here is the only thing that will do justice!

However, it is worth mentioning that there are also established stations where guests can buy popcorn, hot cocoa, and other delicacies.

Hattiesburg Zoo is a perfect, cheap zoo that is very related to kids of all ages!

When planning a trip to Hattiesburg, be sure to visit this beautiful zoo, if possible, with your children.

It will definitely be the right decision!

2. Mississippi Armed Forces Museum

Mississippi Armed Forces Museum is a wonderful place in the heart of Hattiesburg that always attracts many visitors every year.

This amazing museum has many amazing and exciting exhibits.

These shows are very instructive and you will surely get more pleasure from seeing them.

Besides, a visit to this amazing museum in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, will give you an idea of ​​how the early settlers lived their lives.

How they spend their lives, their main lifestyle, their choice of career, and the countless questions you can expect to be answered here!

In particular, if you are a soldier, a soldier, or a man like a soldier, do not leave Hattiesburg without looking at this museum!

Although, if you can’t criticize the cruel truth about war and military-like activities, then you should probably check out something a little more unreliable.

It will definitely be a fun, educational, interesting, and exciting trip if you can visit this amazing museum.

In fact, all employees are equally knowledgeable and will do their best to answer all your questions, if any.

Their excellent list of outdoor equipment is also something to talk about, as you can have some relaxation if you are not interested in seeing those of the arts.

3. Hattiesburg Station

Are you interested in using a safe and easy mode of transportation for your travels while living in Hattiesburg, Mississippi?

Of course, the Hattiesburg Station should come to your mind if you really wish.

This beautiful place is a train station in Hattiesburg and can help you get on a long and short trip while you are in this beautiful city.

The train travels impressively from New Orleans to Boston and New York.

In short, this lovely place has always been a great way to travel.

They are equally famous for being one of the best railway stations in the south, and they are always clean.

As a tourist, you can always count on them to bring you directly to the heart of the city.

Interestingly, tickets can be booked online, and that makes it one of the most flexible train stations in Hattiesburg.

Another great and attractive feature of this amazing railway station is its provision of electronic entry.

Of course, this is achieved by using a barcode scanner for your Amtrak booking.

The team working here is also patient and takes time to satisfy all the visitors who come in their own way.

While in Hattiesburg, this might be the best place to start your exploration as they will transfer you to the places you plan to visit.

So, do not hesitate to check out the Hattiesburg station as soon as you arrive in the city.

4. Southern Prohibition Brewing In Hattiesburg

This is an exceptionally fun place to visit, especially for Breweries fans in Hattiesburg.

This Brewpub, better known as the Hattiesburg Brewery with a few local residents, is known for being the leading brewery for decades and counting in the west.

This is due to the fact that the brewed beers produced here are incomparable to those found in other industries.

Not only that, their beer is made with the right flavor and ingredients needed.

So, do you love beer and want a nice and welcoming place to enjoy the same?

You no longer have to worry; Southern Prohibition Brewing has everything you can think of in your mind!

The owner is very friendly and shows love to everyone who comes.

The Oreo crumble cake given to the new guest itself will make your day while you are here.

Does it sound unbelievable that everything available here is affordable?

Yes, that’s right, but then, everything here is cheaper than you might think!

We hope that if you are in Hattiesburg, you will pass by to check out the great bartenders here.

When planning a trip, if you have dogs, bring them because it is allowed!

Also, there is no need to feel lonely at night because the nightlife of Hattiesburg is something everyone looks forward to; the city comes alive at night.

Here are some things to do in Hattiesburg at night:

Things To Do In Hattiesburg At Night

1. Midtown Halloween Block Party

Hattiesburg’s largest Halloween party takes Midtown until 2:00 a.m.

Dress for the nightmare and evil of the Midtown Halloween Block Party.

Pick up your tickets in advance, tickets include Special event wristband free admission, access to 30+ facilities (No Cover Payments), great photos, food and beverage offers, a food truck, DJs, and live music. $ 500 Costume Contest!

The party leaves at 7:00 p.m. until the facilities are closed and most venues will be using lots and balconies.

A limited number of tickets will be on sale at this event. Do not miss this event you will be sold early.

2. Nick’s Ice House

Located in Hattiesburg, Nick’s Ice House dates back to 1972.

It is, therefore, not surprising that it still retains the beauty of the old world, and offers sponsors a selection of bottled beers.

The dive bar also gives customers the opportunity to enjoy amazing live music and delicious drinks included on the menu, and the friendly staff works hard to make sure sponsors enjoy their time here.

Equipped with a pool table, some television screens, and a dartboard, the bar will not let you pass a single idle moment as it tries to catch you in its happy atmosphere!

Sit quietly on top of the delicious cold beer bottles and snack bars as you engage in conversations with friends and family.

3. The Robert Cray Band

On Saturday, September 24, Robert Cray made sounds from American roots, blues, soul, and R&B.

Over the past four decades, Cray has won five Grammy Awards, produced 20 acclaimed albums, and recorded a number of live albums at the Blues Hall of Fame.

From What I’ve Heard, Robert celebrates the music of Curtis Mayfield, Bobby “Blue” Bland, The Sensational Nightingales, and others, as well as four recently recorded songs.

The music of That’s What I Heard falls into two categories, fun and exciting. In the previous episode, “You’re the Only One” comes from Bobby’s song “Blue” Bland.

“There’s something I feel like you should get out of your head when you put together one of your heroes,” Cray explained.

“Bobby is one of them. You just let it go and do the song because you love it. “

Attending his shows has been one of the highlights of Hattiesburg’s nightlife.

Things To Do In Hattiesburg For Couples

1. Dine Around Hattiesburg Town

The date of the dinner date is the ancient language of the gift of love. We love to take turns exploring each other’s favorites, especially in cities that love food.

Luckily for fans, the Hattiesburg restaurant was out of all of the following: chicken, wall, and charts!

On the other hand, after visiting many of the restaurants in Hattiesburg, we felt like foie gras, so we never looked at our charts.

They have all the favorites like kickin ’Creole, fried chicken, and the melt-in-mouth BBQ in Southern Mississippi.

But, there was something else that surprised us, the Millennial Gastropub scene.

Hattiesburg has the highest Millennials population in the South (35%).

Craft burgers are so good that the city has created the Hatties [Burger] Trail, and that is no longer the case with the city’s famous chefs, Robert St John and Katie Dixon.

2. Shop at The Lucky Rabbit

Lucky Rabbit is a store that calls itself ta junk shop, but it is believed the amazing shopping area can pass as a museum.

There are so many antique items in the store that it really tastes like Americana.

You will know that you have found the place where you see the old phone and old Coke machines before. It is particularly, a very romantic place to visit with your partner.

There is everything from antiquity and a collection of new handmade items in The Lucky Rabbit.

The rules are simple.

Choose a spending limit, say $ 20 and give yourself an hour to get something great for your partner.

Part of the game keeps it a secret, but most of all, you spend an hour looking at the world in the eyes of your partner.

When the time is up, head out to one of Hattiesburg’s hot restaurants to exchange gifts.

3. Discovering Downtown Hattiesburg

If your love language is a quality time, Downtown Hattiesburg calls your name.

Downtown is full of public art, including murals, sculptures, and the famous Hattiesburg Pocket Museum.

You will spend hours and hours of quality time exploring all the nooks and crannies and discover the best details ever imagined.

If you like organized dates, Hattiesburg puts on an amazing slate for festivals and events.

From the weekly live music at Five in the park (spring and autumn) to the great HubFest arts and music festival to the delightful Downtown Crawfish Jam Music Festival, they give you the best time you can spend.

If you like going to festivals, you can choose your favorite to enhance your romantic trip to Hattiesburg.

Plus, you’re looking at things you can do in Hattiesburg this weekend if you don’t like all that planning. All good.

Things To Do In Hattiesburg For Kids

1. Kid’s Rule

This is a place for children with all kinds of interests. Kids Rule is an indoor cum playground for children’s birthday parties located at Newpointe Shopping Center, Lamar County, Mississippi.

The indoor playground has breathtaking buildings, arcade games, slides, and a parent lounge.

Kids Rule is very popular as a birthday party for a child and it is family-friendly. Alos, this popular venue is used for other events such as church entry and closing from time to time.

The playground is nice, safe, and clean and there is an entrance with a wheelchair.

2. Usm Reed Green Coliseum

It is a guaranteed fun space for the kids. The Usm Reed Green Coliseum is a multi-faceted stadium often referred to as the “Yurt” for local sports enthusiasts and sports writers.

Opened on December 6, 1965, the venue belonged to the University of Southern Mississippi.

The Usm Reed Green Coliseum is a university men’s and women’s basketball team and can accommodate up to 8095 people.

It got its name from Athletics Coach and Director Reed Green.

In addition to being a sports venue, the center also hosts concerts, graduation ceremonies, and various community events.

3. Tatum Park

Tatum Park is a fun place to go for kids. It is another neighboring park in Hattiesburg.

Like any other institution, the resources here are unique.

Home to many softball stadiums and soccer fields, you will find here many professional tennis courts and a golf course.

Its multi-purpose field provides equipment and services for all types of games.

So, perhaps, you are searching for a place for games, playing with some friends, and having a fun day, Tatum Park is your answer.

Indoor Activities To Do In Hattiesburg For Adults (Indoor Activities)

1. Hattiesburg Arts Council Gallery

To promote arts education in the community, the Hattiesburg Arts Council Gallery provides an art playground for children to explore.

The gallery has a few art classes that teach drawing with live models.

2. Hub Bowling Lanes

Hub Bowling Lanes is a bowling alley that runs the bowling league and offers open bowling.

The bowling alley also has video games, pool tables, a lounge area, and a snack bar.

3. African American Military History Museum

A landmark cultural heritage site, the African American Military History Museum is the only center of its kind in the United States.

It highlights the role of African and American soldiers, from the founding of the country to the present day.

Romantic Things To Do In Hattiesburg

1. Medicine Wheel Garden

Located at the University of Southern Mississippi on the Hattiesburg campus, the Medicine Wheel Garden is a collaborative effort led by Native Americans Tammy Greer and the GEIS team.

The garden is full of traditional plants with medicinal or creative value.

2. A visit to Lake Thoreau Environmental Center

Contrary to what you may have read about this little place on other blogs, it is also a fun place to visit.

They have a national verse location suitable for all mountaineers in Hattiesburg.

If you like hiking, you will find the best one if you visit this amazing Lake Thoreau Environmental Center.

Plus, this is a great place and a great place for your family or a personal photoshoot.

This equally seems to be the best place to go if you have young children because there are so many things here that will engage them.

Kids can roam well or run to burn the fat.

This will be a happy place for all ages in Hattiesburg.

No wonder they are known for their amazing desire to provide an atmosphere that encourages visitors of all ages to explore the environment.

On top of all this, it is important to note that, there are many opportunities for recreation here for tourists and residents.

This includes fishing, weekend activities, birds, and a number of other popular activities.

Apart from these exciting features found here, no entry fee is required for anyone.

Although donations are allowed, you usually need zero dollars to explore this beautiful and exciting Hattiesburg.

3. A Visit To Shadow Ridge Golf Course In Hattiesburg

Shadow Ridge Golf Course could be quite a romantic place to spend with a loved one.

This beautiful place is called a golf clubhouse in this beautiful city of Mississippi.

The lessons here are challenging, very effective, and will rekindle your interest in the game no matter how long you may have the plaid to keep.

On the contrary, they have a wonderful staff here with a great experience.

Their staff are patient and always eager to answer visitors’ questions.

Consistently, this course is simply the best course in the field of play, but nonetheless, a challenging course will keep you on your toes from 1st to 1st green to 18th.

The large cafe here is also amazing and they have a variety of delicious food that is always available.

If you are interested in Canadian or American cuisine, you would definitely not be confused before you find that here.

Surprisingly, both golf course fees and food prices here are unaffordable.

You may not find similar services of this type at that level anywhere in Hattiesburg if you are not here!

So, will you ever visit this beautiful Mississippi city anytime soon?

If you like it, remember to check out what Shadow Ridge Golf Course offers guests!

Free Things To Do In Hattiesburg

1. Farmers Markets

Downtown Farmers Market is open every Thursday from 3 to 6 p.m. in Town Square Park.

Provides products, locally laid eggs, home plants, handmade toys and handicrafts and more.

The Indoor Forrest County Farmers Market is open from 7 a.m. to noon every Wednesday and Saturday on Corinne Street.

The annual market offers fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, homemade jams and jelly, fresh baked goods, art, crochet items, jewelry, and cosmetics.

2. Public Art Trail

Hattiesburg’s rich art gallery offers a wide range of public artifacts you can find, including murals, sculptures, and hand-painted relief boxes.

The Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art offers an “art trail” with all the best features, guiding people throughout Hattiesburg.

Those wishing to enter the trail can find a map and brochure on the Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art website.

3. Hattiesburg Pocket Museum

In the secret area of ​​the city, the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum is located on a “secret road” full of interactive art installations and exhibitions circling monthly.

Hidden in the street are nine cats, the Hattiesburg Pocket Theater, Nashville artist t-story, Kelsey Montague, and 3-D installation, including “Hub City Chasm” and “Abbey Road,” “both Hattiesburg Artist, Lissa Ortego.

Small scenes featuring young people are scattered all over the place.

Cheap Things To Do In Hattiesburg

1. Medicine Wheel Garden, Hattiesburg

Do you have a low budget and really want to have some fun while in Hattiesburg?

Medicine Wheel Garden is an amazing recreational area that requires little expense to explore.

It is a beautiful garden just south of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States.

For a more accurate description, this great attraction is at the University of Southern.

If you are here, you will lose a lot of imagination and enjoy nature in a better way because it shows the pride of Native Americans!

In fact, this Hattiesburg garden is far better than the exotic square gardens that most people seem to enjoy.

For the type of tourist who likes to take attractive backgrounds, you might want to visit here!

Medicine Wheel Garden is a great place for photoshoots and picnics.

Most importantly, the gardeners are friendly, creative and knowledgeable.

Despite the many questions from visitors, they are always quick to provide smart answers.

Taking a visit to this beautiful place and showcasing traditional plants in the wild will definitely add a delightful taste to your trip here!

2. Bikeride On The Longleaf Trace Trail

Longleaf Trace is a great way to get around Hattiesburg (MS).

Designed for cycling, pedestrians, horses, and motorcycles, the 41-kilometer road is perfect for fun.

The trail runs through the heart of Hattiesburg, Mississippi near a few steams and dense jungles.

The section will also take you to the University of the Southern Mississippi Campus.

Fortunately, the trail is shaded all year long because of the beautiful pine trees.

3. Visit Alley Cats Axe Throwing Company

Take off some heat by throwing axes, after a long day.

Yes, as long as you have closed shoes, you can pay to throw axes in the target area.

Throwing an axe is a great way to unleash some pent-up energy!

4. Visit The De Soto National Forest

De Soto National Forest is the largest game reserve in Mississippi but is an ideal family tourist park.

Packed with sweeping hillsides, southern pines, and streams, this is an ideal place to relax.

Open year-round for hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, hunting, or fishing!

Cool Places To Visit In Hattiesburg

1. Power Yoga & Movement Of Hattiesburg

How about the opportunity to try something new and amazing? This is what the Power Yoga & Movement of Hattiesburg will give you.

The Yoga studio in Hattiesburg, is always open, every day, all season!

Are you a tourist and you have never been to Hattiesburg, do not miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful place.

Even if you have, you need to come to the Yoga studio in Hattiesburg again, it will probably be very different from what you have ever seen before!

The focus of this beautiful studio is to build resilience and patience for visitors.

Besides, this beautiful studio in Hattiesburg is a great place to go to burn some calories.

Their practice style is hot and fast and you would not but enjoy yourself enough here!

If you are planning to visit Yoga for the first time, you have no problem, instructors are always helpful with beginner training.

So, plan a visit here if you are in this beautiful city of Mississippi!

2. Hattiesburg’s Lotus Downtown

Lotus Downtown is also one of the best places on our list of the most exciting in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Exploring Lotus Downtown will suffice!

They are a spa agency in Hattiesburg that specializes in the use of modern technology in cultivating this magic.

You add their CBD, Deep Tissue, and Structural Integration massages.

At this amazing Hattiesburg spa, they will be very helpful in treating chronic pain that you may be experiencing from old injuries.

Besides, they will not hesitate to help you improve your posture, your performance, and even your breathing.

No matter what you expect, those pains and everything will be taken care of!

The great thing about this lovely place in Hattiesburg is that staff are aware of how your body reacts during treatment and will make sure they work correctly with your body.

Despite all the great things done here, the services provided here are very affordable and you will not be disappointed!

Now it is not just that, but there is also a great salon here and they are great at providing the best treatment for the visitors watching.

If these descriptions match what you would like to experience as a tourist while in Hattiesburg, you need to visit Lotus Downtown!

3. Hattiesburg’s Paul B. Johnson State Park

If nothing makes you happy during your visit to Hattiesburg, Paul B. Johnson State Park will definitely do it.

It is an amazing Mississippi country park with tons of the most beautiful and exciting things to enjoy.

If you like cycling or walking, you will enjoy all the time you spend here.

Be careful, if you are the kind of visitor who loves to free your dogs, so an accident does not occur while you are there.

Obviously, there is something for everyone planning a visit here.

Their lovely swimming pool here is also a combination of fun things you will enjoy here.

And if you swim in any of their pools, there is a washing machine in each of the bathrooms.

Another place that is obviously a fun place worth your time and money is Paul B. Johnson State Park.

In fact, you will enjoy all these amazing things for just a few dollars!

If you are in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, take a look at this beautiful and exciting place.

You would not want to leave early if you are traveling because it is not only fun but also addictive!


Never run out of fun activities in Hattiesburg. Whatever the reason for your visit may be, there is something for you.

And also, there is something for everyone, from adults to kids, and of course, family too in Hattiesburg.

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