27 Best & Fun Things to Do in Superior (WI)

Superior WI, is a brilliant city in Douglas County, Wisconsin, United States. It is located at the intersection of US Highway 2 and US Highway 53 and lies to the north and next to the Superior site and the Superior Urban area.

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As of the 2020 US Census, the city has a population of 26,751.

Ready to discover the best of Superior? You are very welcome to subscribe to some of the best tours and day trips available.

A friendly resident will kindly guide you to witness and experience the best places in town, including Pattison National Park, Ice Caves, Cedar Lounge, Wisconsin Point, etc.

Wisconsin, famous as the Badger State, is a rather interesting locale with a lot of unlikely yet fascinating aspects that make it an ideal place for a road trip or vacation.

Known for its dairy, beer, and lumber production, it bears traces of a deep and meaningful history dabbled in Native American culture, much of which you can still see in present-day Wisconsin.

It’s also a great place for nature lovers, with natural features such as sandstone, ice caves, and plenty of parks to explore.

There are plenty of Wisconsin attractions of different genres and varieties, so there’s basically something for everyone, with plenty of vacation ideas to put into play.

There are cultural and art galleries, unique and one-of-a-kind museums, vibrant art scenes, and plenty of opportunities to get close to nature.

Fun Things to Do in Superior WI

1. Beacon of Super-Standard Entrance

The Superior Entry Lighthouse is located in Superior, Wisconsin, and was built by the US Lighthouse Authority and officially opened in 1913.

It is 55.7 feet tall and has a light and fog corner building located inside a 10-mile-long sand bar stretching from Duluth and Superior harbors.

Meanwhile, its sandbar intersected the center to form Minnesota Point, otherwise called Park Point in Duluth, Minnesota.

There is a breakthrough wall that continues from the lighthouse point, signaling access to the Superior Entry Channel.

However, the interior of the lighthouse is not accessible to the public, but the area is always accessible by walking through the breakwater.

The first part consists of huge rocks; the second part consists of concrete pavement. The lighthouse provides a wonderful spot for boat-watching.

A visit to the Superior Entry Lighthouse is one of the best fun things to do in Superior, WI, for an adventure.

2. Wisconsin Point

Fun Things to Do in Superior

Located on 229 acres and 2 to 3 miles from the beach, Wisconsin Point is a peninsula by the edge of Superior, Wisconsin, United States; hence it is called Wisconsin Point.

The point is situated just inside the Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Next to Minnesota Point, Wisconsin Point is widely considered to be the most extensive freshwater gulf sandbar in the world.

The point offers bird watching, hiking, beach use, and duck hunting. It is home to a wildlife observation area and Chippewa Sacred Burial Ground Historical Marker.

3. SS Meteor Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum houses the last remaining of the world’s surface whaling ships, the SS Meteor.

The museum is located on an 1896 cargo ship docked on land and features exhibits on shipwrecks and shipbuilding. It is open seasonally, usually from May to October.

Meanwhile, the legendary Captain Alexander McDougall built a whaling freighter in Superior, Wisconsin.

The ship was very awe-evoking; It was called a whaleback because it features cigar-shaped steel hulls that keep it loaded low in the sea.

However, after voyaging under three names in 1972 and being refitted twice, the SS Meteor returned to the City of Superior and is permanently moored at Barker Island.

The museum also houses the history of shipwrecks and shipbuilding in harbors at two Great Lakes ports.

Things to Do in Superior, WI at Night

1. The World of Accordions Museum

Owned and founded by Helmi Harrington in upstate Wisconsin, the World of Accordions Museum emphasizes the museum’s collections and concert hall at the Harrington Arts Center.

The Harrington Arts Center houses the non-profit institution of international importance, otherwise known as A World of Accordions Museum.

The museum is widely regarded as the largest and only American collection of accordion family instruments, cultural artifacts, documents, art objects, libraries, etc.

The center includes an accordion repair and technician college that offers professional training and workshops.

There is also a Hanni Strahl concert series and a special Duane Sellman exhibition space.
You can also host weddings and other special events and gatherings here.

2. Earth Rider Brewery

Photo by JaneCane Photography / www.janecanephotography.com

Earth Rider Brewery offers state-of-the-art beers and spirits made with cold, pure Lake Superior water and premium, hand-picked ingredients crafted by highly skilled brewers.

The brewery operates at the head of the Great Lakes, which is in the Duluth-Superior Harbor.

You are welcome to the Cedar Lounge to sample some of the finest liquors or visit Northland’s bottle shops.

Fear not, as a brewery tour is available and will be provided. The staff is welcoming and fun to be around, which adds to the flavor their beers offer.

3. Cedar lounge

Officially the tasting room for Rider Brewery, the Cedar Lounge, was previously built by Superior’s Northern Brewing Company in 1912 around Superior, Wisconsin’s working harbor and nightlife area as a tied house pub. However, it is currently the proud distributor of Earth Rider Beer.

But it doesn’t stop there, as it also hosts frequent events such as live music concerts, game nights, and other special programs.

Its taproom features Cedar Exclusive beers that are hard to find elsewhere, including an extensive collection of flagship and seasonal cans and growlers.

You can taste their super dishes while sipping from a beer mug. They offer delicious food and snacks such as pub pizzas, warm Ashland Baking Co pretzels, and other snacks.

You can bring food.

Cedar Lounge offers everyone a good time with cutting-edge beer and events.

Things to Do in Superior, WI For Couples

1. Museum of the Old Firehouse and Police Station

The Old Firehouse and Police Museum started in 1898 and was originally home to five horse-drawn trains.

Among them is the first city steamer.

Here you can tour the building and inside to explore the legendary fire engines and police memorabilia in the 19th-century fire halls of the final Superior.

The Old Firehouse & Police Museum consists of the first floor of mostly historic firefighting equipment, such as a 19th-century horse-drawn buggy, a 1906 Ahrens steam pump, a 1919 LaFrance ladder, and a 1944 Mack model that has a Hale pump.

On the building’s second floor, you’ll find progressive upgrades to typical firefighting equipment throughout the year, and you can visit the Wisconsin Police and Fire Hall of Fame installation for free.

Add it to your list of things to do in Superior, WI, for some fun. You can arrange to spend at least 45 minutes touring the museum when you are there.

2. Jan A. Blatník Bridge

Construction of the John A. Blatnik Bridge began in November 1958, but it was officially opened in 1961.

The Blatnik bridge shelters a marine navigation channel approximately 7,975 feet long and 120 feet above water.

This is only a significant case study of a cantilever truss bridge with a limited arch suspension span.

This magnificent bridge saw major contractors join its construction, notably the American Bridge Company.

3. Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve

The Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve, officially launched on September 30, 2017, includes land and water bodies toward St. Louis and Lake Superior in Douglas County, northwestern Wisconsin, in the United States.

The preserve works together to encourage and inspire understanding of the Lake Superior shoreline and estuaries.

This will help them solve problems that affect the watershed by bringing together different research, education, outreach, and stewardship.

The reservation offers beautiful pictures, interesting exhibitions, and more.

Things to Do in Superior, WI, For Kids

1. Pattison State Park

Pattison State Park was constructed in 1920 and is located on the Black River in Superior, Wisconsin. The park consists of the tallest waterfall east of the Rockies and Big Manitou Falls, which is 165 feet high.

It also features the Twin Little Manitou Falls at 30 feet.

Pattison State Park also houses a beach on Lake Superior, with waterfalls and miles of hiking trails.

The park covers more than 1,400 acres of space and therefore contains the above features and activities, including camping and a nature center.

2. Skate Centre World of Wheels

Looking for the best entertainment place for your family? We recommend this Skate Center, a locally based family-run business.

Its mission includes offering support to the Twin Ports neighborhood by offering families and children a safe and supervised environment to have fun.

The center dramatically offers welcoming and friendly customer service and provides roller skating, a video arcade, a redemption counter, and a World of Wheels cafe, among others, while you can have the best snacks and refreshments.

It also offers rooms for birthday parties, private parties, and fundraising events.

Meanwhile, other activities, such as weekly public skating, are available for all ages and interests.

Its facility offers considerable control over the climate conditions year-round, making it the best place to be, regardless of the weather outside.

If you’re looking for things to do in Superior, WI, with kids, add a visit to the World of Wheels Skate Center to your checklist.

3. Douglas County Historical Society

The Douglas County Historical Society, located in the historic Fort Omaha, currently the Metropolitan Community College campus at 30th and Fort Streets, is a non-profit business.

The purpose of this society is to collect, preserve, and return to the masses the history of Douglas County, Nebraska, and to chart how this goal may be accomplished.

The Douglas County Historical Society is located in two adjacent buildings: the General Crook House Museum and the Library Center.

Meanwhile, the organization offers a variety of educational programs and activities, such as a speaker’s bureau, museum and city tours, and organizing individual events at the museum.

It also contains several programs and services supported by membership dues, foundation grants, service fees, appeal-enhancing events, and provisions of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners.

Indoor Activities in Superior, WI

1. Thirsty Pagan Cooking

Thirsty Pagan Brewing was founded by Susan and Steve Knauss in May 2006 when they acquired the former Twin Ports Brewing Co.

Since then, they have created an amazing company otherwise known as Thirsty Pagan Brewing.

They started with pizza and beer before moving to a new and better location. A few years later, the company celebrated its 7th anniversary and continues to be one of the best pizza and beer sellers around.

It’s the best place to enjoy well-crafted beer, cozy microbrewery pizzas, and traditional live music.

2. Wine Celler

This is undoubtedly an absolute cracker for wine lovers. After all, the wine seller offers some of the best locally produced wines with fewer chemicals than those sold in stores, and the difference is in the taste.

Superior city of Wisconsin wine retailer presents a wide variety of wines for every palette.

You are welcome to discover and taste a variety of wine offerings that will bring you pleasure and help give you the relaxing moments and good times you crave.

The winery thrived on its journey and experience, striving to improve its wine at affordable prices.

3. Vinyl Cave

Vinyl Cave has a wide selection of vintage LPs and 45s, and they have all kinds of vinyl but in 45 strength.

The cave also houses numerous titles, including lots of old stock, and offers a wonderful collection of picture covers.

They also provide an avenue for evaluating various recent takeovers, such as the two first vinyl albums of music icons.

Regardless of the story in the 70s albums, Vinyl Cave is musically valuable and exciting.

For music lovers and enthusiasts, the cave offers a fun entrée that pops a flyer with records in a bargain basket, including Dollar Bin Diving with Bill Miller, Hi-Lo’s, NBC’s Chamber Music Society Lower Basin Street, Dee Mullins, and more.

History buffs should add a visit to this attraction to their list of things to do in Superior, WI. Also on sale are accessories and tools for Vinyl.

Romantic Things to Do in Superior, WI

1. Ice caves

Also known as the Apostle Islands Mainland Ice Caves, the Ice Caves have some of the most spectacular cliffs and sea caves you will ever find in the Great Lakes.

However, these features offer different views each year, as well as the route to view them.

Meanwhile, what is an ice cave? It is any natural cave that contains a remarkable amount of permanent ice.

This natural cave can be lava tubes or limestone caves. However, one part of the cave must show a temperature below 0 °C (32 °F) each year, and the water must pass through the ice zone of the cave.

The Ice Caves in Superior, Wisconsin, are exactly 18 miles west of Bayfield in the winter.

At this time, ice is trapped on Lake Superior, causing the sea caves and rock formations to be reached by crossing the Great Lake, about one mile on foot.

2. Mont du Lac Resort

Located in rural areas and on a private beach in Superior, Wisconsin, Mont du Lac Resort offers a variety of exciting activities and games.

It offers many fun activities, including the Lake Superior Mississippi Railroad Historic Train Ride, Pinehurst Park, and more.

You can have fun exploring the sloppy area with cross-country and ski trails while enjoying sledging and snowmobiling.

Meanwhile, the resort is just 15 minutes from Duluth in northern Wisconsin and offers on-site lodging, snowshoeing, and snow tubing during the winter.

There are also a variety of activities such as Big River Tubing, Big Kahuna Water Park, Big Timber Playground, Sleeper Slide, Disc Golf, Archery, Mountain Biking, Bark Park, Pristine Sandy Beach, Marina with Jet Ski and Jet Ski Rentals scooters.

3. Epicurean Factory Outlet Store

Are you looking for a good mall to buy vintage and contemporary items? You won’t find a place better than the Epicurean factory outlet store in Superior, Wisconsin, home of the renowned Blade Sharpening Center.

The outlet store was started by Epicurean, a cutting board and kitchenware manufacturer. He held a sale and party in his store, with live music, food, and beer.

This store also has interesting clothing, coasters, nice combos, cutting boards, locals, pizza tools, serving boards, and tools, among other things.

If you’re into shopping, add a visit to this attraction to your list of things to do in Superior, WI.

Cheap Things to Do in Superior

1. Fairlawn Mansion & Museum

Renamed the Queen Anne Victorian Mansion in 1891, Fairlawn Mansion & Museum was established as the private residence of mining and lumber master Martin Pattison.

Fairlawn Mansion & Museum should not be excluded from your list of things to do in Superior, WI.

It was a Superior Victorian house for years, and as mentioned, was a family home from 1890 to the 1920s and a children’s home for over 42 years.

The castle is a four-story building completed around 1890 and contains 42 standard rooms. Today, the mansion would be worth over $3 million.

The first floor of the building has been fully restored to its original splendor with gilded murals mounted on the ceilings and frieze.

The first floor also features a standard entrance hall, an open staircase, marble, tiled fireplaces, and stained glass windows.

As for the second floor, you can get to the master bedroom, which is well appointed, just like in the Pattison era.

The third floor serves the era of the Children’s Home, from 1920 to 1964, when the building was used as a home for the less privileged.

There is also a restoration exhibition and documentation of the extensive work carried out in 1999. The castle is open for tours every year.

2. Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center

The Richard I Bong Veterans History Center was established in memory of the legendary Major Bong and his fellow veterans.

They fought gallantly during World War II and other conflicts.

The History Center’s mission is to provide educational resources for the Twin Ports community and beyond.

Educational resources have been gathered to preserve the tangible legacy of these heroes and their fans, helping to preserve their ideals, principles, and leadership qualities for present and future generations.

The center houses a local history museum with war memorabilia, military vehicles, and a restored P-38 aircraft.

3. Captain J’s Mini Golf

Capt’n J’s Miniature Golf, located on Barker’s Island, Marina Drive, was established in 1982.

Through the golf courses, a course is created for visitors and locals to create enthusiastic memories and offers a place where pleasure and fun are the watchwords. It presents interesting miniature golf courses at cheaper prices.

It also features an 18-hole course that offers family and friends of all ages a way to play a hole-in-one and reveal their techniques and experience on the green.

After the final putt and a quick snack from their snack bar, the golf center offers endless fun and adventures that last for ages.

Its snack bar offers tasty and nutritious treats such as ice cream, candies, popcorn, water, and more. The best part about Capt’n J’s Mini Golf Center is that it welcomes a variety of groups of all sizes, calibers, and ages to play golf.

You can come with family, friends and loved ones.

Add a visit to Capt’n J’s Miniature Golf to your tee time, as it is one of the best fun things to do in Superior, WI.

Free Things to Do in Superior, WI

1. Jack’s Place

In 1966, owner Jack Hunt established Jack’s Place as a Western-style restaurant aimed at the family demographic.

Meanwhile, before its formation, it was formerly a subsidiary group of JP Pepperdine. Although, when Hunt sold his stake in the business, his namesake “Jack the Chef” picked up where he left off.

Jack’s Place includes 16 outlets in Singapore and a central kitchen at 10 Defu Lane.

Nowadays, it is known as one of the best pubs and restaurants for family and friends to enjoy amazing delicacies, including sizzling steaks, special dishes, sumptuous cakes, and other quality dishes that will give every customer an unforgettable dining experience.

2. Belknap Liquor & Lounge

Belknap Liquor & Lounge is a full-service center, including the finest liquor, wine, and beer store, as well as a casual lounge offering 25 beers on tap and live music on select weekends.

There is also a large-screen TV in the lounge that shows live sports. The liquor store is available to everyone at home and abroad from 9 am to 12 am daily, with lounge/bar access from 12 pm to 1 am Monday to Friday and 1 pm to 1 am on Saturdays and Sundays.

Belknap Liquor & Lounge has been open since the mid-1960s (formerly known as Belknap Bar & Café) and is located near downtown Superior.

To date, it has proven to be a successful outlet as the restaurant has been known for its North Country Steak dish created by Upper Lakes Foods.

3. The Harley-Davidson Museum

The Harley-Davidson Museum is one of the best places to see in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, near its downtown.

The sprawling complex covers 20 acres and contains an impressive three buildings on one site.

More than 450 of these classic motorcycles – and thousands of related artifacts from the marque – are spread throughout the museum and tell the fascinating story of the company’s century of business.

Unique exhibits inside the Harley-Davidson Museum include those that focus on motorcycle customization, racing competition, and the history of the company.

Many of the displays are interactive and some of the bikes can be directly touched or even sat on, and there is even a restaurant where you can eat.

The epitome of freedom and 20th-century pop culture, the Harley-Davidson Museum is one of the top things to do in Wisconsin for bikers and history buffs alike.

Try to time your visit for bike nights when Harley riders and fans come to the museum to show off their personal motorcycles!

Cool Places to Visit in Superior, WI

1. Mound Cave

When it comes to cool places to go, Cave of the Mounds is one of the top 10 in Wisconsin.

After all, it’s a unique place and has earned the rather flattering title of The Jewel of Great American Caves, as well as being on the National Natural Landmarks list.

Located near the Blue Mounds, it is known not for its many stalagmites and stalactites but for its magnificent limestone formations.

Bright, vivid, and colorful, the limestone formations at Cave of the Mounds are varied, interesting, and a delicious feast for the eyes.

The caves were first discovered by limestone miners and quarry workers in 1939 who accidentally opened a path into the rocky site and revealed the chambers.

When the miners found the beautiful forms, they immediately ceased operations.

Mounds Cave has all sorts of formations, the most famous of which are their fun “soda straws”, which are hollow tubes made of minerals that are surprisingly fine.

There are also helictites, which are a kind of stalactites in a bent well, sintered stones of smooth limestone, and among the rock, many blue and red.

Aided by lavish lighting that further accentuates the drama of natural geology, the Cave of the Mounds has become a popular tourist destination.

Although the caves are 488 million years old, they are a stunning modern attraction.

2. House on the Rock

In the 1940s, in the Wyoming Valley, an interesting sandstone rock chimney arching 60 feet into the air caught the attention of Alex Jordan.

This rock formation, known as Deer Shelter Rock, would become Jordan’s weekend retreat. He never intended for it to turn into a Wisconsin icon and one of its finest examples of stunning architecture, but his creation was such a masterpiece that people started asking about it and even stopping to see it.

Eventually, Jordan began asking for 50-cent donations in exchange for giving out tours to visitors of the 14-room house.

This soon grew into the House on the Rock, which became one of Wisconsin’s key attractions, with many rooms housing assorted collections from the eccentric Jordan himself.

Now the house has expanded to cover the entire complex of diverse structures, collections, and intricacies, meaning it could take you all this weekend to explore!

You’ll also find the world’s largest carousel, with over 20,000 lights, an incredible 269 carousel animals, and a further 182 lanterns overseen by angel figures hanging from the ceiling.

The House on the Rock was never intended to be a museum, and in fact, even now, it is a little more than that.

Bright and quirky and a reflection of Jordan’s imagination, it’s well worth a visit.

3. Bookworm Gardens

Bookworm Gardens are one of a kind in Wisconsin, packed with a fun theme that is sure to delight and amaze young children and adults alike.

It’s a 35-acre literary-inspired seasonal garden in Sheboygan that uses bright and exciting displays to reference more than 60 different famous children’s books.

Bookworm Gardens aims to promote reading, music, art, and nature in a wireless, internet-free space.

Opened in 1999 by Sandy Livermore, it has been transformed into a truly magical place with wonderful interactive activities, including a worm hunt, learning to make music, and even an alphabet search.

When it comes to places to visit in Wisconsin, the most whimsical are the Bookworm Gardens.

Children will learn about the local wildlife, try out the various displays and curl up in a cozy reading nook in an undeniably exciting location.

Workshops, courses, camps, and trips are also available!

Don’t forget to pre-register for high season to get in!



This is what you’d be screaming at the end of your vacation. But it’ll not be exhaustion caused by stress and work. It’d be one caused by engaging in too many fun activities.

Superior, WI, promises to be an experience of a lifetime.

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