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23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Trinidad (CO)

If you plan an upcoming vacation, you can learn about some exciting things to do in Trinidad, CO.

Trinidad is the most well-known city in Las Animas County, Colorado. Trinidad serves as the county’s home rule town and county seat. Trinidad was established in 1862, not long after coal was discovered in the area. 

A feature that makes Trinidad a hotspot is the ancient Santa Fe Trail that runs through the city. Trinidad is located at a height of roughly 6,010 feet in the lovely Purgatoire River Valley.

This lively city has a sizable, steep historic downtown area and other sights like monuments, buildings, and breathtaking views. 

Here are some of the 23 best and most fun things to do while in Trinidad, Colorado:

Fun Things to Do in Trinidad, CO

1. Visit Trinidad Lake State Park

The Trinidad Lake State Park is found in the Culebra Range, belonging to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

In the State Park, you can go fishing, ice fishing, snowshoeing, biking, horse riding, water skiing, and boating.

Additionally, camping is possible all year round in Trinidad Lake State Park. To ensure you enjoy your time in the park, there are numerous campsites and services like electricity, showers, bathrooms, group shelters, laundry, and other items accessible.

You can catch various species of warm and cold-water fish while fishing from a boat or by the shore of Trinidad Lake. 

2. Visit the Trinidad History Museum

The Trinidad History Museum is a complex of structures, landscaped areas, and exhibits that take up a whole block in Trinidad, Colorado. The museum showcases landmarks like the Santa Fe trail museum and Borderlands of Southern Colorado.

Furthermore, you can also find the historic Bloom Mansion and Baca House when you go on guided tours with the museum staff and tour guides. 

Exploring the museum’s indoor and outdoor exhibitions with your friends or family in a lively, welcoming setting is one of the most exciting things to do in Trinidad.

3. Strawberry Fields Trinidad

A trip to Strawberry Fields Trinidad is an exciting thing to do in Trinidad, Colorado. Strawberry Fields Trinidad is dedicated to creating quality cannabis to meet consumers’ expectations.

One of the five distinctive locations that offer consumers the best in all things cannabis is Strawberry Fields Trinidad’s recreational dispensary. Strawberry Fields Trinidad takes pride in having knowledgeable budtenders who put the customer’s needs first.

You can experience and take advantage of exceptional customer service here and the chance to purchase various premium recreational cannabis products from well-known Colorado companies.

4. Art Cartopia Museum

One of the most exciting things to experience in Trinidad is the roadside attraction called Art Cartopia Museum, which honors the fantastical world of art vehicles.

Along with the art gallery, gift store, and maker space, over 25 incredibly inventive and drivable cars are on show.

This parade comprises over 100 art cars and thousands of onlookers called ArtoCade. It is committed to bringing in as many tourists as possible while fostering community through enjoyable, educational, artistic activities and other unique events.

Things to Do in Trinidad, CO, at Night

Go to the Southern Colorado Repertory Theatre

The Southern Colorado Repertory Theatre is a lovely venue to enjoy entertaining theatre productions and interesting art exhibits with your loved ones.

The Southern Colorado Repertory Theatre produces top-notch plays in Trinidad and is regarded as the artistic crown gem of Southern Colorado.

The theatre is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the performing arts as well as educating, illuminating, and entertaining a sizable audience.

The theater also provides locals with program opportunities to engage in the arts through instruction, education, support, and performance.

Things to Do in Trinidad, CO, For Couples

1. Visit Gallery Main/Trinidad Area Arts Council

The Trinidad Area Arts Council’s Gallery Main provides artists and craftspeople with exhibit space to display their remarkable creations.

The Gallery Main organizes a regular calendar of annual exhibitions of various media kinds and offers studio lessons all year and classroom and teaching space for children and adults to learn about art.

The gallery’s staff is pleasant and welcoming, and they are happy to answer any questions regarding the gallery.

A visit to the Gallery Main is one of the things to do in Trinidad for couples.

2. Shop at The Purgatoire River Trading Company

Purgatoire River Trading Company is housed in the historic McCormack Building in Trinidad, Colorado, close to the grassland where native Americans used to live and trade with the Europeans from the continent.

The company houses over 500 Native American craftsmen’s eye-catching assortment of woven baskets, rugs, silversmith jewelry, ceramics, and leathercraft.

The company offers a variety of one-of-a-kind products, such as handcrafted and authentic Native American goods, including the best handmade Indian jewelry.

Shopping together as a couple in this location is a fun thing to do in Trinidad.

Things to Do in Trinidad, CO, For Kids

Hike With Your Kids at The Fishers Peak State Park

The Fishers Peak State Park is a great spot for your kids when you are on vacation in Trinidad, Colorado.

The park has exciting activities and exploration options for your family and friends.

You can take your kids to Fishers Peak State Park’s hiking paths for a quick and enjoyable hike. While trekking, you can see picturesque views of Fishers Peak and nearby mountains.

Indoor Activities to Do in Trinidad, CO

1. Visit the Corazon Gallery

Visiting the Corazon Gallery is one thing you cannot miss out on doing in Trinidad. The gallery is devoted to inspiring and instructing locals on how to exhibit their artwork and develop an appreciation for it.

Through a Corazon Gallery membership, artists can exhibit their work in an affordable setting while participating in the gallery’s workshops, exhibitions, and other sponsored activities.

As a guest, you can purchase presents and exquisite products for your loved ones in the gallery, such as paintings, pottery, jewelry, oils, sculptures, clothes, and more. 

2. View Art at Fumio Sawa Fine Art LLP

For more than 12 years, Fumio Sawa Fine Art LLP has offered the highest quality, distinctive abstract art and glass.

You can view and purchase great and distinctive goods of high quality, such as Venetian glass and other varieties. You can also interact with the employees and residents.

Shop at the unique location to get incredible works of art for your home decor and gifts for family members.

3. Shop at Curly’s Beads and Gift Emporium

Couples can shop together for fantastic goods at Curly’s Beads and Gift Emporium. The boutique sells various wonderful items, including jewelry, presents, and beads.

Curly’s Beads and Gift Emporium also provides beginning and expert beading classes, where you can receive training in beading, jewelry making, stringing, wire wrapping, and chain mail weaving.

Additionally, unique lamps imported from Turkey, such as desk lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, and other lovely hanging lights, are available at this shop.

Romantic Things to Do in Trinidad, CO

Have a Picnic at The Kit Carson Park

Kit Carson Park is a public park in Trinidad (CO). It has picnic tables, a playground, restrooms, and a lovely bronze monument of Kit Carson.

A historic pavilion is also available for weddings, parties, and other special occasions you may plan in the park.

The finest equestrian statue in North America, in the opinion of many, is the heroic bronze statue of Kit Carson.

Free Things to Do in Trinidad, CO

1. Visit Southern Colorado Coal Miners Memorial

Southern Colorado Coal Miners Memorial was built to honor the area’s coal miners. The memorial is filled with fascinating exhibits and bronze statues.

You will learn much about the city’s mining history and procedure at the Southern Colorado Coal Miners Memorial. 

One of the best things to do in Trinidad is visiting the fascinating and beautifully constructed Southern Colorado Coal Miners memorial.

2. Temple Aaron of Trinidad

Sam Jaffa, a Jew, served as Trinidad’s first mayor when it was incorporated in 1876. In 1883, the neighborhood’s Hewish community established the Congregation Aaron (bearing Sam’s father’s name).

Later, the community constructed the magnificent Temple Aaron, a red brick building that stands proudly at 407 South Maple Street. The Mountain West and Colorado’s oldest continuously operating Jewish synagogue is Temple Aaron of Trinidad.

Temple Aaron also hosts Jewish secular events. With the help of dinners, performances, and other community events, Temple Aaron extends a warm welcome to the entire neighborhood.

You can learn more about Jewish culture and history in Trinidad when you visit the Temple Aaron of Trinidad.

3. Steam Engine 638

The Steam Engine 683 was used by the Colorado and Southern Railroad (C&S), founded in 1906, to transport commodities across Colorado. The railway moved heavy cargo around the state, including cattle, agricultural products, and coal.

You can find the Steam Engine 638 behind the Safeway on the main road along the Purgatoire River. The steam engine resembles an abandoned car that a driver had left and forgotten to pick up. 

The only indication of the train’s former significance is a little notice that is close to its front.

You can visit this spot and take pictures of the landmark while exploring the area.

4. Trinidad Welcome Center

If you’re visiting Trinidad, Colorado, while on vacation, you must stop at the Trinidad Welcome Center, which provides information on the area.

The Trinidad Welcome Center can advise you on the fun places and things to do in Trinidad. The helpful and educated staff will provide information on destinations, suggested routes, weather forecasts, and road conditions.

The welcome center also provides free activity books for your kids to keep them occupied, along with other amenities for you to have a fun and restful visit. They also have clean restrooms and outdoor dining places.

Cheap Things to Do in Trinidad, CO

1. Ride on The Trinidad Trolley

Taking the Trinidad Trolley is ideal if you’re visiting Trinidad, Colorado, and would like to tour the wonderful city with your friends and family.

Due to its public accessibility and two distinct routes, the Trinidad Trolley is a wonderful and relaxing way to tour the city. You will learn about the city’s stunning tourist attractions towards the conclusion of the enjoyable and interesting tour.

You can view history-related locations, distinctive architectural features, monuments, parks, brick buildings, and many other sites.

2. Go to The Vintage Treasures

The Vintage Treasures is the ideal location to visit if you are looking for the best store to shop with friends or family.

You will appreciate the amazing merchandise at Vintage Treasures; they have outstanding collections of wearable vintage for children, men, and women from the 1920s to the late 1960s. Wearables include lingerie, men’s and women’s shoes, vintage silk scarves, jewelry, and many more items.

Vintage Treasure is the best place for you if you appreciate vintage clothing and accessories. It also has a ton of new-old-stock and estate jewelry.

Cool Places to Visit in Trinidad, CO 

1. The A. Roy Mitchell Memorial Museum of Western Art

One cool place to visit in Trinidad is the  A. Roy Mitchell Memorial Museum of Western Art. The museum in downtown Trinidad is home to Arthur Roy Mitchell’s largest collection of cowboy art.

More than 160 Western pulp magazine covers from the 1920s to the 1940s, more than 350 paintings and illustrations, and other significant creations by the famous illustrator and artist are on show in the museum.

You can also find Hispanic traditional and religious art, Western art and antiques, Native American art and artifacts, blankets, rugs, clothes, and more within the museum.

2. Louden-Henritze Archaeology Museum

The Louden-Henritze Archaeology Museum is a charming institution that houses a wealth of instructive and fascinating local archaeological data and artifacts. It is located on the ground level of the Samuel Freudenthal Memorial Library on the Trinidad State College Campus.

Visitors are given a quick tour of the museum, where they can find interesting exhibits and gain knowledge from the museum staff.

The museum is devoted to preserving, assisting, and informing the public about dinosaurs, fossils, and prehistoric plants and animals.

3. Ave Maria Shrine

The Ave Maria Shrine honors the Catholics’ devotion to Mary and is a component of the city’s cultural and artistic legacy.

It is well known that many Christians, including the Orthodox, Anglicans, Catholics, and others, have a deep love for Jesus and a great passion for Mary, his mother.

Ave Maria Shrine invites visitors to the facility, and you may find the place full of grace and comfort since the shrine is known for its strong spiritual presence, calm, and healing.

4. Prator Gun Range

The Trinidad State College Prator Shooting Range, with its five-station trap shooting range, skeet range, and cutting-edge technology, is one of the cool places to visit in Trinidad, Co.

The features of this range include a long range of 100 yards with four shooting lanes, eight lanes at 50 yards, and a pistol course with moving targets at various ranges.

Prator Gun Range’s lighting allows for nighttime trap and sleet shooting.

5. Simpson’s Rest

A sandstone bluff rises north of Trinidad called Simpson’s Rest, recognizable by its enormous, illuminated “TRINIDAD” sign.

From the summit of Simpson’s rest, you can see Trinidad, the length of Las Animas County’s eastern plains, and the Purgatoire River Valley.

George S. Simpson, a pleasant and diligent frontiersman established in the Trinidad region in the 1860s with his wife and child, gave the place its name.

Currently, Simpson’s Rest serves as a city park. It is one of the best places to have a romantic picnic in Trinidad.


Now your most likely vacation destination has a new, worthy option. With the above-listed exciting things to do in Trinidad, Colorado, you will surely have a nice time.

We Hope this post was helpful. Which of these destinations is your favorite? You can share your comments in the comment box below. Please like the article and share it with your friends. Cheers. 

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