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TN Visa for NAFTA Workers

TN Visa is a non-immigrant visa specifically created for NAFTA Workers in the US. If you’re a citizen of Canada or Mexico and intend to work temporarily in the US, it’s most likely you will need the Trade National (TN) Visa.

Immigly.com understands that the TN Visa can be confusing for many people that are not familiar with it. If you keep reading this article, you will understand perfectly, what the TN Visa for NAFTA Workers is all about.

The Trade National (TN) Visa was established as part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between Canada, the United States and Mexico. The TN visa was created to satisfy one of the NAFTA agreements that emphasize easy entry and employment permission, for qualified NAFTA workers in the 3 NAFTA member states (the US, Canada and Mexico)

To qualify as a NAFTA worker in the US, Canadians or Mexicans must attain a certain qualification in one of the defined TN professions. If you continue reading, you will find out the 60 occupations listed under the TN Visa professions.

The Trade National (TN) Visa and H-1B Visa share some similarities. However, one of the differences is that H1-B permits dual intent to obtain Permanent Residency in the US, while TN Visa holders are restricted from seeking permanent residency in the US. In fact, if TN Visa holders show intentions of applying for US permanent residence, they could face deportation from the US.

TN Visa is divided into two categories; 

  • TN-1 for Canadian Professionals, and 
  • TN-2 for Mexican Professionals.

It may interest you to know that there is no current annual cap for the Trade National (TN) Visa. This implies that all qualified applicants have the opportunity to be granted a visa. Qualified applicants must meet certain requirements. Let’s take a closer look at the requirements for a TN Visa.

Requirements for TN Visa

The following requirements are needed for the Trade National (TN) Visa

  • You must be a Citizen of Canada or Mexico
  • You must have a part-time or full-time job offer in the US; TN Visas are not issued for self-employment 
  • You must have at least a 4 year bachelor’s degree or other required qualifications in any of the TN professions.

What are the TN Visa Professions?

There are 60 professions qualified for the TN Visa. They include,

LawyerPharmacistAccountantArchitectComputer Systems Analyst
EngineerForesterMathematicianDentistLandscape Architect
Plant BreederZoologistHotel ManagerBiologistGraphic Designer
Animal BreederRegistered NurseSoil ScientistAgriculturistMedical Laboratory Technologist
GeologistPoultry ScientistCollege ProfessorGeophysicistIndustrial Designer
NutritionistSocial WorkerSeminary ProfessorGeneticistInterior Designer
PsychologistUrban PlannerRange ManagerGeochemistUniversity Professor
EpidemiologistRecreational TherapistLand SurveyorDairy ScientistManagement Consultant
EntomologistPhysiotherapistVocational CounselorPhysicianTechnical Publications Writer
AgriculturistOccupational TherapistScientific TechnicianResearch Assistant

How to Apply for TN Visa

Canadian citizens applying for TN-1 visas are not required to apply at a US consulate. They can apply for a TN-1 Visa by submitting the required documents to the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer at CBP-designated US ports of entry. 

However, Mexican citizens applying for TN-2 Visa, are required to apply at a US embassy or consulate in Mexico following these steps:

Complete Application Form DS-160

You’re required to fill Form DS-160 with your personal information. After completing the form, print out the Form DS-160 confirmation page.

Upload your Photograph

If you’re applying for a TN-1 visa, you will be required to upload a passport photograph, meanwhile, a photograph is not required for the TN-2 Visa for Mexican Professionals.

Schedule an Interview with US Consulate

If you’re above 13 years and below 80 years, you are required to schedule an interview with a US Consulate. Applicants below 13 years or above 79 years are not required to schedule an interview.

Pay for your Visa

You may be required to pay the non-refundable visa fee before or after your interview. If you filed a petition by mail, it will cost you $555. Ensure you keep your receipt intact after making payments. 

Compile the Required Documents

If you’re curious to know the documents needed for a the Trade National (TN) Visa Application, we made a list of the important documents. 

  • The first document needed is your passport to prove that you’re a citizen of Canada or Mexico.
  • An appointment letter from your prospective employer stating your purpose of entry, arrangements for your pay, length of your stay, and your job description.
  • You are also required to show a certificate, degree or license to prove that you have the minimum qualifications required for the TN Visa profession you’re applying for.

Go for your Interview

This is the final stage of the TN Visa Application. You are expected to attend an interview with a consular officer. The consular officer will review your documents and decide if your application requires additional processing.

How Long Does it take to process TN Visa?

After applying for the TN Visa, you will have to wait for 6 months for your visa application to be processed. However, you can get your visa within 15 days, If you opt for premium processing. The TN Visa premium processing costs $2,500.

Validity of TN Visa

The TN visa is generally valid for 3 years. However, if the services of the NAFTA workers are needed for a period of fewer than 3 years, the Visa issued to such applicants may be valid for less than 3 years. If the services of the NAFTA workers last for more than 3 years, they can extend their visa by filing Form I-129. The TN Visa can be extended for an unlimited period of time.

I’m interested in the TN Visa

If you’re interested in the TN Visa, you should follow the instructions outlined in this article. Immigly.com is willing to answer all your questions and guide you in applying for the TN Visa. Kindly write to us in the comments section below.

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