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Working Two Full-Time Jobs in Canada – Right or Wrong?

Asking if working two full-time jobs is right or wrong is a question most immigrants are puzzled about. It is not wrong to work two full-time jobs in most Canadian provinces as long as you can properly manage both jobs. However, you should take note of the following before deciding to work two full-time jobs.

Working two full-time jobs in Canada means you have to work up to 80 hours weekly because a full-time job requires working for 40 hours per week.

Whether you are already engaged in a full-time job or not, most employers in Canada will still employ you if you’re qualified for the job. However, you are expected to pay full attention to both jobs because no employer will tolerate inefficiency because of your second job

Now the question is can you meet up the demands of working two full-time jobs? Before you answer this question, you should consider the following factors. These factors will help you decide if working two full-time jobs is right or wrong for you.

Factors To Consider Before Engaging In Two Full-Time Jobs

Before you decide on working two full-time jobs, you should consider the following factors. 

Your health status

You should first consider your health before you take on two full-time jobs. If you have preexisting health conditions, working two full-time jobs is wrong for you. Even if you don’t have any health challenges, two full-time jobs that are very tasking will stress you out.

Stress could lead to life-threatening health conditions like diabetics, high blood pressure, cancer etc. Therefore you should consider your health before working two full-time jobs.

The flexibility of the jobs.

Before you consider working two full-time jobs, you should inquire if the jobs are flexible enough. Can you choose the hours or days of work? Are you permitted to work from home? Answers to these questions will determine the flexibility of the jobs. It is wrong to engage in two full-time jobs that are inflexible to avoid conflict during working hours.

Employment contract

It is not illegal in Canada to combine two full-time jobs. However, if you’re already engaged in a full-time job, it is important to review your employment contract. There are companies that restrict their employees from having a second job. It is wrong to engage in two full-time jobs if your first job prohibits you from working in a second place.


Working two full-time jobs under two different employers involve very high tax rates. Before engaging in two full-time jobs, it is important you do an estimate of how much you’re required to spend on tax. If you have to spend so much on taxes, working two full-time jobs doesn’t seem right. Evading tax is not an option as it is a serious offence that could take you to jail.


You should also consider the distance between the two full-time jobs. If they are close to each other, it will be easier for you to move from one location to the other. You may go ahead and accept the two jobs. However, other factors should be considered as well.

Demands of the two jobs

How demanding are the two full-time jobs? Some full-time jobs can keep you on your feet for 8 hours daily. Are you strong enough to go to the other job that might take another 8 hours? If you are mentally and physically strong for the two full-time jobs, then go ahead.

Advantages Of Working Two Full Time Jobs

Here are the advantages of working two full-time jobs.

Two streams of income

Working two full-time jobs means you have two streams of income. You will definitely make more money from two full-time jobs.

A backup plan

It’s most unlikely to lose both jobs at the same time. Therefore, working two full-time jobs means you will have a job to rely on if you eventually lose any.

Meeting more people

Having two full-time jobs gives you the opportunity to meet more people. 

Disadvantages Of Working Two Full Time Jobs

Here are the disadvantages of working two full-time jobs

Health Challenges

Working 40 hours or more weekly will definitely take a toll on your body. One can develop stress-induced health challenges from it.

High Tax rates

As stated earlier, having two different employers attract higher tax rates.

Low Productivity

You will not be very efficient in carrying out your duties especially when the jobs are not flexible. For example, if you worked for 8 hours at Job A and you’re expected to work at Job B for another 8 hours, you will be less productive at Job B.

Tips For Working Two Full Time Jobs

If you intend to engage in two full-time jobs, the following tips will help you manage both jobs efficiently.

  • Look for jobs with flexible ways of working, you can negotiate this with your employer. If the jobs are flexible, you can choose when and where to work because you can’t be at two different workplaces at the same time.
  • If your first job doesn’t permit you to pick a second job, you can review your employment contract or speak with your employer. In most cases you are only restricted from working with the company’s competitors. In such a situation, ensure your second job isn’t with the competitors of your first job to avoid conflict of interest.
  • Ensure that one of the two full time jobs is not demanding. To manage two full time jobs successfully, at least one of the two jobs should not be demanding. Your second job can be such that it doesn’t require you to travel far or work for too long.
  • To reduce tax rates, you can seek professional advice from a tax professional to be informed on the number of exemptions you can file for. Create daily goals and try to hit them. Avoid procrastination as much as you can.
  • If any of the jobs permits you to work from home, you can ask your friends or family members to assist you. This will not only increase your efficiency but will help create time for you to rest.


There is no Canadian law that makes it wrong or illegal to work two full-time jobs. However, If you must combine two jobs, it is important you adhere to the tips outlined in this article.

Don’t forget to take time off and relax. It could be a day or a few hours break. If you don’t choose a day to rest, your body will pick a day for you.

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