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Express Entry Latest Draw – Figures For 2021

The Express Entry system in Canada helps in categorizing immigration applications for government immigration programs such as Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), and Federal Skilled Trades (FST). Before one can be considered for all these programs, such a candidate has to submit his or her Express Entry profile to the pool of candidates.

All Express Entry Profiles have been ranked one after the other using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The function of the Comprehensive Ranking System is to assign each individual a CRS score tally from 1200 points. Once every two weeks, the Canadian Government performs an Express Entry draw.

Each of these draws has its Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) cut-off score, which denotes the Comprehensive Ranking System score of the lowest-ranking applicant to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a permanent residence.

express entry draw

Once an applicant obtains an Invitation to Apply, they are being given 60 days to complete and submit an authorized electronic Application for a Permanent Residence (eAPR). The first 2020 Express Entry draw has given out 3,400 ITAs for Canadian Permanent residence as the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System cut-off mark has increased to 473.

Express Entry Draw for January 8, 2021

The first 2020 Express Entry draw was out on January 8 for immigration to Canada, and approximately 3,400 potential applicants were given an Invitation to Apply. The cut-off score for the threshold of the CRS score for this Express Entry draw was 473 points. This draw is an all-program draw and therefore applicants across all draw associated with immigration programs are eligible.

In the preceding draws, which were held last year December 19, 2019, the Comprehensive Ranking System score cut-off score was only 4 points less than the present one and was equal to 469 points. The rule placed was effected on the January 8 draw by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

This implies that it is not all candidates who have a score of 473 points will be given an Invitation to Apply. Several candidates would be given 473 points, therefore people who have submitted all their Express Entry profile in the Express Entry Draw pool on December 27, 2019, are the ones that will be given preferential attention.

Electing Candidates in the Canada Express Entry System

The Express Entry System is the Canadian government’s main source of inviting talented foreign workers. This was introduced in the year 2015 with the main aim of organizing a team of skilled foreign workers for Canada’s three federal talented immigration streams. Such as the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Worker Class, and Federal Skilled Trades Class.

Eligible candidates under any of these immigration programs are thereby, having a score based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) of Express Entry System which gives points to the applicants based on human capital factors such as talented working experience, education, proficiency in English, or French. A job offer is one of the major requirements in order to be eligible for the Express Entry System.

The Comprehensive Ranking System was awarded extra points to those applicants that have a job. The set of applicants with a high score will give the “Invitation to Apply” for a Canadian permanent residency via the regular Express Entry draws from the pool, and this takes place every two weeks. The Government of Canada has a fixed processing time of six months for any applications towards the permanent residency visa being filed by the Express Entry system.

The Reason Behind Increase in Comprehensive Ranking System

On the 8th of January, the Express Entry draw was higher to some extent compared to the preceding round of invitation that was held last year on the 19th of December, 2019, which circulated 3,200 Invitation to Apply.

The minimum comprehensive ranking system cut-off mark was a bit higher than December 19 draw, which had a comprehensive ranking system cut-off mark that is equivalent to 469.

The main reason for this minimum score on the 8th of January could be for the reason that there was a 20 days gap linking the preceding and the latest Express Entry invitation.

Therefore, two weeks passed in between the draws, and the minimum comprehensive ranking system score had a propensity of increasing slightly from the normal trend. Canada has an advanced target for 2020 and 2021 for the different immigration programs that are directly controlled by its Express Entry System.

The main target for admitting new permanent residents under these three federal high-skilled immigration streams has been estimated to increase from 85,800 for the year 2020 up to 88,800 in the year 2021. Furthermore, the objective for the Provincial Nominee Program is a significant part which is controlled by the Express Entry Immigration Scheme. Nine regions and two territories in Canada refer to as “enhanced” PNP streams which are related to the Express Entry System.

This Provincial Nominees Program stream shows most of them have a lower or a close requirement of the comprehensive ranking system score which enables participating territories and provinces in Canada to choose applicants from the Express Entry Pool and then apply for a territory nomination for a permanent residency of Canada.

Facts on Express Entry Draw from January 1, 2015, to January 8, 2020

  • The launch date was on: 1st of January, 2015.
  • First Express Entry Draw: 31st of January, 2015.
  • Most recent Express Entries Draw from the pool: 8th of January, 2020.
  • Minimum Comprehensive Ranking System being elected in the Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC): 199 on the 26th of May, 2017.
  • Minimum Comprehensive Ranking System necessary to be elected in the Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC): 413 on 31st of May, 2017.
  • Minimum Comprehensive Ranking System needed in the Canadian Experience Class (CEC): 413 on 31st of May, 2017.
  • The largest number of invitations to apply given in any one Express Entry Draw: 3,923 on the 12th of April, 2017.
  • The smallest number of invitations given in one Express Entry Draw: 143 on 26th of May, 2017.
  • The highest decrease in Comprehensive Ranking System points needed between the successive draws: 273 from 22nd of May, 2015 to 12th of June, 2015 Express Entry Draw.
  • A minimum decrease in Comprehensive Ranking System points necessary between two successive draws: 0 on 3 occasions.
  • The greatest gap between dates of two successive draws: 35 days from 17th of April, 2015 to 22nd of May, 2015 Express Entry Draw.
  • The shortest distance between dates of two successive draws: 5 days from the 26th of May to the 31st of May, 2017.
  • Total number of Invitation to Apply in 2015: 31,063.
  • Total number of Invitation to Apply in 2016: 33,782.
  • Total number of Invitation to Apply in 2017: 86,023.
  • Total number of Invitation to Apply in 2018: 89,800.
  • Total number of Invitation to Apply in 2019: 85,300.
  • Number of Invitation to Apply system since it was launched: 322,818
  • The total number of Invitations to Apply on the 8th of January, 2020 was 3400 ITAs.

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