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US Travel Insurance – Health Insurance for Visitors to US

Getting US travel insurance for any future incident is good, and while travelling you might also need it. After all, it is a new land that you are going to.

A US travel insurance is basically health insurance covers aimed at dealing with potential accidents or injuries while in the united states, but before getting into the US you would be needing a visa from the unites states immigration. So, we would be briefly giving you little information about the types of US visas before delving into talking about US travel insurance.

What Types of Visas Are There?

There are various types of Visa that one can obtain and it is determined by the US immigration law, and also show the purpose of your travel.
There are two main categories of US Visa:

Nonimmigrant visas

The is a type of visa that is used by tourists, business people, students who want to stay for a particular duration of time in the United States to fulfil a specific purpose.

Immigrant visas

This is a type of visa that is for people who wants to reside in the United States permanently.

Do I Need to Get US Travel Insurance?

Well, you can travel to the United States for a period of time even if you don’t have health insurance. Therefore the price of healthcare in the US is quite high, which is why medical insurance for visitors is not compulsory.

Just consulting a doctor costs a lot of money, if there is a case of an accident and an abundance is called, the ambulance goes back to the ER and that alone ensures lots of dollars, not to mention treatment and hospitalizations, and all of this will have to be covered by you if you don’t have insurance.

What Does US Travel Health Insurance for Visitors Cover?

If you apply for US travel health insurance, then the Visa covers :

  • Doctor’s visit
  • Hospitalization (the cost of the hospital room)
  • The cost of prescription drugs and medicine
  • Surgical procedures
  • Emergency services, such as the ambulance and ER
  • The cost of lab tests and X-rays
  • Physical therapy

The following medical procedures, however, are not included in all plans:

  • Dental
  • Maternity
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment)

Where to Find the Best Travel Health Insurance for Visitors to the United States?

Planning your health insurance while travelling is very important, and the simplest way to do that is to buy health insurance for the US online. Comparison of various places like insubuy allows you to know various plans that can be convenient for you from home.

What Is the Best Health Insurance Plan for Visitors to the USA?

Here are the best health insurance plans for visitors to the United States:

  • Safe Travels for Visitors to the USA.
  • VisitorSecure.
  • Visitors Care.
  • Safe Travel USA Comprehensive.
  • Atlas America.
  • Safe Travel USA Cost Saver.
  • Atlas Essential America.
  • Safe Travels USA.
  • Atlas Premium America.
  • Patriot America Plus.
  • Patriot America.
  • Patriot Platinum America.
  • Beacon America.

If you are unsure about these plans, you can simply use Insubuy to compare them.

How to Purchase Visitor Medical Insurance for The US?

Before you purchase a health insurance plan, you are supposed to do research to know which one fits you the most based on what you need. This means that you should look at the different plans and know what they have to offer.

Before deciding you should read the policy and know what cover and for what.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Travel Health Insurance for the USA

Getting health insurance can be very confusing for those staying in the US, much more visitors. So it is important to consider your options first. Some of the things you should consider are:

The coverage

You need to know what exactly your US travel insurance covers and what it entails.

The price

There are various prices that are attached to the different health insurance plans, and it is important that you know which one you are going for in terms of price.

The duration

The duration of your stay also determines the health insurance that you wish you go for.

Your age

Your age is a good factor to keep in mind before you apply for health insurance.

Pre-existing conditions coverage

Pregnancy coverages


You can see that getting US travel insurance as a visitor isn’t compulsory but you might need it In case of an accident, it might be able to cover it.

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