Tip for Grocery Shopping in Montreal, Canada

Looking for the best place to shop for groceries in Montreal as a newcomer? There are a lot of places we would cover in this article for you to have options on where to make your next grocery shopping in Montreal, Canada.

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This also includes:

  • Are groceries expensive in Montreal?
  • What are the best stores for grocery shopping in Montreal?
  • Which grocery store in Canada has the best meat?
  • And lots more…

Let’s dive right in!

Grocery Shopping in Montreal

If you’re new to Canada, one of the first things you’d definitely want to get acquainted with is how to carry out your daily shopping!

Food is very important, and with Montreal as one of the best places to live in Canada, shopping for groceries in Montreal can thus not be overemphasized…

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Montreal is loaded with lots and lots of exquisite foodies that want to showcase their skills, so be well prepared to get invited around for some regular fun-filled dining experience.

Grocery shopping in Montreal could be either through:

  1. Public markets
  2. Supermarket chains
  3. Independent supermarkets
  4. Other options

All these can be broken down thus:

#1: Grocery Shopping in Montreal from Public Markets

Now, one may ask – which Montreal public market is best for me?


Well, there’s no better way to know than actually exploring the various options in your neighborhood and getting a peek of which public market best suits your grocery needs.

Some of the best public markets to do your grocery shopping in Montreal are:

  • Jean-Talon market: This is arguably the best public market place to do your grocery shopping in Montreal. Here you can get the best meat products, fish and cheese stores, the best dealers in spices and imported goods, and even large food emporiums. The Jean-Talon market also has one of the best bakeries and restaurants in Montreal.
  • Atwater market: It is located at the Saint-Henri area and well sited in a long Art Deco building. The Atwater market has been in operation for over 8 decades, selling both local and imported food produce at a good price. The market is home to a wine store that specializes in local spirits, two cheese stores, and a fish shop.
  • Lachine market: This market can be easily accessed by bike cycling through the Lachine Canal, or by road from the 20 highway. The Lachine market is the oldest public market in Montreal, and can be accessed at all time of the year. Here, you’ll see a butcher, a fish store, cafe, and a fine product shop.
  • Maisonneuve market: This is your #1 choice for buying the best flowers, fruits and vegetables, meats, fish, cheese and bakery products.

#2: Grocery Shopping in Montreal from Supermarket Chains

There are lots of supermarkets to explore in Montreal for your daily grocery shopping… But, what are the best supermarkets for grocery shopping in Montreal?


Well, below is a list of the best supermarket chains to do your grocery shopping in Montreal:

  • IGA: This is short for Independent Grocers Alliance and should be your first supermarket choice for grocery shopping in Montreal. Here you’ll get the best bread and fresh meats, a huge section for frozen foods and cheese.
  • Provigo: Shopping in Provigo can be a bit costly as $100 can easily go by on a good shopping week, but still, the quality of products they offer is definitely worth it.
  • Metro: The supermarket has a lot of locations across the city of Montreal, and is well-known for its broad selection of local and imported drinks.
  • PA: Grocery shopping in PA is very budget-friendly. So, if you’re just coming to Montreal to stay and you’re on a tight budget, ensure that you find accommodations in Montreal that are very close to PA. Here you can get the best met, breads and other produce.
  • L’intermarché: This modern supermarket chain has different locations at the east section of the Boulevard St-Laurent, and up north of the Island of Montreal. You can find almost any item needed for your weekly grocery shopping here at L’intermarché.
  • Super C: You can get your groceries here at some really cheap prices. This is best for young parents living in the suburbs of Montreal.
  • Adonis: was founded by a group of immigrants from Lebanon in the 1970’s. Apart from operating as a full-scale supermarket, you can actually still get very nice cuisines here at very cheap prices too.

#3: Grocery Shopping in Montreal from Independent Supermarkets

There are lots of independent supermarkets to explore in Montreal for your daily grocery shopping… But, what are the best independent supermarkets for grocery shopping in Montreal?


Well, below’s a list of the best independent supermarkets to do your grocery shopping in Montreal:

  • Segal’s: Now, you have to be very careful not to miss it because Segal’s can be somehow difficult to find as its name is not written boldly outside of the store. Yes, the store may lack the aesthetics and packaging you may need in an independent supermarket, but Segal’s makes that all up with its very affordable prices for groceries.
  • Intermarché Akhavan: The store is well known for its Iranian, Middle-Easten and Mediterranean grocery items.

#4: Other Alternatives for Grocery Shopping in Montreal

Some other options you can go for when shopping for groceries in Montreal are Costco and the Couche-Tard. But for Cosco. you’ll need to be a registered member to shop there, but this is definitely worth it. Grocery shopping in Costco is best for bulk buying, and thus saves you a lot of money.

Couche-Tard on the other hand goes way beyond an ordinary dépanneur. Here you’ll see a variety of salty snacks to buy, coffees, sandwiches, drinks, and dairy products, But note, don’t expect to get fresh products from this store!

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