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10 High in Demand Jobs in Canada For You

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of persons migrating to Canada in search of greener pastures on a yearly basis.

It is important to note that moving to Canada without proper and factual information may make your migration process as fruitless as remaining in your previous location.

Well, there’s good news. Below there’s a list of the top ten high in-demand jobs in Canada ranging from white-collar jobs to blue-collar jobs.

There are a few that are consistently listed amongst high-in-demand jobs so choosing a career path in these fields is highly recommended.

Web Developers

Website developers are first on this list. A web developer, being a specialist with vast knowledge in the development of applications has the opportunity to work in various organisations be it a small scale business, medium-sized business, large corporations, or even for the government.

NOC code for website developers is 2175. Web developers have a higher guarantee of obtaining a work permit with the two weeks processing timeline for the global talent stream in Canada. The average salary of a web developer in Canada is $69, 305.

Human Resource Manager

The next on the list is Human resource managers (aka) HR managers. HR managers are vested with the responsibility of recruiting the right talents in the job market.

NOC code for HR Management is 0112. It is a very high in-demand job due to the increase in the number of job seekers in Canada’s job market space. An average Human resource manager earns $89, 003.


Veterinarians are people with a medical degree who have undergone training in the handling of the health of animals.

A large number of Canadians are pet owners and oh how they love their pets. This in turn has resulted in the demand for more pet doctors in Canada.

To work as a Vet in Canada, you are required to have graduated from a veterinary school with the appropriate approval.

You are also required to possess a license which would be issued by the provincial regulatory body, this is because this occupation is provincially regulated. The NOC code for Vets is 3114 and an average Vet earns $95,805.

Financial Advisor

The job description of a financial advisor is to provide their client with specialist advice on how to manage their money.

To achieve this, they research the marketplace and recommend the most appropriate products and/or services available.

The NOC code for financial advisors in Canada is 0111, and 1114. The average salary of a financial advisor in Canada is $62,971.


A Pharmacist is a medication expert who prepares and dispenses prescriptions, makes sure medicine and doses are correct.

They prevent harmful drug interaction and take on the responsibility of counseling their patient on the proper and safe use of their medication.

An average Pharmacist in Canada can earn up to $45 per hour meaning if he/she works for 12 hours a day, consistently for a year they could earn an average of $129,600.

To work as a Pharmacist in Canada you must have a degree in Pharmacy and you must pass the exam conducted by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC).

Then you register in your territory or province in order to be certified. The NOC code for pharmacists is 3131.

General Labourers

General labourers are known for performing manual tasks and are predominantly found in building construction companies.

They are responsible for manpower tasks like digging trenches, preparing job sites, unloading building materials, and other related tasks.

They are also expected to know how to clean and operate heavy machinery. Basically, they take on physically demanding jobs.

The NOC code for general labourers is 7611. The average salary a general labourer earns in Canada is $47, 678.


A Merchandiser is responsible for the supply and appearance of a product in various outlets or stores throughout a specific geographical area.

They work hand in hand with product manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that the promotion of the said product would bring about an increase in sales.

Merchandisers typically work with retail stores. An average merchandiser earns $48,610. The NOC code is 6222.


The job of electricians is to inspect, test, repair, and install and modify electrical components and systems.

Electricians can work in private homes, construction sites, business organizations, etc. They generally work as contractors.

An average electrician in Canada earns $91,832. The NOC code for electricians is 2133.

Administrative Assistant

The job description of an administrative assistant is to maintain and create a proper filing system, perform clerical duties, and basically serve as a support system to the main staff of an organisation.

The average salary of an administrative assistant is $45,927. The NOC code is 1241.


Accounting as a field is not restricted to just the record-keeping of financial values. It includes different fields of specialization like taxation, auditing, payroll, and the likes.

To make a living out of accounting in Canada, you must possess a Chartered professional accountant (CPA) certification. An accountant in Canada earns an average of $59,100. The NOC code is 0111, 1111.

If you have any of these skills or certifications, it would serve as a plus for you if you are migrating to Canada.

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