Human resources assistant – All that you need to know

Do you have any idea who a human resources assistant is, and what their job is in a company well you will be pleased to know that you will be enlightened more about it as you go through this article for deeper a d better understanding?

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Who is a human resources assistant

A Human Resources Assistant is a credentialed professional who does daily administrative and human resources duties in an organization. Their duties involve assisting with recruitment, payroll processing, compiling and maintaining records.

HR Assistant duties and responsibilities

A human resources Assistant does a wide range of human resources functions. Their duties involve recruiting, hiring, and training new and existing employees. HR Assistants help in planning programs and processes created to improve employee welfare. They maintain payroll, manage vital employee records and make sure there is a smooth operation of the HR department.

Human Resources Assistants major responsibilities involve:

  • Assisting HR recruit processing, which involves vetting candidates, assisting with interviews, and giving employment contracts
  • Assisting both internal and external inquiries and duties related to the HR department
  • Arranging and maintaining paper, digital, and electronic employee records, even holiday and sickness leaves.
  • Processing employees payroll and assisting their documentation of compensation and benefits.
  • Assisting HR-related training programs, workshops, and seminars
  • Make sure that the employee database are documented
  • In charge of logistics for new hire orientations 
  • Writing and the submition of reports on general HR activities 
  • In charge of HR events and meetings and coordinating management-employee communications

What does an HR Assistant do?

A Human Resources Assistant assists the company’s human resources department in the daily administration of its activities. They support employee recruitment, training, and staff relations.

Human Resources Assistants help provide a productive work environment by designing, implementing, and monitoring management’s employee development processes, programs and policies.

The HR Assistant also acts as a liaison between the human resources department and employees to ensure effective communication and conflict resolution. lastly, HR Assistants coordinate meetings and keep personnel records. 

HR Assistant skills and qualifications

It depends on the role and the employer, HR Assistants can require a university degree, an apprenticeship, or specialist courses from different professional bodies in the human resources industry. To be a successful HR Assistant candidate, there are various important skills/qualifications needed for you to perform duties effectively and they include:

  • Three or more years experience as an HR Assistant or related position
  • Working knowledge of HR functions and best practices
  • Knowledge about employment law and human resources responsibilities
  • Good written and verbal communication skills  understanding of payroll practices completely
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills  
  • Knowledge about computer applications and HR-specific software programs

HR Assistant experience requirements

A supposed HR Assistant has to have a deep understanding of human resources practices and labor laws. They should be experienced in recruitment processes, which involves writing and posting job ads on recruitment sites, doing background checks on applicants, and assisting with interviews. 

They can also keep employee records, know how to process payroll, and make employment and termination letters. An experienced Human Resources candidate has excellent written and verbal communication skills work under pressure effectively and is adept at organizing the office. 

HR Assistant education and training requirements

Depending on the role and the company, HR Assistants need at least a university degree in Human Resources Management, Personnel Management, or any related field.

In most cases, candidates with diplomas, certificates, or experience in the same position can also qualify for an HR Assistant role including a Higher National Certificate (HNC) in a similar field. lastly, candidates will also need certifications from professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Employers can consider candidates who are done with apprenticeships in a required role for an HR Assistant position. This is specifically useful if the position needs a candidate with a good understanding of the employment regulations and HR practices of a specific industry. 

What skills should an HR Assistant have?

An experienced HR Assistant is supposed to have the following skills for them to excel in this position, some of the skills are:

  • Incredible verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge about computers, multi-media equipment, and handheld digital devices
  • Administrative and clerical skills, involving report writing, record keeping, and scheduling 
  • Spreadsheet preparation and presentation skills 
  • Knowledge about resume databases and Applicant Tracking System software 
  • exceptional organizational skills 
  • Ability to keep confidential information with discretion

What are some HR competencies

The competencies of an HR Assistant include:

  • Leadership
  • Relationship-building
  • Communication
  • Analytical and critical thinking

What does an HR Assistant do daily?

HR Assistants carry out several functions every day, including:

  • Giving tests and organizing training for employees 
  • Assisting during the recruitment process and giving orientation for new staff members
  • Keeping employee records and processing payroll
  • Organizing meetings between management and employees

Who does an HR Assistant report to?

A Human Resources Assistant reports solely to the next senior person in the human resources department. Depending on the organizational hierarchy, the person can be the HR Manager, HR Director, or a supervisor.


Being a human resources assistant is a wonderful job for you to be in if you have the required degree and you get to make the company grow and expand yourself.

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